Death Runner

Aliya lives in a world ruled by the Great Society. She is about to endure a dark and hateful future, so the Society will make her a sacrifice to kill her. Her days ended but her future stopped. If they can keep her for that long.


4. The Ruler

"Good morining, Miss Marrows." The Ruler nodded and gestured for me to walk out of the gate. She was tall and slim, wearing white cotton trouser suit as the standard Ruler uniform. So she was a standard. The only Ruler higher than her was the Head of her department. She had a blonde bob and blue eyes, but both of these were used to make Rulers different from citizens. I tipped back my head, making my chin high, and walked down the pathway. The Ruler opened the gate and led me outside onto the path.

"Aliya Jesseca Marrows. Citizen 299864300." I recited. When greeting a Ruler, every citizen should state their full name and citizen number, which would go on their finger when they got a work position. Until the finger had metal, a number and work representation on it, every citizen had to recite their details.

"Ruler Trundel." She replied.

"Is the Great Society in order?" I asked. This was the polite way to ask why was she there, and I needed to get this over with in ten minutes.

"You are needed to leave immediatley." Ruler Trunder replied. She remained composed and stable but I fell back against the wall, holding my weight with one hand.

"My sacrfice time hasn't been confirmed yet. I have a meeting in ten minutes. I'm afraid I cannot co-operate." I shook my head in disgust and babbled all the excuses I could think of.

"I understand that. Please," Ruler Trundel motioned toward the bench in the grass outside my house. I took a seat and she followed, "The Great Society has had a time shift and needs the sacrifice to be moved forward."

"Is there anything that should concern me?" I questioned. The Great Society has had time movements before but rarely. It was when the time would jump forward due to a project finished early or a cancelled appointment.

"Evidence was given against a murder claim and the case was cancelled." She informed me. I'd wondered if this information should be shared loosely but she didn't seem worried or embarassed.

"Of course." I replied. She glanced at her watch and grimaced.

"Would you like me to tell Mr Harringham you couldn't come or would you prefer to leave him a message?" Ruler Trundel asked.

"Couldn't I tell him in person?" I moaned. A message? He'd probably hear it after I was dead.

"No Miss Marrows, " Ruler Trundel laughed mockingly, "The Great Society has predicted he would become distressed. It is better if he can hear you, but not see you."

This seemed ridiculed to me. I should know my best friend, and he hated automated voice replies. He'd be broken.

"You tell him. I trust the Great Society." I chosewhat I thought was best and maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. I just had to hope for the best.

"Alright. It will be a scripted text," She pulled out the text and wrote in my details, "I'll insert your name here and there, and your cause of death there. Do you want a personal message to be added?"

"Tell him I trust him. I want him to stay strong and promise me he'll do all he can to get a good life for himself. Tell him to keep his family safe so they don't get the same fate at me. Tell him I'll look over him, wherever I am. I want him to know he was my best friend. Tell him I love him like a brother and I always will." I gabbled and I wiped away a tear. I meant everything I said and Ruler Trundel's ink recorded it all.

"Thankyou Miss Marrows. I will insure Mr Harringham recieves this." Ruler Trundel put away the paper and stood up.

"Ruler Trundel." I nodded towards the taxi stop, where Zulus was dismounted the steps. He must have been waiting for me there.

"Get back inside. Now Miss Marrows!" She yelled. I got up and ran behind the garden wall, concealed by the bricks and bushes. Through the leaves and branches I could see Ruler Trundel and the advancing Zulus. The noise was faded but I could make out the words easily enough.

"Zulus Marcuz Harringham. Citizen 347622951. Is the Great Society in order?" Zulus asked as he stood with his back to me.

"Ruler Trundel. Miss Aliya Marrows' sacrifice has been moved forward. She left this message for you." She replied. Zulus gasped and breathed deeply.

"Please." Zulus replied.

"The Great Society has made a sacrfice of Aliya Jesseca Marrows, due to the fact of the dark and hateful future she will endure if she does not become a sacrifice. Aliya Jesseca Marrows left a message. She said she trusts you and that she wants you to stay strong. Promise her you'll do all you can to make a good life for yourself and she'll look over her, wherever she is. You are her best friend and she loves you like a brother. She always will," Ruler Trundel put the paper away again, "The Great Society offer their apoligies."

Zulus turned and wiped away a few tears rolling down his face. He looked up at the house and smiled through my bedroom window. I thik he thought he saw me, because he waved and mouthed something about love. I smiled. Ruler Trundel marched off, signalling to me for wait as she left. I crouched and breathed quietly to hide myself and I lowered myself further below the wall. I heard movement and looked back up to see where Zulus was. I screamed. Two big round eyes were staring back at me through the leaves. A small nose and tips of a smile. Zulus.









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