*You were myyyy Valentine*

A girl named Samantha meets a random new guy on the most romantic day of the year. Is he the ONE??


1. Hero??

Samantha's P.O.V

I woke up and looked at the clock 8:23, Oh no I'm gonna be late for work! I decided to put my hair up since I didn't have enough time to do anything with it. I had mousey-brown hair that shaped to my face, with light blue eyes. I decided to wear a light pink pencil skirt with a baby blue blouse. I was on my way to work, running late like normal with my headphones (Candy - Robbie Williams) I love that song. I was just about to cross the road when all of a sudden an arm wrapped aroung my waist pulling me backwards, just as that happened a car flew straight past me, where I was standing seconds before. I turned around to see a cuuuttteee boy looking back at me, he had blonde hair with blue eyes, relief filled his face.

Niall's P.O.V

I saw a girl walking towards me, she had lovely brown hair with blonde highlights there was a bit of real blonde in there too, she had bright blue eyes that stood out as she stared into space. The bright colours that she wore stood out from all of the people walking around her. I saw her turn, about to cross the road, she wasn't even looking where she was going. I ran forward and put my arm around her waist pulling her backwards, just as the car shot past both of us.

"That was close, might want to look where you are going next time" I smiled at her to show I wasn't attempting to be mean.

Samantha's P.O.V

He had an accent...a cute accent it was so adorable

"Thanks I owe you one" I said trying my best not to be shy

He noticed my shyness and decided to take advantage of that "Fancy going for a coffee to make up for me saving you and all?" he laughed, I was about to say yes but I knew that I would be too late for work and, to be honest I don't like coffee.

"I would love to but...I have work and I don't really like coffee" I smiled at him trying to be as honest as I could, he looked a little disappointed.

"Well can I at least have your number?...we could go out for dinner being the most romantic day of the year?" I laughed then started rummaging through my bag, I pulled out my phone and asked him to type in his number he saved his number as Irish Sex God then passed the phone back to me winking.

"Thanks...I'll text you later but I'm really late for work so cya later" I waved goodbye then rushed away before he could answer.


Samantha's P.O.V

I was at work sitting at my desk doing nothing as usual when I decided to text the guy I met this morning.

To Irish Sex God: Sorry I didn't catch your name this morning, my name is Samantha yours? x

From Irish Sex God: Hi Samantha...my name is Niall nice to meet you xx

To Irish Sex God: You too and thanks again for saving my life :) xx

From Irish Sex God: Tonight I'm taking you out to dinner send me your address and I'll pick you up at 7:30 you have no choice xxx

I laughed and sent him my address, this date is going to be amazing.


Niall's P.O.V

Hours later and I was on my way to Samantha's, I had planned to take her to Nando's since it is the best place to take a girl on a date. I wore some blue chinos and a black polo top with my Armani Mania aftershave. I pulled up outside of her house, it was big with lots of windows, I got out of my black Range Rover and made my way up to her door. I knocked on the door and waited in anticipation before she opened the door in a stunning red dress with her hair down over both of her shoulders, she had clearly curled it.

"Wow...you look...beautiful" she blushed then stepped out of the door locking it behind her.

The car journey was rather quiet since we were both nervous about the date, I hadn't been on a proper date for over 2 years and all this dating was completely new to me.

We got to Nando's and Dave was standing at the door showing people to their tables.

"Niall nice to see you mate, where have you been haven't seen you in a while?" Samantha looked at me a bit confused maybe I had been her a bit too much, since I was now a regular.

"Sorry mate, been really busy" I turned my attention to Samantha "What can I say I like chicken" I gave her a cheesy grin as we were shown to our table. We ordered and eventually fell into conversation, we talked about pretty much everything from interests, to music, to school, to work and finally...relationships.

"So Samantha, you got a boyfriend?"

"If I did would I really be here with you?"

"Your right, no girlfriend should go on a date with a random bloke she only met this morning"

"Ahh so this is a date" she smiled at me and I looked down blushing "I'm guessing your single too?" she questioned me

I looked up at her and smiled "Of Course"


Niall's P.O.V

It was gone 9:00 but me and Samantha were still talking in the restaurant, I refused to call her Sam because Samantha was such a lovely name no matter how much she insisted I could call her Sam.

"We better get going" I said standing up, we made our way out of the restaurant to the car, I helped her into the passenger side then went around to the drivers side. We had talked all the way back to her house and was now standing outside of her door.

"When will I be seeing you again?" I said hoping she would say soon,

"Well actually I'm going away on holiday for 3 weeks on Thursday so maybe some time after that?"

"Damn...well where are you going?"

"New York"

"Do you have Skype?" I asked hoping that maybe we could still talk even though she was away

"Yeah" she gave me her Skype name then started to unlock the door,

"What..." she cut me off by learning forwards and kissing me on the lips "No more questions" she mumbled

I leaned in this time and kissed her on the lips with twice the passion, one that she will hopefully remember for the next 3 weeks.

"Okay" I walked off waving goodbye as I stepped into the car and drove off.


Samantha's P.O.V

I couldn't sleep, he was all that I could think about, how well the date had gone and that kiss...Oh god it had to be the best kiss I have ever experienced, it was amazing. I felt the sparks, there was definately something there, I felt it maybe this was the start to something...my phone buzzed pulling me out of my thoughts it was gone 1:00 in the morning, who would be texting me at this time.

From Irish Sex God: Hope I didn't wake you...I can't stop thinking about our date and the kiss, it was fun any chance we could do it again before you go? xxxxx

To Irish Sex God: No I was already awake...I've been thinking too and what would you like to do again the date or the kiss? ;) xxxxx

From Irish Sex God: I was hoping both ;) ;) xxxxx

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