Liam's Little Vampire

Liam Payne is very protective of his younger sister, Rebecca. Being only 3 years younger, they were best friends as kids. Rebecca helped Liam through his time in hospital. through bullying and through auditioning for the X-Factor. Now Liam's in the world-famous band One Direction. Rebecca and Liam are still as close as ever, skype-ing, calling, texting and e-mailing. But after a year of no contact, they meet up again. Only Rebecca isn't as Liam remembers. She arrives with a bright band around her left ring finger and without a pulse. That's right. Liam's little sister arrives engaged... and dead.


4. Chapter 3

"Wait!" Liam interrupts Jamie. "Becca, you were nearly raped?!" Worry and shock lines his voice.

"Yup, that was until Jamie heard me and beat the guy up." Rebecca explains casually, not upset over the memory. "Then Jamie took me to his house where he cleaned up the wounds I'd gotten from being beaten beforehand."

"She stayed the night on the couch and then the next morning, she was up before me, making breakfast. After the delicious meal, I dropped her off and we exchanged numbers." Jamie finishes.

"Not the most romantic meeting but it's one I'll never forget." Rebecca mumbles, placing a light kiss on Jamie's lips.

"AHHHHHH! PDA! PDA! My eyes! They're burning!" Louis shrieks, covering his eyes with both hands. Rebecca and Jamie pull back and chuckle, turning to face the boys. Harry has his arms around Louis, comforting him and whispering things like 'It's alright, they've stopped now' and gently shushing him.

"And I thought you had a girlfriend, Louis?" Rebecca challenges.

"I do." Louis says, lifting his head from Harry's neck, confused. 

"Well, don't you kiss her?" 

"Yeah, so?"

"So, if I saw you giving her a tiny kiss, would you want me, or any of the others for that matter, to freak out like you did?"

Louis pauses, obviously thinking hard about his answer. Soon he shakes his head, "No. Sorry."

"Apology accepted." 

"Anyway." Liam says, drawing attention to him. "Becca, could you help me get everyone a refill?" Rebecca nods and stands up. "Jamie, what would you like?" He asks purely out of politeness.

"Oh, nothing, thanks. I'm nae thirsty and I already ate, before ya ask." 

Liam nods at Jamie's answer and follows his sister into the kitchen, leaving the other boys to interrogate Jamie.

As Liam enters the kitchen, he spots Rebecca already getting everyone's drinks out.

"Rebecca, look at me." Liam states after closing the door behind him. Rebecca turns and looks at her brother.


"Becca, you're not getting married because you're... umm... you know," Liam pauses, wishing he wasn't asking his little sister this question. "You know..."

"God! Liam! No, I'm not pregnant!" Rebecca almost shouts at her brother through loud laughs at the thought. 

"So, why are you marrying him?"

"Jesus Liam. Are you being purposely stupid?" Liam's expression tells her he's not. "Liam, I'm marrying Jamie because I love him." Rebecca approaches her brother and takes both his hands without thinking as she speaks. Liam gasps at the contact.

"Becca! You're hands! They're freezing."

Realizing what she's done, Rebecca drops Liam's hands and takes a couple steps back.

"It's fine. I'm just cold, my hands aren't good at staying warm." She lies, believably. 

"Rebecca, Are you sure you're alright?" Liam narrows his eyes, looking for a sign of lying.

"Yes, I'm fine. A bit tired, but honestly, I'm fine." Rebecca pauses for a second. "Perhaps, me and Jamie should go." Rebecca suggests.

"No, don't go. It's been too long since I've seen you. A couple hours a year isn't enough time to see my sister."

"How about we meet up tomorrow, or in a couple of days. You can help me plan the wedding." 

"Okay, how about tomorrow, you, me, Dani and Jamie all go out. We could get a coffee or something. You can see Dani again and I can see if Jamie gets my blessing."

"Sure, I'll speak with Jamie and decide on a time."

Rebecca and Liam both carry the refills of the boys' drinks to the living room and pass them out. Rebecca perches on Jamie's knees and listens as Jamie finishes answering a question.

"-Completely secluded, surrounded by a thick forest and engulfed in nature. There's also a large loch aboot half a mile away. The water's clear and clean, perfect for a late night swim."

Rebecca smiles, realizing that he's talking about his home in the Scottish Highlands. She had been there no less than a week ago and she misses it. She misses the cool Scottish breezes, the clear sapphire waters of the loch, the fresh smell of the Scots Pine Trees, the large open spaces of the mansion-like house. 

"What's that?" Liam asks, wanting to be informed.

"My house is Scotland." Jamie reports. 

"Why don't you all come up and stay for a couple days, one day." Rebecca asks, looking to Jamie for assurance that it's okay. He nods and looks to the boys.

"That sounds awesome!" Louis exclaims. 

"Yeah, we could have a mini holiday before our next tour." Harry adds.

"As long as there's running water and electricity, I'm up for it." Zayn says.

"I could try some Haggis!" Niall thinks aloud.

"Maybe, we'd have to check with Management."

"Great, it's settled then. You can all come up and stay. How about next weekend?" Jamie suggests.

They all agree and soon Rebecca and Jamie head off, to Jamie's London flat. 

"So, what do you guys think of Jamie?" Liam asks, closing and locking the door after Jamie and Rebecca leave.

"He's really cool." "He's cool, if a bit strange." "A little weird but he's pretty cool." "Seems like a nice guy. Seems like a good match for Becca." 

"I'd like to get to know him a bit first before I start thinking that he's good enough for Becca. I don't want her heart broken." Liam admits before heading to the hall. "I'm going to bed, night guys." 

"Night." "Sweet Dreams, Li-Li." "Night, mate." "Goodnight." 


Rebecca and Jamie lightly share a kiss as the door closes behind them and they head out the building. 

As the night air kisses their already frozen skin, they nod quickly to each before entwining their fingers and running at a super speed to their flat that lies on the other side of town. Rebecca's almond-coloured hair flies out behind her. With her free hand, she grips the hair to her head, not wanting the wig to fall. Beneath the brown wig, is a mass of platinum blonde with onyx tips. 

The couple slow to a human jog as they approach the flat. Jamie goes ahead and unlocks the door, leading his fiance inside. Rebecca smiles and inhales the smell of the flat. A mix of make-up, cologne and blood. 

"I'm going to shower." She tells Jamie and before he can speak, she adds, "And no. You can't join." 

Jamie pouts but settles on the sofa and turns the TV on. He flicks through the channels, searching for something to watch. He settles on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and smiles and smirks at mistakes made about the vampires.

Rebecca climbs into the shower and pulls off the wig, releasing her true mane. Carefully, putting the wig away, she strips and slips under the running water. She gently washes her hair, the light colour gently changing to a pale blue. A sign that she's calm and relaxed. 

After washing herself and taking off the layer of skin-coloured make-up that covered her face, she changes into a pair of grey pajamas. Jamie welcomes her onto the sofa with open arms and Rebecca curls up next to him, snuggling in his arms. They sit like that for the rest of the night, happy and waiting for the sun to rise once again.

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