Liam's Little Vampire

Liam Payne is very protective of his younger sister, Rebecca. Being only 3 years younger, they were best friends as kids. Rebecca helped Liam through his time in hospital. through bullying and through auditioning for the X-Factor. Now Liam's in the world-famous band One Direction. Rebecca and Liam are still as close as ever, skype-ing, calling, texting and e-mailing. But after a year of no contact, they meet up again. Only Rebecca isn't as Liam remembers. She arrives with a bright band around her left ring finger and without a pulse. That's right. Liam's little sister arrives engaged... and dead.


5. Chapter 4

As the sun peeks out over the horizon, Rebecca begins to apply the thick coat of make-up she needs. She applies foundation all over her face giving her pale, icy skin a normal colour. After making sure that her whole face is painted, she ties her hair up and slips the brown wig on. She looks into the mirror to her dismay when she remembers that it won't help.

"Jamie!" She calls out into hall from the bathroom where she stands.

Thudding footsteps echo through the flat as Jamie appears in the doorway.


"Do I look normal enough?" Rebecca asks, turning to her fiance and fiddling with her hair.

"Nope." Jamie's straight face meets Rebecca's worried one. "You're meant to have white hair and pale skin. But you look like the old you, if that's what you mean." 

Rebecca sighs happily and nods. "Thanks Jamie." She lightly pecks his cheek while standing on her toes before adding, " You know that I love my new look but like you said last night, I have to act and look like Liam remembers me. I can't just turn up with my new hair since it's liable to changing colours."

"I know. Just remember that I love you human or not."

"You have to. You're my sire, to quote Buffy." Jamie chuckles quietly and pulls Rebecca into a hug.

"Yes, but not all vampires love their sires." He reminds her.

"True. I guess we're just lucky." Rebecca tightens her grip on Jamie for a minute before pulling back and looking at him. "Now, go get ready. I know you hate daytime but if I'll be spending a full day with my brother and his girlfriend, I'm gonna need you to stop me killing them."

"Bex, you can control yourself. You just need practice and this will help. Just remember that you love your brother. Remember that you don't want to hurt him." Jamie whispers in her ear before super speeding in his and Rebecca's bedroom to change.

Rebecca sits on the sofa and pulls out her iPhone. Quickly locating Liam's number, she types out a message arranging to meet Liam and Dani in a Shake Away at 8:30, giving the couple about 4 hours to prepare themselves. When she doesn't get a reply, she guesses that Liam's still asleep.

Jamie enters the living room and hops over the back of the sofa, landing next to Rebecca who smiles and cuddles into him. He wraps a protective arm around Rebecca and hugs her into his side.

"We're going to meet Liam and Dani at Shake Away at 8:30." Rebecca mumbles into Jamie's side.

"Okay, that gives us plenty time to get ready."

~4 hours later - 8:15am~

Rebecca and Jamie saunter into Shake Away, Jamie's arm draped over Rebecca's shoulder lovingly. They approach the counter and look at the milkshake list.

"Hi, What can I get you?" A girl behind the counter asks the couple. Her long blonde hair is pulled into a high ponytail. A badge pinned to the front of her uniform says 'Lois'. Lois smiles at Rebecca and Jamie, waiting for their order.

"Could I get a regular Haribo starmix and Malteaser milkshake please?" Rebecca asks.

"Sure," Lois says as she taps the order into the register. "Anything else?"

"Can I just get a banana milkshake, please?" Jamie asks. Lois nods and taps the order in again before disappearing to get the milkshakes.

When she reappears, Rebecca takes their drinks while Jamie pays. They say their thank you's before sitting down at a table to wait. Jamie drinks his milkshake, trying hard to taste the flavour but without success. The only thing that Jamie misses from being alive is being able to taste. Now, all Jamie can taste is blood. Sure the blood changes flavours to whatever he likes but he misses the feeling of the drink mixed with the taste and temperature. 

"Jamie, remember, it's meant to be cold. You'd get brain-freeze if you were still alive." Rebecca whispers across the table to him. Jamie nods in understanding and grips a hand to his head, faking pain.

"Brain-freeze." He mutters, acting out his brain-freeze well. 


"Becca!" A female voice squeals as the front door chimes, announcing the person's entrance. Rebecca looks up and sees Dani. She smiles and gets up from her seat.

"Dani!" As Dani gets closer, Rebecca pulls her sleeves down over her hands, ready for impact. Dani crashes into Rebecca and hugs her. Rebecca feels relieved that she remembered to wear a hoodie that would stop anyone who touched her from feeling the cold, iciness of her skin.

"Let's see it then." Dani commands, pulling back from the hug. Rebecca smiles and raises her hand to show Dani. Dani inhales sharply. "Oh, Becca. It's gorgeous!" Rebecca looks back to the table to see that Liam is already at the table, chatting with Jamie. 

Dani grabs Rebecca's wrist and pulls her to the table. They sit down and Dani begins her questioning.

"When's the wedding? Where is it? Have you got your dress? Do you have a band? Are you going to get Liam and the boys to sing?" 

"We haven't really planned anything but we decided that we want a Winter wedding, outside in the snow." Rebecca reports. "But I was hoping that you'd help me?"

"Of course! I accept!"

"Would you also be my Maid Of Honour?"

"Yes!" Dani yells, gathering a few strange looks from the other customers. "Okay, Winter's only 3 months away. So wedding this year or next?"

Rebecca looks to Jamie whose gaze is already on her and Dani, along with Liam's. They both watch their girls get excited for the wedding and beginning the planning. Liam is happy that his sister asked Dani to be Maid Of Honour. Jamie is happy that Rebecca's happy. All he wants is her happiness. 

Liam turns to Jamie and begins his interrogation. He asks him about everything and they soon end up on the topic of the mini holiday to Scotland. 

"There's plenty of space if you guys want to bring your girlfriends. You can each have your own room if you want."

"It might be nice to take Dani. And I'm sure the others wold want to bring their girlfriends." Liam agrees. 

"Liam?" Dani asks, tapping Liam's shoulder. Liam looks at his girlfriend. "Me and Becca are going to go dress shopping, want to come?"

"I would but I'm guessing that Jamie can't see. So I'll stay and keep him company." 

"No, no. It's fine, I've got to call some people about next weekend so go on." Rebecca shoots a quick, unnoticeable glare to Jamie as he speaks.

"Alright, if you're sure." Liam replies, getting up from his seat. Dani, Jamie and Rebecca all follow Liam's moves.

Jamie pulls Rebecca in for a hug and kisses her cheek as she whispers in his ear. "If I accidently kill them, I'm blaming you." Jamie smirks and whispers back to her.

"I put 3 extra bags in your bag. You'll be fine. Just remember to keep control." They pull back and Rebecca walks over to her brother. Dani, Rebecca and Liam all head outside, towards the nearest Bridal shop. Jamie heads out after them but walks in the opposite direction, pulling out his phone as he does. 

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