Love within.. Carrots?

Hey. I'm Aubree Jones, your typical braceface brown head, just with blue eyes. I am a bit small for my age, I workout. I'm 19, at 99.4 lbs. Small huh? I recently moved to London, England. I'm like in love with Louis Tomlinson. What happended between him and Eleanor? I feel bad, they were cute. Now I may have a chance, though I doubt it.
Read on. c:


1. England, Here comes the British snooks!

Aubree's POV.

So, I'm a partyhard type of girl. Never had sex, did drugs or drank alcohol. Weird right? Well I moved to England not even a week ago, and I fit in. I met a few familiar faces, as in Ed Sheeran. Cool dude. Well I can sing at a tune as his but just in a female way. Lalalala. Well I'm at starbucks, and I see someone VERY familiar to Niall Horan off One Direction. I don't know though. "Hey, are you erm N-N-Niall Horan?" I ask him. He quickly pulls me from the crowd and into a booth. "Yes, I am. And you are?" His Irish accent rings through my head.

"A-A-Aubree Jones." I say, kinda studdering, as I can't believe I'm in front of the Niall Horan my friend Laina has been obsessed with. Oh my god, Oh my god. "I like that name, well I have to go, text me yeah?" He jots down his number and hugs me goodbye. Oh my god, Oh my god. I just got Niall Horan's phone number

Lalala. I head to the mall near the Starbucks. I entered Aeropostale. I had at least $400 with me so I was good. Bought 4 shirts and 3 Pairs of skinny jeans. Amazingly, $100.50 left. Wow. I decided to text Niall. -Hey Niall it's Aubree Whats up?-

It wasn't even 3 minutes when my iPhone started playing "Up all night" by One Direction. It was from Niall, -Hey love, just in TopShop with Louis and Zayn. x- I quickly reply: -I'm beside TopShop! See you in a few xx-

"Hello Love, Over here!" Niall exclaims as he gestures me to come over there. I see Louis T-Tomlinson. My life long crush. "Hey love I'm L-" I cut him off, "Louis Tomlinson. I know, Your like my idol, my star, my everything!" I see Zayn in the mirror, so I threw my bow at him, and he jumps. "Have I seen you before?"


"Hey!" I yelled over all the music. We were at Karma, and Zayn and I were doing shots. "Hey Love, Looking a bit, bit- bit d-drunk" He flops on the chair, I wasn't that drunk. "Don't mean to bother but we have to go, Bye beautiful" Liam shouts over the music, scooping Zayn and Harry up.

*End Of Flashback*

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