Death Runner

Aliya lives in a world ruled by the Great Society. She is about to endure a dark and hateful future, so the Society will make her a sacrifice to kill her. Her days ended but her future stopped. If they can keep her for that long.


6. Really?

I stood in the middle of the living room. Zulus was sat on the wodden chair with little Amie on his knee. Jak and Kayze Harringham were on the sofa with Jaycub and Ruebe, and Marea sat on the floor infront. Mum and Dad were perched on the table. All eyes were on me. So I opened my mouth.

"We're going to run." I nodded bluntly. They all scoffed and went back into silence. Zulus got up and stood beside me.

"We're going out of the borders, either together or without you." Zulus confirmed and we went back into silence. I grimaced at Mum and Dad.

"Really?" Kayze gasped. She seemed to notice Amie and Jaycub now and consider what they'd do in this plan.

"We can't. Are you joking? Are you both you of your minds?" Mum laughed.


A/N: Another half finished chapter. I'm just teasing you now. Lol. I'll put some more in later today or tomorrow. I really need some ideas for how to explain the running. I've got most of it but I NEED HELP FOR IT! Leave your suggestions in the commets! Thankyou!





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