One Direction Imagines

Heyooo :D So I've decided to write One Direction Imagines now :DD I've looked over some imagines and got some inspiration. Just read the Author's Note on the first page and comment your suggestions!
Thanks y'all! -xx Gia Bear


3. Niall and Bailee

Niall and Bailee
You've been waiting for the bell to ring, but it seems like school minutes are longer than regular minutes. Today is your first day of school, and it's been the WORST 7 hours of your entire life! Your dad just got a new job in Mullingar, which is WAY further than where you're from. Your eyes slowly close.. *RIIINNG RIIINNG* the bell awakens you, and you fall out of your desk, your glasses flying across the floor. Everyone is rushing out of the classroom in a hurry, talking, giggling, and running out with their friends. Except.. "Are you ok?" You hear a thick, deep, Irish accent from behind you. You can't see him, since your glasses fell off, but you can tell that this guy is quite the looker! "I'm.. I'm fine.." You say, sitting up and gathering your papers, searching for your glasses. "Lemmie help you out!" He says, handing you your broken lenses. "This can't be right! They're a little cracked.. I'm sorry." He says, helping you up off of the cold, tile ground. "This is officially the WORST day of my life!.." You say exclaiming, holding back the tears of embarrassment. "Hey, it's ok!" He says while he fixes your hair a little. "I'm Niall!" He exclaims, that accent sending shivers down your spine. Now that you can see him, you notice that you weren't wrong! He has blonde hair, but his roots are pretty dark. The most crystal clear ocean in the world doesn't even compare to his deep, blue eyes. "I'm... I'm Bailee.." You say with a little bit of a smile. "Well Bailee," he pipes up a bit, "How about we go and catch our bus! Where ya headin?" He asks you, so you tell him where you live. You two walk out of class together, and he grabs your hand, but you don't mind. In fact, you blush a little bit. It turns out that Niall actually lives in the house next door! "I've lived there all my life. I just can't wait to get out of Mullingar. But.. I don't think I'm quite ready to go yet." He explains. "What are you planning to do with your life?" You ask him. You've always wanted to become an actress, or even a model. But your kind of insecure about yourself to even try. "I wanna become a singer. I think that would be great." He says. "OW!" He shouts a little loud. You look down to see what's wrong, and you see that his shoe is stuck in the bus vent! How did THAT happen?! "Oh! Gosh.. What do you..?" You ask kinda confused on what he wants you to do. "Pull it! Please!" You pull as hard as you can until he says, "HARDER!" And you can't help but giggle. "That's what she said!" You both giggle at the same time! He pulls his shoe out, but it's all scuffed with black stuff. "Hey, I like you! You're not that bad!" He says, kinda nudging your shoulder. You smile and look into his eyes, and he bends forward and brushes you right on the lips. Gently, and soft, but it's still your first! He pulls away and leave you speechless. "Oh. Sorry.. Did I do something wrong?.." He worries, but you stop him by kissing him right back. "I like you, too." You say back to him. And for the rest of the bus ride, you tell him your whole life story.
I hope you liked it!! Thanks!
-xx Gia Bear
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