Death Runner

Aliya lives in a world ruled by the Great Society. She is about to endure a dark and hateful future, so the Society will make her a sacrifice to kill her. Her days ended but her future stopped. If they can keep her for that long.


1. Mirror

The girl in the mirror was carefree and elegant in purple silk running to her knees. She has the figure of a dancer, tall and strong with a graceful touch, and showed off her long legs in beige tights. The girl adjusted her black heels to fit her soles and picked the chip of mud off the tip. She reached for her sparkled clutch off the high shelf and opened it up. After inspecting the contents, the girl closed the bag again and slipped it into her outstreched palm. She shuffled closer to the mirror and flicked a clump of mascara off her eyelashes, where it floated to the ground on a gust of wind coming from the opened window. She stepped back and admired her reflection: her posture; her style; her flawless skin and her bright eyes. The girl in the mirror was perfect.

The girl on the real side of the mirror turned her back from the perfect reflection. Her knees clacked together under the weight of her make-up, used to make her look as perfect as possible. The purple silk expanded her hip length and made her back look bent and crooked, and it hung in witch's triangles above her knees, making her look like a desperate hag in make-up and curled hair. She pulled at her tights nervously. Her heels, in two sizes too big, slipped on and off her feet like melting butter and she looked a shaky sight. She twitched her hair clip gently, and the silver flower shifted upwards diagonally. She turned and smiled at the other girl in the mirror once more and realised what every sacrifice realises at that moment. She couldn't change her fate. It was written in pen on paper and it was too late. The girl was about to die.

That girl was me.

I checked my reflection again, anxious of my witch hem and beige tights falling short of expectations. The girl in the mirror smiled and opened her clutch bag to check it's contents. I saw my Data Account Chip in its transparent clasp case, laid beside my emergency drink they call Dark Liqour. They say it will kill you instantly when drank, so its kept for Ruler command only. I shut the bag again and sighed. My short 16 years were over in a couple of hours and I didn't have anything to brag for it. I flicked the light off and looked back at the mirror. The girl had left me too.




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