Liam's Little Vampire

Liam Payne is very protective of his younger sister, Rebecca. Being only 3 years younger, they were best friends as kids. Rebecca helped Liam through his time in hospital. through bullying and through auditioning for the X-Factor. Now Liam's in the world-famous band One Direction. Rebecca and Liam are still as close as ever, skype-ing, calling, texting and e-mailing. But after a year of no contact, they meet up again. Only Rebecca isn't as Liam remembers. She arrives with a bright band around her left ring finger and without a pulse. That's right. Liam's little sister arrives engaged... and dead.


6. Chapter 5

Rebecca and Dani run into the shop and share an excited smile. Liam slowly walks behind two of his favourite girls. 

"Hello, Can I help you?" A woman in her thirties asks. Her honey blonde hair is tied back in a tight bun. She smiles kindly to her customers and walks out from behind the counter.

"Hi, we're here to look for the perfect dress." Dani says, the grin not showing any signs of leaving. 

"Well that should be easy. We have plenty of dresses here." The woman says. "Now, who's the lucky lady?" She looks from Dani to Rebecca and back again.

"I am." Rebecca raises her hand.

"Lovely. Let's find the perfect dress then." The woman walks into the back, motioning for the girls to follow. They do and Liam follows after.

The back room of the shop is filled with pale colours; whites, ivories, pinks, blues and peaches. Rows upon rows of silk and satin. Delicate lace patterns and designs piled high. Sparkling jewels and gems glittering under the bright spotlights. Thin veils line the back wall like a second wallpaper. Glistening tiaras sit gracefully on a high shelf, hidden behind a clear glass shield. 

"Are you the groom?" The woman asks Liam, noticing him staring at the room while Rebecca and Dani rush to the racks of clothes.

"No, I'm her brother. The other's my girlfriend." He explains. 

"I'm guessing that your girlfriend's a bridesmaid, am I right?" Liam nods. "I thought so. It's nice that your sister gets on with your girlfriend." Liam nods once again. "So where's the groom, then?"

"We thought it was best to keep to the tradition of not letting the groom see the dress before the wedding." The woman nods in understanding. As she opens her mouth to speak, a squeal sounds from the other side of the room.

While Liam was conversing with the woman, Dani and Rebecca were rummaging through the lace and silk. They saw loads of dresses. Copies of the gowns celebrities wore on their special day. Copies of dresses worn in films. Unique dresses that neither girl had ever seen before. Amongst the mix, the girls did see the odd eccentric dress that Rebecca would refuse to where. Then she saw it.

It is a gorgeous white gown, small waves in the fabric at the bottom, underneath a deep blue sash. The top is strapless and all in all, the dress is beautiful. Rebecca makes a grab at it and shows Dani. Dani beams at Rebecca and nods frantically before pushing Rebecca into the small changing room with the dress. 

Rebecca laughs at Dani's eagerness and changes into the dress. It fits perfectly and before she leaves the changing room, she admires herself in the mirror. She notes the fact at she'll have to be careful when she leaves due to the fact that her arms are bare and blood is extremely hard to get out of wedding dresses. 

Meanwhile, Dani pulls Liam over to a small sofa-like seat outside the changing room. Liam sits down next to Dani as the woman stands behind the seat.

Rebecca emerges from the changing room to a gasp from Dani.

"Rebecca!" She exclaims. "You look absolutely gorgeous!" Liam nods in agreement to his sister. "That is definitely the one." 

"Yep. It is." Rebecca agrees. Feeling round the back of the dress, Rebecca finds the small cream-coloured price tag. She examines the long number and sighs. She may not have to worry about paying for food and the flat and she may have a brother in a world famous band but she's still not anywhere near rich enough to afford her perfect dress. 

Knowing that if her brother or Dani saw her reaction, they'd buy the gown for her, she fakes a smile and retreats to the changing room where she shimmies from the dress and changes back into her normal clothes. Rebecca hangs the dress on the hanger and smiles sadly at the white dress. 

Reappearing from the changing room, Rebecca paints a fake smile on her face. She looks at Dani and Liam and walks towards them.

"So, are you gonna get it?" Dani asks, excited.

"Maybe, I have to check with Jamie. Y'know, to make sure we can afford it." Rebecca explains.

"Why? How much is it?"

"£1500." Rebecca reports, glancing down at the shimmering fabric in her hands. 

"I'll get it for you." Liam says, taking the dress from his sister. 

"No Liam. I don't want you wasting your money on me." Rebecca says firmly.

"It's not a waste. It's your special day, and I want you to have the best day possible. And if that means splashing a bit of extra cash on my favourite sister, then so be it." Liam begins to walk towards the counter before pausing and looking back to Rebecca. "If it makes you feel better then consider it a wedding present." 

Rebecca sighs in defeat and follows Liam and Dani to the counter. Liam carefully places the dress up, folding it over itself. 

"Is this all for you?" The woman asks. 

"I think so," Liam turns back to the girls. "Is this everything?"

Dani thinks for a minute before responding for Rebecca. "Accessories! Becca, what accessories do you want?"

"I dunno, I'm clueless with style." She admits.

"I think you should get a tiara. I think you'll look even more beautiful on the day with a tiara. You'll be a real fairy-tale princess." Dani smiles at Rebecca and she nods. 

"Okay, but I don't know if we can afford it as well as the dress."

"Becca." Liam starts, taking his sister's shoulders in his hands. "I'm paying for it so you don't have to worry. I'll pay for your dress and any accessories you want. It's my wedding present to you. Well part of it, anyway." Liam mutters the last bit, not expecting Rebecca to hear but due to her super hearing, she hears it perfectly clear. 

"Fine." Rebecca exhales in defeat. Dani squeals happily and grabs Rebecca's hand before pulling her to the shelf of tiaras. Liam chuckles quietly and looks to the woman.

"Sorry for them. Dani's just really happy and excited about being Rebecca's maid of honour." Liam says to the woman.

"It's alright, I get a lot of excited women in here, squealing there heads off and ready to splash thousands for the special dress that they'll wear once and then cherish for the simple memories. Actually, those two are rather calm in comparison to some that we get in here."

"We found one!" Rebecca calls to Liam from the glass case of tiaras.

"Lovely." The woman says as she walks over to girls, a small silver key in her hands. She unlocks the case and gestures to the girls to remove the tiara they like. Dani's first in. She lifts a thin hairband like tiara made of clear and sapphire gems, all glittery and polished, and a pale blue ribbon fastening. 

"This one." Dani says, showing the woman. The woman nods and Dani rushes off to Liam, the tiara in hand. "Here." Dani says, handing the tiara to Liam who gently places it on top of the dress. 

"Is that everything now?" The woman asks, looking to each of them. They all nod. "Okay, all together. That's... £2100." 

Liam nods, taking out his wallet. He slides his card out and puts it into the machine. He punches in his pin number as the woman carefully wraps up the tiara and puts the dress into a bag. Rebecca takes the bags and Liam replaces his card into his wallet. They all say goodbye to the kind woman who managed to put up with them and leave the shop.

Rebecca says goodbye to the couple, trusting them with her dress and tiara. As she walks back to the flat, she praises herself for not killing her brother and friend. She smiles, knowing that if she managed to do that, she can manage to not kill her brother any other time. Or she hopes she can.

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