Diffrent times, New things

This is a harry styles fan fiction i am writing. I do not own any celebrity in this story, oh and i have rated this story R!


2. Goodbyes

My first thought was to call my best friend the only person that I clicked with when we first moved here. Harmony was one of the first people I meant when we came here she was such a happy person and we clicked instantly. After my first day of school in the U.S. she came over and since then we had been inseparable. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed her number knowing that she would cheer me up and also be a bit upset I was leaving considering all the plans we had for summer.

“Hey chick I miss your face.” she giggled into the phone “what’s going on?”

“Well I have news and I’d rather tell you in person.” I chocked back tears

“Hey no worries I’ll be there in five minutes.” she said as she hung up the phone

Harmony only lived a few blocks down and even though she has a car she loved to walk to my house unless she thought I was upset or angry then she would drive to get here faster. The knock at the door not even five minutes later told me she rushed my mom opened the door and sent her to my room.

“Hey boogie what’s up.” she stared at me with a serious face trying to make me laugh.

“My grandma in London passed away .” I began to cry again and I couldn’t help but burry my face in my legs and belt out the tears.

Harmony sat beside me and patted my back “Hey Sammy its going to be ok we will get through this.” she laid her head on top of mine and just hushed me like a baby.

I began to calm down and said “That’s not all of it.”

“Tell me.” she said in a voice that was so soft.

“I'll be going to London tomorrow morning and staying for the rest of the summer.” I replied with my face still buried in my legs.

“Am I that bad of an influence that your moms shipping you away?” Harmony always questioned how much my mom liked her.

Then my mother chimed in “No Harmony I’m sending her to London to learn what its like to have siblings her uncle has 3 kids and she needs to learn that she has four siblings now its not just her anymore it hasn’t been for two years.”

“Oh.” Harmony replied in her this is awkward voice.

“Will you stay Harm? I need you and I want to spend my last few hours in the U.S. with you.” I looked at her

“Of course I will boogie your my best friend and i'd love to spend the last couple hours with you.” She said sweetly “I can even drop you off at the airport.”

There was no doubt that i'd miss her like crazy she always knew what to say and how to make me smile I couldn’t replace that in London. The funeral was going to be the worst part I really did miss my uncle and my cousins I had always been closer to my uncle Matt then I had my Aunt Shelly, and I was kind of excited about getting to see my cousins Heather, Aaron, and Josh again. Heather was a few years older than me and the boys were younger I’m 17 and Heather is 19 and the boys are 16 and 14 now the last time they saw me I was 15 and completely different. You wouldn’t believe how two years could change one person.

The first thing Harmony and I did was rent some movies mostly love stories I didn’t feel like horror movies the night before leaving to my grandmothers funeral. My favorite love stories are The Notebook and A Walk To Remember and Harmony got some comedies hoping I’d do some laughing, tonight was going to be an all nighter.

“How about some shopping? Don’t you need some new clothes to pick up some hot guys in London?” Harmony questioned holding back chuckles.

“Your not funny,” I replied in a serious tone “I wont be thinking about boys while I’m in London.”

“You never know you might find someone worth your time.” Harmony winked at me as she pulled into the mall parking lot.

“Fine, but I doubt I will meet any boys.” I rolled my eyes knowing Harmony was just trying to help.

When we were done shopping I had about four new outfits that I didn’t even want but Harmony said were super cute and sure to help me in the guy department. Our movie nights were always fun but tonight it felt like all I did was cry, by the time A Walk To Remember was over I was balling on Harmony’s shoulder. I didn’t think I had any tears left to cry but they were just pouring out and I didn’t know how ready I was to leave. Harmony helped me pack my stuff because I wouldn’t let my mom touch anything. When we were done it was midnight and I was yawning.

“How about you get some rest you have a plane ride tomorrow and you need sleep.” Harmony looked at me hoping I’d lay down for a bit.

“Ok,” I said “But wake me up at 5 it will take an hour to get to the airport so we will be there by 6 and can get something to eat before I leave.” I laid down and dozed off.

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