One Direction Imagines

Heyooo :D So I've decided to write One Direction Imagines now :DD I've looked over some imagines and got some inspiration. Just read the Author's Note on the first page and comment your suggestions!
Thanks y'all! -xx Gia Bear


2. Harry Imagine

You and Harry have been friends all of your life. No matter where you were, or what time of day it was, you two have always been together. Your dad's used to joke about the two of you growing up and falling in love, and now that you both are 15, you think you just might. You and him decide to go to your first High School football game together with a bunch of friends.
"Harry! Stop it! Put me down!" You laugh as he holds you over his shoulder and runs behind the school bleachers.
"Just wait a second!" He chuckles with his raspy voice that's changed from that sweet, little 10 year old version of himself, to practically so deep, you get butterflies when he talks to you.
He finally sets you down on the soft, post-sprinkler fresh grass.
"Why'd you bring me back here?" You ask him, wondering what could possibly be on his mind.
"(Y/N), ever since we were little.. I've had a little bit of a crush on you." He says, those deep green eyes staring straight into yours. You can't help but smile, because in that moment.. Maybe you like him too.
"Remember that one time when we were 9 and we were climbing your nanny's fence, but you fell backwards and scratched up your knee on the pavement? You were so scared, because you had to get stitches. So I let you hold my hand. And when you let go.. I wanted to reach back for it, but I was afraid that you would find it weird." You smile at the ground, recalling that memory. Your finger traces the little pink scar just under your knee cap.
"Or that one time when we were 12, and my mother caught us drawing on Gemma's face? She got so angry, she sent us both outside in the rain to think about what we did, and we ended up singing and dancing, and having the time of our lives? Those were the best of time, and I wanna have more with you. But you wanna know what I've alway wanted to do?" He asks you, and by this point, you feel like it's just you and him in the whole world. He leans closer to you and plant his lips right on yours. You kiss him back, and then he slowly pulls back.
"Thanks for all of the memories." He says, so you grab his hand.
"I won't let go this time."
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