Diffrent times, New things

This is a harry styles fan fiction i am writing. I do not own any celebrity in this story, oh and i have rated this story R!


3. Plane Ride

Harmony woke me up at five and we put all my bags in her car and my mom came out to tell me goodbye although I was still angry at her I hugged her and told her I loved her. We got to the airport at 6 and I was quiet the whole ride.

“Are you ok Sammy?” Harmony seemed worried

“Yea just really going to miss you.” I sighed as we walked into the airport.

We headed to the food court to get some food and while we were eating we heard a bunch of commotion when we turned around there was five really hot guys messing around one was even laying in an empty suitcase he was blonde and was wearing a red shirt with kaki pants and some bluish colored tennis shoes. They looked so familiar but I couldn’t figure out from where.

“Man don’t you hope they are on your plane?” Harmony laughed as she said “They are super cute.”

I laughed a bit “yeah they really are.”

After we ate Harmony walked me over to my gate we hugged and she handed me my ipod.

“I forget to tell you I uploaded some new music you should really listen to more of my bands.” She laughed as she hugged me and said goodbye.

They called for all remaining passengers and I walked up to a counter and handed a women my ticket she smiled and said thanks as I thought about it I looked at my ticket to see how much John had really paid for a ticket and I was in first class. I couldn’t believe it I almost fainted when we came over from London we didn’t even ride first class. I got onto the plane and as I took my seat five more people entered first class it was the same five cute boys from the airport and I was really surprised to be the only one in first class with these boys.

After about 15 minutes the flight attendants stood up and told us we were taking off and to enjoy the ride and if we needed anything to just ask. I turned around to get a better look at the boys behind me and they were all so cute the one that really caught my eye had the curliest hair and the biggest smile. I knew if I didn’t distract myself I might not stop staring so I put my headphones in and listened to my new songs.

The songs Harmony had uploaded were by a band called One Direction really good and I was getting into them and just kept replaying them when suddenly something hit me in the back of the head. I took my headphones out and felt my head and looked back seeing a shoe on the floor.

“Sorry love.” One of the boys said as he grabbed the shoe. “We didn’t mean to hit you we were just messing around.”

“No your fine I don’t think I have any permanent scars.” I smiled

“Good.” The curly haired boy smiled at me.

I blushed and just smiled I was speechless and didnt know what to say.

“So what’s your name babe?” One of the boys with an Irish accent(the same boy from the suitcase at that) asked me.

“I’m Samantha but you can call me Sammy or Sam.” I nervously replied

“I’m Louis, That’s Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam.” The boy who had picked up the shoe explained to me introducing all of them.

“How about we all play truth or dare?” Harry asked.

“What do you say Sam you up for it?” Louis winked at me.

“Sure what else could I do?” I giggled.

“Right, I’ll go first Zayn truth or dare?” Louis asked.

“I pick truth.” Zayn said in the quietest voice.

“Ummm ok do you really think you’re beautiful?” Louis giggled like he didn’t know what to ask.

“Of course.” Zayn replied with no hesitation. “ok Liam truth or dare?”

“I’m going to play it safe and say truth.” Liam said.

“Ok is it true that you love a girl with curly hair?” Zayn seemed serious but I kind of giggled.

“Yep, sure do and I love my girlfriend Danielle.” Liam smiled and seemed thrilled with his answer. “Ok Harry truth or dare?”

“I’m going to be risky and choose dare.” Harry winked at me.

“Ok risk taker I dare you to kiss Sam unless your to chicken.” Liam smiled at me probably thinking I would say no.

“I’m ok if the lady is ok.” Harry smiled really big.

I giggled “Hurry up before I change my mind .” Like I would but I had to seem realistic.

Harry ran up to me and kissed me real quick though I figured just a cheek kiss he kissed me on the lips. I was shocked and had no idea what to say all I saw was Harry run back to his seat.

“Hello doll are you ok?” Liam waved his hand in front of my face.

“Yes.. Yes I’m fine.” I replied with a smirk on my face.

“I think someone over here enjoyed that a little to much.” Louis pointed at Harry who was smiling so big he looked so perfect.

I was getting so tired so I let the boys stick to their game and I put my headphones in and fell asleep. When I woke up we were about a half hour from London and I was covered up in a really soft blue blanket, and my music player was wrapped up and put on top of my purse.

“Alright boys who did it?” I looked back to see them all asleep and Harry was laying there with nothing but boxers on.

I took my shoe off and threw it at Harry and accidentally got him in his area waking him up out of a dead sleep.

“Oooooooouch!” Harry started screamed waking the other boys.

“I’m sorry I have bad aim I felt horrible but you really should get dressed we land in like 15 minutes.” I said trying to get around the fact that I hit him where the sun don’t shine.

Harry smiled at me and the other boys just chuckled “Its ok babe.” Harry said in the sweetest voice getting his pants on.

“Give me your phone.” Louis said reaching for the cell phone in my lap.

I handed him my cell phone and he entered all their numbers and also put mine into his cell.

“I’ll text you as soon as we get back to our apartments.” Harry winked at me as I blushed.

The plane landed and I grabbed my stuff “oh I’m stealing your blanket Harry.” I said as I stuffed it in my bag.

“That’s ok I’ll get it back.” Harry chuckled as we all walked off the plane.

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