One day with 1D a memory that lilly will cherish forever


1. The Day

I am sitting in costa with four of my friends, it’s so cold it’s been snowing for almost the whole week and having gotten bored out of our minds me and four of my friends decided to come to London for a day out. I love London, but I always find that moving about the streets with all the hustle and bustle irritates me a little; after all I have spent almost my entire life in small villages or towns.


By the way if I am going to tell this story probably I should probably tell you a bit about myself: my name is Lilly and I am eighteen although some of my friends are only seventeen. I am quite tall and one meter seventy I have dyed red hair but a more natural shade and I have brown eyes, I like those things about myself. Unfortunately I don’t like my figure its pear shaped but I always see myself as slightly fat and I will always think other girls are prettier than me, not that I care about looks particularly.


We have been in London for over two hours now and the cold has seeped into my core, that’s how we ended up in here, I pleaded that we stop off so I could get warm and grab a hot choc. Everyone decided we should sit in, we haven’t sat down in over two hours and we could do with a snack. I am a bit of a people watcher and that was how I spotted them sitting over in the corner, they were wearing hoddies but looked quite warm and settled on the sofas by the table. At first I didn’t think anything of it but something, probably curiosity, kept drawing my eyes back there. Then I spotted one of them looking around and I caught a glimpse of his face. I am not certain but I am pretty sure I blinked really hard and did a double take. When I noticed he was looking at our table I focused on his face suddenly it struck me it was Liam from one direction. I love one direction and so do my friends but I knew if I said anything to them they would be right over there making a big noise about it and it was clear that wasn’t what the boys wanted, so I stayed quite but I was dying to go over and talk to them. We hadn’t sat down yet and I left my girls to choose much to my delight they chose a table right next to the boys. Now it was killing me I was dying to talk to them but I knew I couldn’t, at least not without something happening that might disturb the peace.


The other girls went up to order and I said I would stay and watch our bags and they could order for me I said as I handed over the money. I knew this would be my only chance but know suddenly I felt shy, getting annoyed at myself I plucked up the courage and I turned to the table to find harry looking in my direction, I could feel the blush creeping up my cheeks but I forced myself to go over there anyway “excuse me” I said “I couldn’t help but notice you guys sitting over here and I guess you don’t want to be recognised but could I possibly ask for a signature’ I whispered the last part and I could see that made them smile but I quickly added “look I’m not into celebrity culture but I really like your music” Liam interrupted me “it’s alright you welcome to a signature would you like a photo as well?” “Umm won’t that blow your guys cover?” I asked cautiously “Probably, well then how about you and your girls come join us if you think they can be quite” Niall said “umm yeah sure I would love to and I am sure I can get them to be quite” I said smiling


I told the girls and it didn’t take much persuasion to make sure they were quite we shifted our table over so it was joined with theirs. I was sat between Liam and Niall and across from Harry the perfect position to be sitting in at this table we all had a great time chatting and we found lots of topics of easy flowing conversation.


We ended up spending the rest of the day with the boys. I spent most of my time with Liam and Niall I found it so easy to get along with them we were so similar and I couldn’t help but flirt a little with Harry (a situation like this doesn’t come around every day best make use of it). Everyone had a great time and at the end of the day we all exchanged numbers. Somehow I knew that along with the new friendships I had made friendships that I hoped would last a long time I had also made many good memories to keep for forever

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