Liam's Little Vampire

Liam Payne is very protective of his younger sister, Rebecca. Being only 3 years younger, they were best friends as kids. Rebecca helped Liam through his time in hospital. through bullying and through auditioning for the X-Factor. Now Liam's in the world-famous band One Direction. Rebecca and Liam are still as close as ever, skype-ing, calling, texting and e-mailing. But after a year of no contact, they meet up again. Only Rebecca isn't as Liam remembers. She arrives with a bright band around her left ring finger and without a pulse. That's right. Liam's little sister arrives engaged... and dead.


3. Chapter 2

"Engagement ring?!" Liam repeats his sister's words.

"Yes Liam. My engagement ring. I'm engaged, have been for about a month and a half." Rebecca calmly explains.

"Why didn't you tell me?! Send me a quick message? A small memo when we messaged each other?" Liam begins to go frantic, worried about who his sister is going to marry. Did he know him? Was he an old friend? Is he a bad influence on the younger girl? Did the rest of the family know him?  

"Liam, It wasn't something that I wanted to explain over the internet. I wanted to tell you in person. So I could see your reaction."  

"Who is he?" Liam asks after a moment of silence. "Your fiance? Who is he? Do I know him? Have the family met him? Do they know you're engaged?"  

"My fiance's name is Jamie McDonald. No, you don't know him. Yes, the family's met Jamie but they don't know I'm engaged, I wanted to tell you first." Rebecca pauses for a second, a strange feeling of comfort sweeping over her, a tell-tale sign that Jamie is nearby. "Do you want to meet him?"  

Liam is taken aback slightly but nods all the same.   

"Great, he'll be here in a minute."   

"How?" Zayn asks. "Why?"  

"I called him earlier, he's bringing me, my... uh.... medicine." Rebecca stutters, thinking that it's a good lie until she spots her brother's face.  

"Medicine? Why do you need medicine?"  

"It's nothing. Just to help get rid of this illness."   

A knock on the door interrupts the boys before they can speak. Harry is first to get up.  

"I'll get it." He reports, heading to the door.

Rebecca and the remaining boys sit in silence, probably waiting for Rebecca's fiance. The sound of the door opening, echoes down the hallway and into the living room.

"Rebecca?" Harry calls out from the door, his eyes never leaving the figure on the other side.


"I think Jamie's here."

"Yeah, that's him." Rebecca calls to Harry, not moving from the living room.

"How'd you know? You're still in the living room?" Harry's voice sounds confused.

"I know his knock, Haz." Rebecca replies as if it was obvious. "Let him in." 

Harry steps back from the door and the man steps inside, thanking Harry as he makes his way towards his fiance. As he enters the living room, Rebecca throws herself at him.

"Hey Bex, you miss me that much?" He asks quietly, almost inaudible to the boys. Rebecca nods in his neck and inhales before slipping from his grip. She slowly turns to her brother and his friends.

"Guys, this is Jamie, my fiance. Jamie, this is Liam, my brother." Rebecca points to Liam. "And these are his friends, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Louis." She points to each boy as she says their name.

The boys all stare at Rebecca's fiance. He's taller than Rebecca by a couple of inches. His hair is jet black and lightly spiked up. His complexion is pale, almost white but not completely. His lips are a light peachy pink colour. His clothes are a pair of dark jeans and a black hoody. Dark, almost blacked out shades cover his eyes.

"Hi." Jamie says, raising his hand in greeting. In reply he gets a load of muttered 'hello's, 'hey' and 'hi's. 

"You got the medicine?" Rebecca asks Jamie, ignoring the boys. Jamie nods.

"Is there a bathroom?" Jamie asks, facing the boys. They all nod and point in the direction of the bathroom. Rebecca takes Jamie's hand and guides him to the bathroom, surprised by the lack of wolf-whistles and comments but she doesn't complain.

As they enter the bathroom, Jamie speeds to the window and closes the blinds while Rebecca slides the bolt-lock across. Rebecca then hops up onto the counter beside the sink and holds a hand out to Jamie. Jamie stifles and laugh and shakes his head, reaching into his pocket. 

"Here you go." He says, dropping a small packet of red liquid into Rebecca's outstretched palm. A smile creeps onto her lips and her teeth glisten with a light, white glow. 

"Cheers." Rebecca mutters, as two long, sharp canine teeth grow out from her gums. She brings the packet to her lips and pierces the plastic with her pointed teeth. The liquid slowly pours out, into Rebecca's mouth as she hungrily sucks it all up. 

"Woah! Calm down, Blood-Bird." Jamie says, noticing the pace of how quickly she drains the packet. "Don't let it go to your brain, Babe." Jamie wraps a cold arm around the smaller girl and pulls her towards his side, hugging her as she drains the last few drops.

The empty packet falls to the floor as Rebecca releases it. The sharp teeth retreat into her gums and she smiles. Jamie chuckles at the sight of her with small red beads sitting in the corners of her mouth. With the pad of his thumb, he gently wipes them away before leaning in for a kiss. 

A knock on the door brings them back to reality. Rebecca hops down from the counter and unlocks the door. Liam stands on the other side.

"Hey, you okay?" He asks, wondered why they were in here for so long.

"Yeah, fine. Just finished taking my medicine." Rebecca reports as Jamie speeds to grab the 'medicine' packet. 

"Okay, we're in the living room." With that, Liam disappears back to the other boys. Jamie hides the packet in his pocket and takes Rebecca's hand as they walk back to the living room.

Jamie sits on one of the sofas and pulls Rebecca onto his lap.

"So, How did you guys meet?" Louis asks, interlocking his fingers and resting his head on the back of them.

"Well..." Jamie begins as Rebecca turns slightly so she's sitting across his lap. Then she slides Jamie's glasses off and slips them on herself. The boys all stare at Jamie's eyes as he explains how they met, not really listening to him. Jamie's eyes are light brown, almost gold with small specks of red. Not the most normal of colours.

"Hon?" Rebecca interrupts. Jamie pauses in his speech and looks to his girl. "They're not listening." Then Rebecca leans in and whispers in Jamie's ear. "They're too busy staring at you." 

"Bex, you don't have to whisper."

"But then they'd hear me." She replies, only to hear Jamie chuckle and turn her head to face the boys. All are frozen, gazing into space. Rebecca joins his laughter and gently hits Jamie's chest. "You shouldn't be freezing my brother, Jamie." She tries to keep a stern, strict tone in her voice, but she fails as she gazes into Jamie's eyes, one of her favourite sights of all.

"Well, it's nae ma fault, Bex. You took ma glasses." Jamie's voice begins to show a slight Scottish tinge. "It's hard tae control hypnosis sometimes." 

"Sorry, Hon. Unfreeze then?"

Jamie nods and clicks two pale digits together. Suddenly the boys all regain consciousness. 

"You guys ready to listen properly?" Rebecca asks, glaring at the boys as Jamie takes his glasses back and hides his dangerous eyes.

They all nod and Rebecca smiles as Jamie retells the story of their meeting to the boys.

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