Diffrent times, New things

This is a harry styles fan fiction i am writing. I do not own any celebrity in this story, oh and i have rated this story R!


4. Arriving in london

As I walked off the plane with my luggage I saw my uncle Matt waiting for me. It had been such a long time since id seen him he ran over to me and hugged me and I started to cry a little bit. I missed being home and being with my family and knowing that I was going to be spending time here was amazing.

“How was your flight?” Matt asked as he sat my bags in the back seat.

“It was alright.” I smiled thinking about the boys.

“Your cousins have missed youHeather can’t wait to see you and the boys are excited to have you home for a while.” Matt smiled at me

“I missed them to uncle Matt why didn’t you bring them?” I wondered

“Heather’s getting clothes out for the boys to wear tomorrow.” Matt said pulling into the driveway “are you ready to see your cousins again?” he said getting out of the car.

“Couldn’t be readier.” I replied.

We walked in to the house and Matt yelled for Heather and the boys to come finally see me. A few minutes later I heard feet racing to get down the steps.

“SAMMY!!!!” two very excited boys yelled at the same time it was great to see my cousins again they hugged me and told me they missed me and how different I looked and then Heather came down.

“Well if it isn’t my long lost cousin.” She smiled at me.

Heather had changed so much she now had black hair and she was wearing some skinny jeans and a black t-shirt and had some converse shoes on that were purple.

“You’ve grown up.” Heather hugged me and I hugged her back this was the family I left behind and I started to think maybe 2 months wasn’t long enough maybe I needed to move back to London I was turning 18 and my mom couldn’t stop me.

“Its been a long day.” I yawned “can I just take a shower and head to bed?” I looked at Matt.

“You don’t want to eat first?” Matt looked at me puzzled.

I wasn’t in the mood for food but I didn’t want to tell Matt that he would want to know why and question me until I did eat.

“Sure.” I smiled at him “Can I take a shower first?”

“Sure thing,” Matt looked at Heather “Show Sammy around you know she’s been gone for so long she doesn’t know where anything is anymore.” Matt chuckled a little and walked into the kitchen to help his wife Sara cook dinner.

Heather showed me around the house she showed me my room and where the bathroom was and where her room and the boys’ rooms were. It was nice to unpack my huge bags and get in the shower it was so relaxing until my phone on the sink started buzzing. I figured it was my mom calling to make sure I was there and safe so I ignored it and when I got out of the shower I put on a pair of gray sweatpants that said love down the leg and a black tank top. I remembered my phone and picked it up and it said missed call from Louis. I couldn’t believe he was calling me already I chuckled in my head and called him back.

“Hello, Sammy?” Louis asked.

“Sure is so you called me?” I asked I really wanted to know why.

“Well I wanted to know if maybe tomorrow night you would like to hang out with us boys love?” Louis asked me and I could tell he really wanted me to say yes.

“I don’t know,” I hesitated “I have a funeral to go to and then I’m just going to come home with my family.”

“That is why you must come see us.” Harry yelled in the background “We would love to keep you cheered up after the funeral and we are sorry for your lose but please?”

It sounded like he was begging now and I really wanted to see them again I kind of missed them and we just met it was the weirdest feeling.

“I’ll have to ask but sure.” I smiled as I hung up the phone.

I walked downstairs and my uncle, and Heather were sitting on the couch so I walked over to them and sat down. Matt was holding a picture of my grandmother and Heather was telling him all the good times they had together. This was a family tradition when someone passed away we would look at a picture and just remember good times but for me it was hard I could tell Heather was holding back tears as well. Heather and I were really close to our grandmother and it really hit both of us at the same time. Heather’s phone went off and she started texting.

“Who are you talking to?” I asked kind of curious.

“My boyfriend it’s someone you’ll meet tomorrow or someone you might know by now.” Heather said as she put her phone down.

“My mom made some potato’s and steak for you. I didn’t eat when everyone else did so I’ll eat with you.” We walked into the dinning room and Sara already had the plates sitting on the table ready to eat. We didn’t talk much while we ate. Heather got some texts but she didn’t open them. I guess my uncle don’t let them text at the table.

“So Heather, how have you been?” I didn’t know much, we really didn’t talk much after I left.

“Well besides grandma, I’ve been good. I help my parents with the boy’s. I spend a lot of time with my friends and my boyfriend.” My uncle Matt walked into the room.

“Ok girls I think its time to lay down we have the funeral tomorrow so we all need sleep and I think you have somewhere to be after huh Sam?” Matt looked at me.

I didn’t even ask how he knew I just nodded my head and walked upstairs to lay down Heather followed behind me.

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