Diffrent times, New things

This is a harry styles fan fiction i am writing. I do not own any celebrity in this story, oh and i have rated this story R!


1. Bad news

“W….hat do y….ou m..ean grandma passed away?’ I tried to say without dropping to the floor.

“I know Sammy its hard to hear but when we moved to the USA from London your grandma didn’t want to come she couldn’t leave your aunts and uncles behind and come with us.” My mother said trying to calm me.

“Then why did we have to come here!” I couldn’t help but yell, we had been in the U.S. for two years and if she hadn’t had met John in London while he was over on business we would still be in London and I could have seen my grandma before she passed.

“Sammy calm down, you know why we came here I couldn’t make John move to London with his four boys and leave everything he had here.” She replied in a sweet voice.

“But you made me leave the people I loved behind! My cousins, my aunts, my uncles, my friends and the most important person who believed in me my grandmother and now she is gone and its your fault all your fault I cant be at her funeral!” I couldn’t help but fall to the floor.

“Now Sammy I never said you couldn’t go to her funeral I know your upset but it was easier for us to move her with John and his boys just 2 of us and start a life over here, but as I said I know your upset and that’s why I have arranged for you to stay with your uncle for the rest of the summer so you can go to your grandmas funeral and get your final goodbyes.” She started to cry with me.

“Are you serious? Mom I am so sorry I just cant believe she is gone and it hurts that I couldn’t be beside her it hurts that she didn’t tell me she was sick, …are you coming with me?” I hesitated to ask because I could only think of the answer.

“No.” she replied with tears streaming down her face now.

“But she was your mother cant your stupid rich fiancé understand that, is he to cheap to buy you a ticket?” I started to get angrier.

“Now Sam that’s where I draw the line John loves me and he wanted me to go but I can’t drop everything I have here to go to London for two months, I don’t care that John has money but you should be happy he is buying your ticket, I won’t go because I have a job and so does John and I have a home to take care of and your brothers to raise.” I could tell she was really mad now.

“They aren’t my brothers, they are your fiancé’s kids not my brothers he has money to take care of them he could hire some babysitters.” I tried to mumble.

“That’s enough young lady! Now if you don’t stop that their will be no going to London at all! When we moved here John became part of the family and so did his boys, his money has nothing to do with this!” She was full on screaming now.

I paused before I said “you wouldn’t stop me from telling my grandmother goodbye.”

My mother sighed before she said “No Sammy I wouldn’t but you have to learn that John’s kids are your brothers now and that its not just you anymore and that sometimes money isn’t as big as it seems and I hope your uncle teaches you that while your in London.”

“When do I leave?” that’s the only thing I could think about was leaving and getting away from my mothers image of what she wanted to be “family.”

“Tomorrow morning 7:00am sharp.” she said walking out of my room.

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