Diffrent times, New things

This is a harry styles fan fiction i am writing. I do not own any celebrity in this story, oh and i have rated this story R!


5. The funeral

I woke up to the boys fighting over who was getting to sit where in the car, typical boys I guess I looked at my phone it was 6 AM and the funeral started at 9 so I got up to get dressed and I couldn’t find my clothes. Then Heather walked in a few minutes later she looked so pretty with her hair crimped and a black dress that wasn’t to long but not to short and a pair of flats on and there I was still searching.

“Need help?” Heather asked

“Nope I think I found it.” I said pulling out my black t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans I didn’t have any black skirts or pants and I had my black flats as well.

“Ok well when your done come down for breakfast my mum made pancakes and don’t forget to bring a change of clothes with you.” Heather said walking out of the room and down the stairs.

I still wanted to know how they all knew I had somewhere to go after the funeral but I wasn’t worried about it so I got dressed and I straightened my hair I didn’t feel like doing much to it. An hour later I walked downstairs and into the kitchen it was 7AM now and everyone was eating including the boys.

“Come eat Sam then we have to wait on a few people and we will be on our way.” My uncle said cleaning up his, Sara’s and the boys’ plates, Heather was still eating she wasn’t as fast an eater as the rest of them. I sat down to eat and poured myself a glass of milk, I usually made my own breakfast so to have someone make it for me was strange but nice at the same time I missed all my family so much.

“Who are we waiting on?” I looked at Heather as she stood up from the table to take her plate to the sink.

“We are waiting on my boyfriend.” Heather smiled at me.

“Wait your boyfriends coming?” I questioned thinking about Matt allowing this.

“Yes he got to meet grandma about two months ago, him and his best friends I figured after six months of dating he needed to meet her and she fell in love with him.” Heather chocked back tears and I could tell she was getting more upset which was hard for me to see so I ended the conversation at that.

Around eight There was a knock at the door and Heather went to answer it. I heard voices that sounded so familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it so I walked out and there were all five of those beautiful boys I met that day on the plane all in suits and dressed for a funeral. Heather hugged the blonde and walked over to me.

“This is Niall my boyfriend.” Heather pointed to him.

“I know I met all these boys on my plane ride but I didn’t know they knew you or any of you.” I stared shocked.

“How else would we know you had plans?” Heather laughed, “When dad saw them get off the plane in front of you he texted me so I texted them and they said they just met you and so we planned to hang out after the funeral.”

“Your coming to?” I smiled at Heather it made me feel a lot more comfortable.

“Of course.” Then uncle Matt came in.

“Ok kids we have got to go we will be late.” Matt was getting the boys and Sara out the door and we all followed behind.

We showed up at the funeral home at 8:30 and Matt had to go talk to the funeral director and Sara took the boys to sit down leaving me and Heather with the boys. Harry and Louis walked over to me and started talking to me, while Zayn, Liam, Heather and Niall walked to go get seats. I couldn’t help think how cute Heather and Niall were and Heather deserved it for so long she always felt horribly ugly though she was gorgeous and with Niall she was all smiles.

“So Sam how are you doing?” Louis asked me as I was staring off at Heather and Niall “Sam.” He said.

“Oh uh fine im alright for now.” I shrugged because I knew walking up to her open casket was going to break me but I was hoping since Niall was with Heather she would do a lot better.

“If you need anything im here.” Harry looked at me with his big green eyes.

I smiled at him “We should take our seats.” I motioned by now the whole funeral home was full my grandmother knew a lot of people.

Harry sat down next to me and Louis next to him and next to Louis was Heather then Niall then Liam and Zayn. The boys, Sara, and Matt were in the front the preacher began his speech and I started getting emotional again. A few minutes later tears were welling down my face and I couldn’t help it, everything hit me so fast and all of a sudden Harry grabbed my hand and it felt so right. When the preacher asked for others to stand up and tell us about good memories with her Niall stood up and explained the first time they met my grandmother.

“Heather introduced us lads to her grandmother a few months ago and we got on really well, she loved the fact we were more than just young kids but had manners as well and we loved that she could have a good laugh she was really funny and a strong women and we were proud to have known her.” Niall sat next to Heather who had tears streaming down her face as well I let go of Harry’s hand to stand up.

“Im one of the few grandkids and I hadn’t seen my grandmother in two years for me to hear she was gone was the hardest thing in this world.” I breathed still crying, “The best memory I have with her was when I was really young and I would put her clothes on and she would play piano and we would sing songs together she was my best friend and the person who always believed in me and I will always have that, I know she’s in a better place and I hope she is holding a place for me when I get there.” I sat back down next to Harry who automatically grabbed my hand again and this time it felt worse thinking about leaving in two months I couldn’t start something serious so I pulled away and burred my face in my hands.

The preacher did a prayer and then announced that the boys would sing a song called “I will not say goodbye.” by Danny Gokey. They all stood up and started to sing it was beautiful and all their voices sounded frankly familiar to me but I just couldn’t think straight at that moment, when they were done the preacher did another prayer and announced for everyone to do final goodbyes. Uncle Matt stood up at the casket to thank everyone for coming and as they said goodbye people were leaving, when finally Matt, Sara, Aaron, Josh, The boys, Heather and me were the only ones left.

Sara said her final goodbyes and had Aaron and Josh do the same they were a lot stronger than me and they kissed her and told her they loved her and Sara took them outside, Matt said his goodbyes next and when he started to cry me and Heather broke down. Uncle Matt never really cried and just to see him like that was hard it was like loosing his dad all over again except me and Heather were 5 and 7 when that happened and we didn’t really know much. Matt got so emotional that Zayn, Liam and, Louis walked him outside leaving Niall and Heather and me and Harry inside alone Heather walked over to me and grabbed my hand and we walked to the casket.

“Sammy she loved you so much.” Heather sniffled, “I wanted to wait till today to tell you we were there when she passed at the hospital, she told us to tell you she didn’t tell you she was sick because she didn’t want you to worry, she wanted you to have fun and be young and that no matter what she will always be there for you.” I hugged Heather and then looked at my grandmother and told her I was sorry and I loved her I kissed her and Heather and I walked back to the boys. Niall hugged Heather and kissed her forehead and they walked outside, Harry put his arm around me and as we walked out the car was coming to take her casket, the next part was to burry her in the ground and go home and I didn’t know if I could do it.

When we got to the burial sight uncle Matt wasn’t crying anymore and me and Heather were a bit better Niall still had Heathers hand in his from when we left the funeral home and Harry stayed beside me I really appreciated him being there for me even though I didn’t know him to well. As they buried her in the ground I really wanted to just jump in I didn’t want her to go but I wasn’t going to make a fool of myself in front of everyone, finally the preacher did a prayer and that was it we were on our way.

“Dad can you drop us off at the boys’ flats?” Heather asked Matt

“Ya sure can.” Matt concentrated on driving.

“Did you girls bring extra clothes?” Louis asked.

“I did, Sammy did you?” Heather tapped me.

“Damn, no I forgot.” I rubbed my head I was getting a headache now.

“That’s ok sweets you can borrow some of my clothes.” Harry smiled at me.

“Thanks.” I gave a little smile back.

When my uncle pulled up to the flats Zayn, Liam, and Louis got out first then Niall and Heather and me and Harry. Niall had his arm around Heather and Harry was staying really close to me. Louis unlocked the door and let us all come in and then shut the door and made sure it was locked behind him.

“What are we doing tonight?” Heather asked the boys.

“Movie night!!!!” The boys all said at once

I was really sleepy but was excited to be with the boys and I was really starting to like Harry but I didn’t want to start a relationship I couldn’t finish.

“This is mine and Harry’s flat.” Louis said as we all walked in knowing he was talking to me.

“I’ll get you some clothes come with me doll.” Harry said leading me to his room.

As he showed me his clothes I took a pair of grey sweatpants with like black stripes down the side and a plain black t-shirt.

“I’ll wear this.” I said yawning.

“Don’t get to tired yet babe i'd love to watch a movie and cuddle with you.” Harry kissed my cheek which made me blush.

I got changed and walked out into the living room Heather had also changed into a green t-shirt and a pair of shorts and she was sitting with Niall on the couch, Liam and Zayn were on the floor and Louis was Sitting on the floor next to Zayn. Harry sat on the couch and I went to sit on the floor when he grabbed me into his lap and sat me down.

All of a sudden the movie Finding Nemo came on and Niall got really excited.

“I love this movie.” Niall said which made us all giggle, I didn’t say anything but I loved this movie to.

Halfway through the movie Heather was getting tired so they said goodnight and left, a few minutes later Zayn and Liam left to their flats, Louis looked at us and yawned.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t lad.” He winked at Harry, “Goodnight.”

“Are you tired?” Harry asked me.

“Yes.” I said half asleep already.

“Ok you can sleep here on the couch or you can have my bed and ill sleep out here.” Harry said.

“Ill sleep right here,” I yawned “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight love.” Harry walked back to his room and I couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow would bring.

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