Love within.. Carrots?

Hey. I'm Aubree Jones, your typical braceface brown head, just with blue eyes. I am a bit small for my age, I workout. I'm 19, at 99.4 lbs. Small huh? I recently moved to London, England. I'm like in love with Louis Tomlinson. What happended between him and Eleanor? I feel bad, they were cute. Now I may have a chance, though I doubt it.
Read on. c:


11. Liam flatlined due to alcohol :'X

Aubree's POV

We all went out to the club, celebrating New Year's. Liam drank 6 shots, and I did 13. I was drunk. I sobered up quick. Liam clutched his stomach in pain, screaming. He falls into the couch, still screaming in pain.

"CALL THE AMBULANCE!" Louis didn't drink, so I gave my phone to him and he called. Liam grabbed my hand, and said:" Stay with me Aubree, Your my bestfriend, I need you, Don't let go!"

The nurses put oxygen masks on him, trying to keep him from dying. He looks at me and says, "I see bright lights, and my insides are roaring, h-h-help."

It was all he said. We arrived at the hospital and they forced me to let go of his hand. I sunk down against the wall, sobbing in my hands. It was all my fault, I told him to drink. If I wouldn't have peer pressured him into it, He'd still be here. Oh my god, I was crying, out of breath. Louis spots me and is by my side with everyone else. Caitlyn hits her knee's, Zayn engulfs her in a hug, she sobbs uncontrollably into his chest. She let it all out.

"Uh Liam Payne requested an Aubree Jones?"

A nurse, hazel eye, smiles at me. I run in there, grab his hand, and.... He flatlines.

"AHHH NURRRRSEEEEEEEE!!!" I scream. I soon fell, Louis catching me in the process.
I woke up to sounds, a mild headache, and an IV in my right hand. In my left hand, was another hand. Who's hand. I look up at him, He's handsome. Who is he?

It all flashes back.. It's Louis Tomlinson, my boyfriend.

"Nurses! She's awake!" He yells, then smiles at me.

"Hey babe" I smile at the thought of being his 'Babe.

Nurses come in and explain everything. Liam comes in. I gasp.

"My bestfriend is alive!" I stood up, and hugged him. Tears flowed down everyones faces. Caitlyn hugs me then hugs Liam.

Great day! Perfect day...

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