Love within.. Carrots?

Hey. I'm Aubree Jones, your typical braceface brown head, just with blue eyes. I am a bit small for my age, I workout. I'm 19, at 99.4 lbs. Small huh? I recently moved to London, England. I'm like in love with Louis Tomlinson. What happended between him and Eleanor? I feel bad, they were cute. Now I may have a chance, though I doubt it.
Read on. c:


9. Aubree's Birthday :DD

Aubree's POV

I wake up, start streching, making baby dinosaur noises. "Happy birthday my love!" Louis says as my eyes open. MY BIRTHDAY!?! How could I forget?! I check my Twitter.

@Real_Liam_Payne: Happy birthday @AubreeJOfficial, I love ya! :D

@zaynmalik: Happy Birthday to the bestfriend! @AubreeJOfficial

@NiallOfficial: Happy Birthday to the besttt Love you @AubreeJOfficial

@Harry_Styles: Happy BDAY @AubreeJOfficial

@Louis_Tomlinson: Happy birthday to the love of my life! xoxo @AubreeJOfficial

I felt loved. I get up, eat breakfest. I take my shower, put on my pink tanktop, my 'OMG LOL' shirt, yellow shorts, my white shoes, and the accesories.

I went down stairs, where the presents time was. Harry went first, He got me, a Harry shirt -.- and A pair of converses.

Niall got me a 1D iPhone case :)

Zayn got me hair products, a ton of em. :P

Liam got me the iPhone 4s. :D:D

and Louis got me a Promis ring, and I cried. C:



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