Celebrity Sweetheart

This is my entry for the Valentine's Day With 1D contest. This is also a prize for my wonderful friend Catalina. Hope you like!


1. One Shot

I ran out of the flat, tears streaming down my cheeks. I heard him running after me. "Catalina, wait!" he cried. I turned sharply on my heels, and glared at him. "No, Jack. I will not wait. I cannot believe that you, the only boy that I have ever loved actually cheated on me. With a slut. ON VALENTINE'S DAY!" I sobbed. Suddenly, the blonde girl, who I believe her name was Rachel, walked out of the bedroom. She had on a zebra print dress that barely covered her butt. She smirked, then walked up to my boyfriend. He turned and smiled at Rachel, and started snogging her right in front of me. I was devastated. I turned on my heels and ran out of the apartment. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw a picture of them. I started running and running, not caring or knowing where I was going. I felt heartbroken, angry, and jealous at the same time. I closed my eyes for a second. Then I bumped into a well-built torso, hard. I fell to the concrete pavement. I flinched as my body came into impact with the floor. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I couldn't see you!" an Irish accent rang out. I opened my eyes to see a blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes. He extended an arm to help me up. I took his hand, and lifted myself up. I sniffed. "It's okay, I wasn't looking. At all." I wiped my eyes. "Hey, are you okay?" I looked up and saw a concerned look on his face. His eyes....oh, his eyes were so beautiful. I suddenly broke down into tears. "Hey, hey! Don't cry!" He wrapped his arms around me an started rocking me back and forth. He buried his chin into my neck. It was really cute! He then took a step back and wiped my tears away. It then started to rain. Great. "Quick! Let me take you to my flat!" I had nowhere else to go. What else do I have? So, we both ran towards a giant building of flats. We were on the posh streets... I started to wonder whether or not I should have come here. We stopped outside a huge building. As we walked in, he waved to the old lady behind the desk. I suddenly realized all the expensive decor. I was really uncomfortable now. As we walked into the elevator, he took my hand and squeezed it gently. "Don't worry. You're with me. I'm Niall, by the way." I smiled and looked away, blushing. "I'm Catalina." He smiled at me. "Nice name you got there, Catalina." he told me. I looked at how many floors we were going up. 1....2....3.....4.....5....6.....7....8.....9.....10....11....12...Penthouse? Ding! The doors opened to reveal the biggest, most amazing penthouse suite. Ever. I stepped out of the elevator and gazed in awe. It had the most amazing view of London. I suddenly realized Niall was still holding my hand. He saw me looking, but he didn't let go.  I suddenly realized that there were 5 other boys on the cream couches staring at us. I blushed. "Hey guys, this is Catalina. She was crying outside." The one with black spiky hair patted the sofa. "Come sit, Kitty Cat." I whimpered. That was Jacks nickname for me. I sat down next to the boy slowly, staring at the floor slowly. "My name's Zayn. This is Liam, Louis and Harry. Why were you crying?" the boys looked at me curiously. "My-my boyfriend Jack cheated on me with a slut he found in a club on Valentines Day." I sniffed. Niall looked angry. They looked at each other. Zayn rubbed my back soothingly. "Dont worry, love. He doesn't deserve a girl like you." Louis piped up. They all got up and gave me a great big bear hug. I collapsed in a fit of laughter. I suddenly realized. I cant go back to my flat. I left my keys in the flat. Shoot. "Guys....I left my keys. I cant go back." I started worrying. They were gonna chuck me out. "You wanna stay with us?" Liam asked. "Oh my god, YES!! Thanks so much!" A couple of hours later, we had a very nice dinner, pasta cabonara, and then we were on the sofa, watching Toy Story (Liam's favourite film) and eating boxes of chocolate. I cuddled up with Niall and ate a Strawberry Swirl, slowly licking the cream out of the chocolate shell. Suddenly, Niall whispered in my ear. "Catalina, I know this is a bit sudden...but I really like you. Will you be my girlfriend?" I looked up at him in shock. Then I reached up and kissed his tender lips. He grinned. "I take that as a yes then!" 


Dedicated to Catalina Lindberg.

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