Death Runner

Aliya lives in a world ruled by the Great Society. She is about to endure a dark and hateful future, so the Society will make her a sacrifice to kill her. Her days ended but her future stopped. If they can keep her for that long.


5. Our Moment

"Hey beautiful."

I screamed and fell back. Zulus shook his head and ran round the wall, outstreching his hand for me. I brushed him away and got up myself, while he stood and sulked. I checked my jeans and Zulus laughed at the spots of mud.

"You think this is frigging funny?" I yelled and shoved him away.

"No. Yeah. Maybe. No." Zulus muttered, trying to make up his mind.

"Zu. Today? Really?" I cried.

"I'm sorry Ali. But the mud disagrees with you. Alot." Zulus chuckled. I brushed myself down and looked up at him.

"What're you doing here? That Ruler could be coming back to kill you!" I hissed and he turned impulsively behind him.

"Ruler Trundel's taxi has just pulled off and she was busy with her radio." He mocked. I sighed and grabbed him by the wrist.

"Yeah but if anyone sees us together, they'll kill me sooner and you'll be with me," I moaned and I pulled him behind the alleyway, "No one bothers to look down here."

The alleyways were used for storing bins and rubbish bags years ago when automatic disposal units were outside and brought round by Rulers every month. There were 4 or 5 bins per house which lined the edge of the alleyway, and each was accompanied by about 2 rubbish bags each. Rulers of Cleaning and Disposal would bring around automatic disposal units and burn all the rubbish, then drop the bins and bags back off later that day. 5 years ago, houses were vacated for ten weeks while automatic disposal units where installed in our houses. Now the alleyways are just empty spaces between houses. The alleyway was between my house and the Millinsons', with a locked gate at the back that lead to the alleyway of the houses behind us. The space was small and Zulus was getting closer.

"It's kinda romantic though." Zulus smiled and I blushed. Then I collected my thoughts and grimaced.

"I'm about to die you moron!" I shouted and slapped him straight. He clutched his face with one hand and grabbed my shoulder roughly with the other.

"Don't you think I know that? That I haven't thought about it every night and day since the order came through? How do you think I felt when I saw the list? For you? For us?" Zulus yelled and I pulled away from him. I wanted to keep on walking, straight through the gate and into the next street and the next and the next until I left the Great Society's lands. I banged my head against the gate and slumped against it.

"What can I do?" I sighed and I hid my hands in my head. Zulus sat down beside me. He put his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder, when I felt his head fall on mine.

"You can do anything you want. You're Aliya Jesseca Marrows." Zulus smiled.

"So I could run?" I asked. I imagined getting a taxi straight onto the Great Society's border, then grabbing my things and running into the Unknown Lands. There I'd make a new life with no rules, no boundaries and no people.

"If you wanted to." Zulus replied and I stood up straight, leaving him sprawled on the floor.

"That's exactly what I want to do. Ever since that trip." I moaned. We were in Class 7a at senior school and we'd been going to the borders for a school trip. Zulus and me were sat at the front of the bus and when it stopped, we ran out and across the fields. Mrs Wren had called after us but we kept running until we reached the border.

"Dare you to cross it." I'd dared Zulus.

"Do it with me then." Zulus retaliated. I'd grabbed his hand and smiled. We jumped over the white line and turned back to see what the world looked like on the other side. In a matter of seconds, Rulers were marching towards us from the other side of the line. 

"Now come on children. Don't make us come over there," Head Ruler had coaked us, "This is very serious children."

I ran over the line and cried. Mrs Wren bundled me into a special Ruler's taxi and I cried all the way home. Mum was waiting for me at home and all I remember is crying. But part of me was still curious to what was on the other side. A Ruler came round and questioned me but I stayed silent, clamping my mouth shut constantly. The next day, Zulus told me he'd stayed on the other side until I got home. That was the end of school trips.

"You could do it." Zulus pondered. I clicked out of my memories and thought carefully about the idea.

"I know. I've thought about it so many times." I sighed.

"I'd come." Zulus nodded. I glanced at him and he was deadly serious. We could do it. We were strong and level-headed at all times, and the rules just didn't agree with us. I could bring my family and his, keep them safe and pack enough stuff to save us from harm.

"Bring everyone to mine in five." I commanded.

We were going away.




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