Diffrent times, New things

This is a harry styles fan fiction i am writing. I do not own any celebrity in this story, oh and i have rated this story R!


6. Love in the air

I woke up that morning to Harry and Lou talking I didn’t let them know I was awake I just wanted to listen, it felt wrong but I wanted to know what they were saying.

“So lad how do you feel about her?” Louis asked.

“I really fancy her I think she could be the one but I don’t know how she feels.” Harry sounded disappointed.

“Don’t rush things, take her on a date.” Louis told Harry.

“Your right lad but I have never felt this way before.” Harry told Lou.

I tried to stay quiet but a few minutes later I sneezed and rolled off the couch.

“Ouch!” I laughed

“Are you alright?” Louis and Harry asked at the same time.

“Fine.” I stood up rubbing my behind. “I’m a little clumsy that’s all.”

Harry came over to me and checked me out to make sure I was alright.

“Good nothings broken.” Harry laughed

“I’m hungry.” I said rubbing my tummy “What do you have that I could cook for breakfast?” I asked them.

“Anything you can find love.” Louis pointed towards the kitchen.

“I’ll make breakfast for you boys I’ll call Heather she will help me.” I smiled as Louis started to call the boys and I called Heather.

Lou had gotten a shower and Harry was just getting in when the other lads showed up and Heather with them, they were all dressed and showered and there I was cooking breakfast in Harry’s clothes. I had pancake mix and sausage and eggs. Heather walked over to me and asked if I needed help and I smiled and nodded at her and she began doing the pancakes as I sat the plates and silverware and cups at the table.

“It smells amazing ladies.” Niall sniffed walking into the kitchen.

“Hey kitchen is off limits until everything is finished.” Heather stuck her tongue out at Niall.

“What she said.” I laughed and pointed at Heather.

Niall went and sat back down with the boys who were watching television and Harry who was coming out to sit with them, he looked amazing as he had since the first day I met him. I couldn’t stop staring at his curls and the way he made sweatpants look so good, when Heather taped me on the shoulder.

“Come back to earth my dear cousin.” Heather laughed at me. “Pancakes are done.”

In the mist of my daydreaming I forgot about the sausage and checked on them thank goodness they were ok I didn’t want the boys to think I was a bad cook already. We made the boys plates with two pancakes 4 sausages and 2 eggs a piece and our plates as well, we poured everyone a glass of milk and called them to the table. No surprise Niall was the first to sit down he seemed to really love food. The boys all started to pig out like they hadn’t eaten in weeks. Heather and I started to giggle because we were so slow the boys looked like dogs just chowing down. The boys just looked at us and continued to eat.

“So what are we doing today?” Heather asked looking at Niall.

“Hmmm well we could do some shopping.” Louis jokingly said in a girly voice.

“Don’t joke with me like that Louis.” Heather laughed and I laughed with her.

Heather and I had never been big on shopping we were the girls who would climb trees just to fall and scrap our knees it was just our thing and I could tell Heather wasn’t changing anytime soon.

“How about a date Sam?” Harry asked me and we stopped giggling.

“You want to go on a date with me?” I asked but wasn’t to shocked seeing as I knew he liked me and I really liked him.

“Ya, and Heather and Niall, Liam Danielle, Louis and Eleanor can join us and Zayn if he would like too.” Harry said.

“Who are Danielle and Eleanor?” I looked at him confused.

“I forgot you haven’t met them yet.” Harry kind of laughed

“Danielle is my girlfriend.” Liam said raising his hand.

“Eleanor is my girlfriend and I’m sure both girls would love to meet Harry’s new love interest.” Louis made kissy faces at Harry and Harry smacked him playfully.

“Well i'd love to meet them to.” I smiled and winked at Harry.

“So it’s settled we will go on a quadruple date and if Zayn would like to join he can as well.” Niall said taking Heathers hand.

“I’ll sit this one out but you guys have fun.” Zayn said getting up from the table taking his plate to the sink.

“Where are we going for this date?” Heather looked around at the boys.

The boys all stared at each other like they could read minds and every single one of them started to smile like they knew exactly what the other was thinking. I was kind of freaked out a bit so I stood up and collected everyone else’s plates and put them in the sink.

“You ladies will find out later but Liam and I must go call our birds now.” Louis said taking Liam and walking out of the room.

It felt so good to hear words like bird again instead of girlfriend it felt like I had never left home. I just wish I didn’t have to go back, I wish I could stay home for good but I shoke that thought of because for now I was home and where I was suppose to be. As soon as Louis and Liam left the room my phone went off it was a text message and Harry just looked at me and laughed because it played I’m sexy and I know it.

“Don’t laugh.” I giggled sticking my tongue out.

“I’m sorry love.” Harry said trying to be serious.

I looked it my phone and saw Harmony<3 I had forgot all about texting her when I got here I felt so bad I opened it to read a text saying

Hey boogie just wanted to check and see if your still breathing, I’m getting off work so call or text me whenever you get a chance I miss your face<3

I smiled and texted her back as soon as I read it

Yes I’m still breathing just had a lot on my mind, and I guess it’s a good thing we went shopping because I met a guy I’ll have to give you details later I’ll talk to you soon.!

I really did miss her but I really missed being at home I just wanted to stay back forever.

Who are you talking to my dear?” Harry said trying to read the name on my phone.

My friend from back in the U.S.” I said putting my phone down.

“I see you will have to tell me all about her when we go out tonight.” Harry smiled at me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

Just then Liam and Louis walked back in.

“Oh guys get a room.” Louis joked he was so funny.

“Danielle and Eleanor are ok with going out tonight so they will be here around five.” Liam chimed in.

“And I will take Heather and Sammy home to get changed and whatever they need.” Harry looked at us.


 “I’ll ride with Harry.” Niall said looking at Heather he really did like her and I really wanted that with Harry but it was hard and I didn’t want to break his heart.

I will take a nap right here.” Zayn said as we all laughed he was quite quiet and seemed a bit shy but he did do some talking here and there.

Are you sure you want to stay here?” I asked him.

“Yes if I don’t get some sleep work wont be as fun.” Zayn smiled laying down.

“You work tomorrow?” I asked

“We all do.” Harry said taking my hand smiling

“Yes we do,” Niall spoke up “We also have dates tonight so we need to go get ready.” Niall winked at us and him and Heather left.

I wanted to know what went on when they left I felt I had an idea but I just thought they were so cute together i'd love to follow them for a day I just laughed at my thought in my head as I got up kissed Harry on the cheek and let the boys know I was getting in the shower.

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