Death Runner

Aliya lives in a world ruled by the Great Society. She is about to endure a dark and hateful future, so the Society will make her a sacrifice to kill her. Her days ended but her future stopped. If they can keep her for that long.


3. Phone

The phone was ringing but no one moved. If anyone did, the silence would be broken and we'd have to talk. But with no words to say, it was best to let the phone ring and ring and ring for as long as we could. I glanced across at the family I was leaving behind. Mum stood in the doorway, looking nervously behind her at the kitchen, hoping someone would walk through the door and help up all. But the only person in there was Dad, getting a Society commissioned snack from the fridge. It looked like it was a bacon sandwich, but it could have be corned beef for all I care. Ruebe and Marea, my sisters, were glancing around anxiously, waiting for some talk or movement. Marea got up to get the phone, realised how much noise she'd made in the silence, and sat back down again. Jaycub, my brother, laid asleep on the couch.

"This is an automatic voice reply. The Marrows' residence can't answer their phone currently. Please leave an audio or visual clip once this voice is concluded." The phone picked and answered itself.

"Good morning Miss Aliya Jesseca Marrows. Your presence has been requested at the midpoint Aerial Taxi Stop in ten minutes by a Mr Zulus Marcuz Harringham. This will not interfere with your later sacrifice. Thank you." The Head Ruler of Communication closed the phone tab and the screen went blank. I got up and checked my hair in the phone's screen. It lit up and I clicked open a pop-up tab.

"You have one new message. You have one new message. You have..." Mum pulled the phone out of it's socket and the plug hung meekly off the table, weighting itself down. The phone made a static noise and went white, before turning off.

"Are you going?" Ruebe asked.

"I think so." Mum advised. Kayze Harringham was Mum's friend and they spent a lot of time gossiping when me and Zulus went to school in the mornings.

"I have to." I replied to Ruebe. Kayze had probably made Zulus see me, as he wasn't the best at handling emotions. If I didn't go, it would be a wasted effort of her half and on his. I went out of the door and into the kitchen.

"For the best." Dad mouthed at me. I smiled and left the house. When I turned after closing the door, a figure was stood at the bottom of the garden. They were behind the gate, with a dominant hand resting on it. I blinked and my vision cleared. A Ruler.






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