Diffrent times, New things

This is a harry styles fan fiction i am writing. I do not own any celebrity in this story, oh and i have rated this story R!


9. Girls shopping day

I woke up to knocking on the door Harry was still asleep so I opened the door in a pair of shorts and a shirt with my brown messy hair tied up in a bun. I opened the door to see Lou standing there.

“Finally, wake your man up love we have to be at the studio in two and a half hours.” Lou laughed.

“I looked at the clock and it was six in the morning.” Sure thing I groaned.

“Were just waiting on you two.” I heard Liam yell from the living room.

I figured they would all be out there I shut the door and walked over to Harry, I didn’t even have to wake him up when I looked down his big green eyes were starring at me.

“Good morning beautiful.” I blushed when he called me beautiful.

“Good morning you should get ready love, all the boys are waiting.” I smiled at him trying to wake myself up.

“You should get ready to, I hear the girls plan on taking you shopping.” Harry said getting up from his bed and searching through his dresser for clothes.

“Shopping?” I groaned, “Fine but I won’t enjoy it.”

“At least you will be with your cousin and Danielle and El.” Harry said picking out a pair of skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with a jacket.

“True at least I will be with people who make me smile.” I liked Danielle and Eleanor they were quiet girls but much like me and Heather they were happy with who they were.

“When we get back from work I want to spend the rest of the day with you.” Harry kissed me as he walked out of the room to get changed.

To know Harry wanted to spend the day with me felt good, I couldn’t wait for tonight to finally get to know him and who he was. I walked out into the living room everyone setting on the couch or around it.

“Hey cousin good morning.” Heather smiled at me.

“Good morning, I umm have no clothes.” I said running my hands through my hair.

“Its ok I will drive us back to my house and you can get your clothes make sure you get enough.” Heather and the others laughed and so did I.

“Trust me I will.” I snickered as Harry came out of the bathroom.

“Did I miss anything good?” Harry put his arm around me.

“Yes its time to go lad before were late again.” Lou grabbed Harry who kissed me goodbye and he kissed El goodbye.

“You ladies have fun.” Niall said as he gave Heather a quick kiss.

“Enjoy it.” Liam said kissing Danielle goodbye.

“Get me something good.” Zayn laughed walking out the door.

“Alright ladies lets have some fun today.” Danielle spoke up smiling really big.

“First we need to get clothes from my house for Sammy.” Heather chimed in.

“I say we pick out her outfit.” Eleanor spoke up.

“That’s ok girls, I think I know exactly what I want to wear.” I smiled as I though about it in my head.

“Alright well lets get out of here so we have time to shop.” Danielle sounded so excited about it.

“Sammy there will be paparazzi asking questions and taking pictures because we are coming out of the boys flatt, they know about us and in time they will know about you as well but for now ignore them.” Heather said handing me my jacket.

“Ok I will just ignore them.” I smiled as we walked out the door.

When we walked outside we were swarmed by cameras and press asking things like How are you connected to the boys, what can you tell us about them? Ignoring them was easy but ignoring the flashes on the cameras was hard, I hated when I was blinded by camera flashes it took a few minutes before I could see again and before I knew it we were in the car and on the way to my uncle’s.

“Are you ok Sammy?” Eleanor looked at me rubbing my eyes.

“Ya, the flashes from the cameras is all just a bit annoying.” I replied pulling my hands from my eyes.

“You will get used to it.” Dannie smiled at me.

I laughed as we pulled into Matt’s Driveway. We all got out of the car and walked into the house, Sara must have been at work because her car was nowhere in site and Matt was asleep on the couch.

“Try to be quiet I don’t wanna wake dad.” Heather said leading us up the stairs.

We walked up the stairs as quiet as mice and went to the room I had been staying in and I began digging through my clothes. I knew what I was looking for but I couldn’t find it and was worried I forgot it at home, the girls sat on the bed talking about where to shop first I caught bits and pieces. I smiled when I finally pulled out my black and white dress that was knee length, a pair of black leggings and a black under top and ran to the bathroom to change. I walked out and coughed to the girls.

“Wow, you look beautiful.” El smiled.

“You really do but what should we do about your hair?” Dannie looked over at Heather.

“What should we do?” The girls looked at me with thinking faces.

“I shrugged my shoulders and pulled at the ponytail in my mess of a bun letting down my brown hair.” You girls can do it if you like.

“Dannie and I will work on your hair and El will work on your make-up.” The girls said walking towards me taking sections in front and beside me.

I felt like I was going to be there for hours I had Dannie pulling at one side of my head and Heather pulling at another while El still couldn’t decide what color eye shadow to blend and mix with my black and white dress. Finally after what felt like hours the girls pulled away pretty impressed at their work and handed me a mirror.

“You look great cousin.” Heather smiled at me packing my clothes into a bag so we could finally get to the mall.

“Harry wont be able to stay off you.” Dannie and El giggled.

“I doubt that.” I groaned picking up the mirror amused at what I saw in the reflection.

The girl in the reflection looked nothing like the way I usually look. I had curls that were perfect on each side hair sprayed in so I couldn’t mess it up, my make-up was not out of place the eyeliner made my eyes pop out like big brown dog eyes I almost didn’t recognize myself. I was a little nervous for my night with Harry I liked him a lot but all we had was the summer and I didn’t want to fall in love, I didn’t want to hurt him or the other boys or Heather and the girls. I swallowed back tears and smiled as I finished packing my things so we could all leave.

“Are you done packing can we go shopping now?” El looked at me enthused and I smiled and shook my head as I grabbed my black boots.

We walked downstairs and Matt was awake watching television on the couch.

“Hey girls long time no see.” Matt waved at El and Dannie.

“Hello Mr. Cooper.” The girls waved and smiled back at my uncle.

“Where are you ladies headed?” Matt got up from the couch and walked over to Heather and I.

“Shopping dad is that ok?” Heather giggled because she was old enough to make her own choices and didn’t really live at home anyways.

“That’s fine just haven’t seen you ladies in a while.” Matt looked at us and we all hugged him.

“Oh, Sam your mom called she wants you to call her you do only have a few months left before you go home.” Matt said backing up from our group hug.

“Don’t remind me,” I rolled my eyes “I will call her later.”

“Sammy she loves you, please call her.” Matt looked at me in disappointment.

“Ok I will I promise.” I said as we walked out the door.

We all gathered in the car and drove off to the mall when we got there it wasn’t as crowded as I had expected. We stepped out of the car and into this huge mall that I hadn’t been in for years. It had changed a little bit added more places to shop and was a bit bigger.

“Where should we go first?” Dannie looked at all of us knowing where she wanted to go.

“Dress shopping.” El squealed and clapped her hands as if she were five again.

“Sounds good to me we can all try on dresses.” Heather grabbed my arm and we started racing for the dress shop.

I wasn’t enthused with the fact of dress shopping id rather shop for band tees but I was willing to do it with these girls. We walked into a dress shop where a young blonde lady with a perfectly white smile gretted us with a sweet hello. I was amazed at how perfect someone could look though Dannie, El and Heather did it everyday. Dannie always had her long brown curls down and they bounced perfectly when she walked. Eleanor had the face of a child and the voice that was so soft you could barely hear it when she talked. Then heather with her perfect skin and flawless walk, she looked like she was flying, I could never be like these girls they were flawless and I was well me.

“Sammy back to earth.” Heather waved her hand in front of my face as she handed me a pink dress that was knee length and puffed at the bottom.

“Really you had to pick pink?” I groaned as I grabbed the dress.

“Harry loves pink.” Dannie chimed in holding a purple dress that was strapless and straight and also knee length.

“He likes the way it looks on girls.” El smiled holding up a red dress with skimpy straps that was small on top and flowed at the bottom like a princess.

“He sure does so we have to get you some pink.” Heather said asking for dressing rooms, she was holding a bluish green dress that was a little longer than knee length and had ruffles at the bottom.

“Are we just getting dresses in colors the boys will like?” I sighed as I walked into the dressing room.

“No we like them as well.” Dannie screamed for like three dressing rooms away.

“I walked out and the other girls were already taking pics in the big mirror standing outside of the dressing room, El turned to look at me.

“Oh my gosh Sammy I love it you have to get it.” El smiled at me as she walked me to the mirror to show me.

“I don’t know guys it’s not really my color, or my style.” I said patting the poof that held my arms from going all the way down.

“Sammy, Harry will love it.” Heather looked at me as if she knew I wasn’t enjoying this but I went with it and ended up buying the dress, hey Heather could have it when I left for the summer anyway.

“Where to now girls?” I said acting as sarcastically as possible.

“Im hungry.” El chimed in patting her tummy.

“So food and then back to the Flatts the boys will be home soon.” Dannie smiled and we walked to the food court.

We walked to the food court and got our food I scarfed it down like I was starving.

“I hope you don’t eat like that on your date tonight.” the other girls laughed like the way I ate was funny.

“Like what?” I said with food filled in my mouth.

“Like you haven’t eaten in 20 years.” Heather added handing me a napkin to wipe my face.

I blushed and swallowed what was in my mouth, at home I didn’t care how I ate or who was sitting with me. After about a half hour we walked outside and to the car to head back to the flats.

Heather’s point of view

Shopping with my best friends and cousin was going to be amazing, I couldn’t wait but like always Harry was last to get up and im sure Sammy wouldn’t be to enthused.

“Niall.” I looked at him as he was putting on his white tank and a pair of blue jeans.

“Yes babe?” He turned to me pulling down his shirt.

“Sammy leaves at the end of the summer and im so afraid it’s going to kill her getting close to Harry like this.” I looked at him with sad eyes.

“I know babe, we have talked to Harry about this, don’t get me wrong we love Sammy she’s sweet and perfect for him but she is only here for the summer.” Niall sat down next to me and held my hand.

“I can tell Sammy doesn’t want this to turn into much but Harry really likes her I can tell, I know she doesn’t want to leave but her mom won’t let her stay.” I squeezed Niall’s hand.

“Heather they are big kids you have to let them be them.” Niall moved my hair from my face to behind my ear.

“I know Niall but Harry is like my little brother and Sammy is my cousin and I just can’t let them either one of them get hurt.” I looked at Niall with tears welling in my eyes.

“They will be fine.” Niall wiped a tear from my eyes and kissed me.

“I hope so.” I stood up and wiped my eyes and fixed my make-up.

“I promise, but we really have to leave babe.” Niall said grabbing my head as we walked out of the door.

Sammy’s point of view.

We pulled up to the flats and automatically knew the boys were home with the crowd of girls standing outside.

“A lot more girls than usual.” I said looking out at about a million girls all screaming for One Direction.

“Ya, must have gotten word about Harry’s date tonight.” Dannie chimed in.

“What makes you say that.” Heather said putting on her sunglasses to step out of the car that had just pulled around the back of the building the only place we could get in.

“Most of them had Harry shirts on.” El laughed also putting her sunglasses on as if nobody would notice her.

“Great.” I muttered stepping out of the car as all four of us ran in the backdoor and locked it shut.

“Well looks like we didn‘t loose you girls in the crowd.” Zayn smiled at us he had been coming out of his room.

“Almost but were to fast.” Heather replied removing her sunglasses.

“Ya like ninja’s.” I laughed.

“Did I hear ninja’s.” Lou opened the door.

“Boy did I miss you today.” El walked up to Lou and gave him the biggest hug.

“Sammy you will have to sit at Heather and Niall’s for awhile Harry said he wants to look good before you see him.” Everyone laughed.

Dannie gave me a hug and wished me luck and so did El as Dannie walked to Liam’s room and El and lou returned to his and Harry’s.

“Are you just going to sit alone.” I turned to Zayn.

“No, I will actually be over in a bit Niall and I are going to play some Fifa.” Zayn walked into his room.

Heather and I walked back to her and Niall’s flat and Niall greeted Heather with a kiss as I sat down on the couch.

Heather’s point of view

We returned from shopping with way more girls outside than usual this ment we would need to go in the back door. I couldn’t wait to see Niall I always missed him while he was at work and Sammy needed to seem more thrilled about Harry and her date. Sammy came with me to my flat while Harry was getting ready and Niall greeted me with a kiss and Sammy headed to sit down.

“Hello handsome.” I looked at Niall with a huge smile on my face.

“Something wrong with Sammy?” Niall looked confused.

“Nervous about tonight I’m sure.” I said looking at her texting.

“Harry told us his plans.” Niall smiled really big.

“And?” I poked at him wanting to know.

“Can’t tell you, but Sammy will love it.” Niall smiled as Zayn walked in the door with no knock.

“Hey chap.” Niall walked up to him and grabbed the game in his hand.


“I’m so gonna win.” Zayn punched Niall in the arm as they went to hook up the game and I sat down beside Sammy who had her nose in her phone.

Sammy’s point of view

I sat down and began texting Harmony right away I had missed her so much and I needed to tell her about my date.

Text to: Harmony<3

I have a date tonight and im so nervous give me advice boog

Text from: Harmony<3

Boogie your just now telling me you have a date! Well get pretty and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do oh and don’t eat like your starving love you J

I missed Harmony so much and I was also nervous for this date because I had to tell Harry I was scared because I had strong feelings for him but I was leaving in a few months. Heather sat down beside me and when I finally looked up I realized Zayn was now in the room.

“Hey best friend.” I smiled at him.

“Hey don’t you look gorgeous.” He nudged me trying to flirt a bit.

“When are you going to get a girlfriend.” I laughed at him picking up my phone again.

“Actually I have one, kind of we just havent made anything official yet.” Zayn smiled as he sat down and picked up a game controller.

“You didn’t tell me?” I put my phone down quickly and snarled.

“I’ll tell you when you and Harry decide to make things official.” He gave me a big smile and I laughed.

After a while a knock came to the door and before anyone could open it Louis walked in.

“I present to everyone my handsome best friend Harold Edward Styles.” We all laughed as Harry walked in wearing a black suit and a black tie, his hair was perfectly in place as always and the smile across his face showed he was nervous.

“Are you ready Sam.” Harry was half shaking but I couldn’t believe he was nervous I should be the nervous one.

“Ya lets go.” I stood up and walked over to Harry and we walked out of Heather’s flat.


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