Winter countdown (Complete)

As it's snowing in Somerset, I thought I'd write a short story about snow
Have fun in the snow for all who have it!



1. Winter countdown

I love snow, but guess what happened last year that turned me off snow.

Winter is days away, and the winter dance is only 2 weeks away and I, stupidly, promised for snow. The theme for the dance is winter wonderland and of course it would be awesome to have snow. I look out my window and saw a sun beaming down on the ground. I switched on my phone and checked the weather report. Sun, rain, hail, cloud.....and snow. Snow on the day after the dance. This is not going to work. Can I fake snow? Fake a temperature? I am so screwed. Can I change the theme to night of the clouds? I don't know, I'll see in the morning.

OMG, I just asked the dance organizing committee and they said we can't change the theme because they have already ordered the decorations and booked the DJ. I am just going to have to find another screwed.

It's the day before the dance and the sun is still shining. I am so screwed.

OMG I woke up this morning and my window was covered in snow. I ran downstairs and threw the door open to be met by a sun in the sky and a crowd of my friends smiling in front of me. "We thought that maybe you were having problems with the snow..." my friends smiled and each took something from behind their backs. Half of them were holding mobiles and the other half 'snowballs'. My best friend counted to tree and they all threw their snowballs at me and taking photos. I cowered and then started laughing. "Come in" I said to them and we went inside. And guess what the photo was on the front of this years winter dance's poster?

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