Love within.. Carrots?

Hey. I'm Aubree Jones, your typical braceface brown head, just with blue eyes. I am a bit small for my age, I workout. I'm 19, at 99.4 lbs. Small huh? I recently moved to London, England. I'm like in love with Louis Tomlinson. What happended between him and Eleanor? I feel bad, they were cute. Now I may have a chance, though I doubt it.
Read on. c:


8. Movie time! :D

Aubree's POV

Louis and I sprawed out on the couch.
Caitlyn and Liam took the 2nd couch.

Brittany and Niall took the last couch.

Harry and Emily layed on the floor with Zayn and Perrie.

I stood up and put in Men In Black 3. New, never opened, until now.

I fell asleep in Louis's arms, and that was it.

Louis's POV

It's only the middle of MIB3 and Aubree is sleeping. She's in my arms so I'm happy. She turns towards me, still asleep, and snuggles into my chest. She shivers a bit, and Zayn takes notice, and puts a blanket over us. Perfect night, I swear. The movie ends and she wakes up, making baby noises. "Hello beautiful", she smiles and closes her eyes again. She's perfect. It's been 3 months, and everyone has a girlfriend. I need to ask her out. "Aubree." I whisper in her ear. "Hmm.?" She sighs. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I ask her, the lads woke up quick. "Errrrrm... Yess", She smiled. The lads cheer. I was happy. She said yes! Omg. Im fanguying. XD. I pick her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. I carry her to my bed, and I lay her down. I change into my sweats and wifebeater. I slid beside her, and she wraps her arms around me. We drift asleep.

Aubree's POV

I woke up in Louis's arms. He wasn't awake. He asked me to be his girlfrend. Amazing. I said yes, I'd been dying for him to ask me out. I was happy. I grabbed my phone, and checked my twitter. -@Louis_Tomlinson: @AubreeJOfficial Is now my girl. <3

Awh. Wait, how'd he know my twitter? Uh oh.

@AubreeJOfficial, Your a nasty skank! I hate you! Ugh Nastyy!

@AubreeJOfficial, Nasty brat! Louis's MINE! You hear me! I'll KILL you.. ,-,

-@Louis_Tomlinson, HOW COULD YOU!?! Date @AubreeJOfficial Nasssssty

I start crying, Louis wakes up, and starts panicking.

"Babe, What's wrong!?" He asked me, taking me in his arms.

"Your fans hate me" I show him the tweets.

-@Louis_Tomlinson: If you don't like -@AubreeJOfficial , Then you dont like me.

Awuh <3

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