the first day off the rest of our lives

its a normal day in the life of being a girlfriend of a member of one direction.
the cover is me from my prom.
hope you like it. xx


1. the day it became real..

Niall's pov.

I knew today was the day it would all change for me and my girl. I had everything planned., well the lads had helped me.It was the 14th Feb, Valentines Day. I decided to take Katie to her favorite beach. It was one that we had been to many times before, ones on family holidays and just romantic ones. By family i mean with her family.

We were staying at the local hotel, within walking distance to the beach we loved. We had the most amazing room. When i say I, I mean the boys, had arranged with the hotel to have rose petals scattered all over the room. It was amazing.

I drove Katie to the local pub for lunch. We had been staying in Cornwall for a week, just to get away from it all back in London. Little did she know that i had the most romantic night that she has /will ever see.  

Katie's pov. 

Niall had decided that he would take me away for the week.  He took me to Cornwall, exactly the part that i had been going to since i was 2.  We were at the local pub for lunch on Valentines day. it was soo nice just ti have some quality time with him after the past couple off months have been way too hectic. He ordered me a warm chicken and bacon salad and a water. He knew that i had to stay healthy for my job.  oh by the way i am a Drugs  Dog Handler for the police. Me and Niall finished our lunch and we headed back to the hotel room.He said that he had something planned for tonight, he had picked out an outfit for me and everything. 


Niall's pov.  

it was time. I had my suit on with flip flops, i had two things to give to her. The beach was all set up. She got changed into the outfit i picked out for her. She looked amazing.

It was a white fitted figure hugging short prom dress, with a black small bow that sits perfectly on her waist. She also had on a pair of bow platform sandals, that matched her dress. She looked a million dollars.

We walked down towards the beach and as we did Katie saw the beach set up. We had a white metal square that had fabric draped from all four corners of the square. in the middle was a round table, with two chairs. As we approached the table i helped Katie sit down. As she sat down i kissed her cheek. We were eating. That's when i got the first gift out.


Katie's pov.

He picked this most amazing dress for me to wear with some killer heels. We were eating our starter when he reached into his suit jacket pocket and brought out this blue long box with a silver bow on top. there was only one place that you could get a box liker that from, Tiffany's, he Handed me the box. As i opened the lid, i saw the most amazayn silver necklace. He always knew that i wanted a surf board with my name engraved into it with a diamond as the dot of the i. What was it, that exact necklace. It was so rare that it had to be specially made. He helped my put it on. i Lifted my hair up and he placed the necklace around my neck and done it up, before he sat down he whispered in my ear "babe you deserve everything i have for you. you are my shinning star, my lucky charm." then kissed my cheek softly. I knew he was the one for me. We finished our food and was sat for a while just gazing into each others eyes getting lost in them. 

niall's pov. 

This was the time i had to. 

I reached in to my suit pocket and picked out the box. It was yet again from Tiffany's. I got up. Went down on one knee. "Babe you are my world. i love you a little bit more every day. i wouldn't be able to live without you. i need you in my life. you are my princess, but hopefully You can be my Queen. will you be with me for the rest off my life. will you marry me princess."

I opened the box it was the most amazing ring that i/the boys had ever seen. It was shaped like an opening flower with diamonds all the way around with one massive round diamond in the middle that was about the size of your little finger nail. in all it was the size off your thumb nail.  

"oh babe i will be your queen. i will." she said with tears rolling down her amazingly tanned beautiful face.  i stopped her from crying by whipping those tears away. By this time she had set me off crying. We lent in for a romantic kiss. i placed the ring onto her finger. it fitted like a glove.

We were walking up to the hotel when she started to shake. i took off my jacket and placed it over her shoulders. When we got back to our room we phoned everyone at once, we managed to do a conference call and phoned her parents friends etc my parents, the boys etc.

Everyone screamed down the phone and said congratulations.  It did settle in for hours.



(hope you like it)   


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