Love within.. Carrots?

Hey. I'm Aubree Jones, your typical braceface brown head, just with blue eyes. I am a bit small for my age, I workout. I'm 19, at 99.4 lbs. Small huh? I recently moved to London, England. I'm like in love with Louis Tomlinson. What happended between him and Eleanor? I feel bad, they were cute. Now I may have a chance, though I doubt it.
Read on. c:


2. Escaping TopShop is the hardest!

"Yeah we met at Karma, and Liam had to take you and Harry back because y'all were beyond wasted!" I remembered that night, I got into a bar fight because some slut wanted to throw booze on me. "I met her at Starbucks about an hour ago!" Niall chimed. Oh he's SO adorable. I get a text from Brittany, -Liam and Danielle just broke up and me and Caitlyn are about to takeoff.. See you soon! c: -

"Awh great, Liam and Dani broke up, Wanna stay the night at our flat and help calm Liam down?" Louis says in his sexy voice. Omg OMG OMG! Staying the night with ONE DIRECTION! Amazinnnnnnng! <3! "S-S-Sure. Escaping TopShop was hard. Waves of fan engulfed us. "Louis Louis!" "AHHH!! IT'S ZAYN MALIK!" Was All I heard. I was being carried by Louis. "Who's she Lou?" Asked a blonde, tan complexion. "She's my crush" he Says as he winks up at me.

We got to their car, and my car was right beside theirs. Oh snaaaap. Louis just said I was his crush. Oh my goooooooooooooddddd!!! "So I'm your crush?" I say as me and him climb in my hummer. "Well ermm.." He says as he rubs his neck and puts his seatbelt on. "Yes.. It was a feeling of love at first sight kinda..." He looks out the window. "Louis! Where am I going?" We arrove at their flat in about 3 hours, after getting lost about 12 times. My phone rang. "Yeah Hello?" It was Brittany. I forgot ALL About them. "Where you at?" She says frantically.

Liam and Niall drive me to the airport. I text her, -Where you hidin at?-

Then we see them. Caitlyn Greenwood and Brittany Sorenson.

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