Liam's Little Vampire

Liam Payne is very protective of his younger sister, Rebecca. Being only 3 years younger, they were best friends as kids. Rebecca helped Liam through his time in hospital. through bullying and through auditioning for the X-Factor. Now Liam's in the world-famous band One Direction. Rebecca and Liam are still as close as ever, skype-ing, calling, texting and e-mailing. But after a year of no contact, they meet up again. Only Rebecca isn't as Liam remembers. She arrives with a bright band around her left ring finger and without a pulse. That's right. Liam's little sister arrives engaged... and dead.


7. Chapter 6

"Get everything you needed?" Jamie asks as his fiance waltzes into the flat.

"Yep, Liam and Dani are looking after it so you don't get a sneak peak." Rebecca reports to him, slipping her jacket off and dropping it on a peg.

"But you know I will see it."

"Yep, at the wedding when I walk down the aisle." Rebecca walks straight past Jamie, into the bathroom where she retrieves a make-up wipe and starts removing the coating of peach foundation.

"No, It's likely I'll see it before then."

"How? You going to break into my brother or his girlfriend's house, just to see a dress?" 

"Nope." Jamie stays stubborn, not revealing a secret he knows. Rebecca leaves the bathroom, her pale skin shining through, and settles down in Jamie's open arm on the sofa. As instinct, Jamie pulls Rebecca in, hugging her tight.

"How? If you're not going to break-and-enter into Dani or Liam's place and I'm not showing you the dress?" Rebecca asks, completely confused. Jamie laughs a silent laugh and shakes his head at Rebecca.

"It doesn't matter, Becs." He says dismissively, trying to stop her wandering and curious mind.

"Yes it does. Tell me." Jamie shakes his head and focuses on the wall behind the TV. "Tell me or else." Jamie looks to Rebecca with a 'Really?' face. "Tell me or the wedding's off and I'm running off to Alaska where you'll never see me again!" Rebecca keeps a straight face, not hinting at any facial deception.

"Fine." Jamie gives in with a sigh. "Basically, have you seen Twilight?"

"Yes?" Rebecca shoots Jamie a quizzical look.

"You know how Jacob's a werewolf and he can imprint on someone?" Rebecca replies with a nod. "Well, Vampires can do something similar except we call it 'Claiming'. When a vampire 'claims' someone, that vampire can do almost everything Jacob says in the film. We cannot die until our 'claimed one' dies. We feel the need to love and protect our 'claimed one' no matter what. We can only 'claim' the one person. But there are differences in that, our 'claimed one' does not have to be a love interest. I heard a story that one vampire 'claimed' her best friend and that's all they ever were; Best friends. When we sleep, or concentrate hard enough, we can see into the minds of our 'claimed ones', that includes dreams. 

And I have 'claimed' you. I 'claimed' you a couple months after we first met. I just knew that you were my 'claimed one' and that if I let you slip away, I'd hate my undead life. And basically what I'm getting at is that, it's almost certain that at least once during the time between now and the wedding, you will dream about our wedding and since you know what your dress looks like, you will envision yourself in the dress and if I see that dream, I will know what your dress is like."

"Wow. So, how do you 'claim' someone?" Rebecca asks.

"It's complicated. I'll tell you tomorrow." Jamie pecks Rebecca's forehead. Rebecca nods, a yawn slips from between her lips. "You tired?"

"Well, I have spent the whole day restraining myself from killing my brother and my maid of honour and the very kind woman in the dress shop. Plus I had to search for dresses and then Dani insisted on accessories so I then had to search for those." Rebecca sighs dramatically and cuddles into her husband-to-be. 

"Oh, sounds like such a hardship."

"It was." 

Jamie chuckles and slips his free arm under Rebecca's legs. In one swift motion, he lifts Rebecca into the air and carries her to their bedroom.


Liam walks into the flat, Dani by his side. "We're back!" Liam calls out to the other boys who are lazing about in the living room, Xbox controllers in their hands. 

"Hey Liam." Louis calls back.

Dani and Liam walk into the living room, Dani first then Liam with the shopping bags. Harry glances over at Liam, tearing his eyes from the TV screen.

"Li? Something you want to tell us, mate?" Harry asks, staring at the the bags with the words 'That One Special Day: Bridal gowns and dresses' printed on it.

"What? No! It's Rebecca's." Liam says, looking at his friend weirdly.

"Oh, Why have you got it then?" Niall asks. By now the Xbox game has been paused and all the boys are looking to Liam. 

"To make sure Jamie doesn't sneak a peek, of course!" Dani tells them, taking the bags from Liam's hands and skipping down the hall. She goes into Liam's room and puts the bags in the bottom of the wardrobe.

When she returns, Liam has settled down on the sofa beside Zayn, watching the others kill zombies on the Xbox. She sighs and sits on Liam's lap, leaning back into him. Liam protectively wraps his arms around her.

After 5 minutes of watching Niall complain that he can't kill anything and Zayn shouting out directions to him while Harry goes on a killing spree with Louis cheering him on, Dani can't take it anymore.

"Are we going to do anything else besides shoot animated zombies?" She asks. Unfortunately, Dani's voice can't be heard over the shouting of the other boys.

"Don't worry, love. How about we go for a walk and get ice cream?" Liam suggests, whispering in Dani's ear.

"Sure." Dani hops from her boyfriend's lap and turns to help him up.

"We're going out to get ice cream. We'll be back in a couple hours." Liam tells the others as Dani walks over to the door. In reply, all he gets is a 'Uh huh' and a 'Have fun'. But neither reply is filled with any real concentration. Liam sighs and joins Dani. He grabs his coat and opens the door.

Dani skips out ahead of him, gracefully like the dancer she is. Liam slips his coat on and follows her out, closing the door behind him. They head out into the cold air and begin walking along the pavement, heading towards a small cafe that Liam likes.

When they walk in, Louise, a friendly waitress who often speaks with Liam when he stops by, heads straight to them.

"Liam!" She calls. She quickly hugs her friend before looking to Dani. "You must be Dani, Liam talks about you loads." Louise then pulls Dani in for a hug, taking the brunette by surprise. "You want your usual table?" She asks as she pulls out from the hug and looks to Liam.

"Please, only if it's available." Liam says politely.

"Course it is! And you know I'd kick anyone outta that table faster than you can blink." Louise says, leading the couple to a back room where the back wall is a full window-like balcony with a beautiful view of a local park.  They stop by a table in the middle of the window. "Here you go, huns." Louise pulls out a chair for Liam but Liam beats her to Dani's and pulls the chair out for her himself. Louise smiles to the couple and says she'll be back before walking off towards the kitchen.

"You come here often?"

"A bit." Liam replies, sitting down in his own seat. "It's a lovely cafe. Great view."

Dani nods, taking a menu. As she opens it, Liam plucks it from her hands. Dani looks questioningly at Liam. "Why'd you do that?"

"Because, I already know what we're getting. I said we'd get ice cream and we're gonna get ice cream." Liam says. Dani smiles and nods slightly.

Louise reenters the room and heads to the couple. "Know what you're wanting?" She asks.

"Yep. Can we get two hot chocolates and the toffee fudge ice cream to share?" Liam answers.

"Course. Be right back." Louise leaves the couple and tells the chef, her father, to make a large toffee fudge ice cream. He nods and sets to work, getting the vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce, fudge pieces and chocolate-covered fudge balls to make the best toffee fudge dessert ever.

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