im looking

this is a story about a women that was killed and people are trying to find out who killed the women


1. look and step

one ordinarily morning i was getting myself a cup of hot coffee like i always do in the morning.But there was something not ordinarily today. It was my feeling it was just as if someone was looking a me from the wardrobe i looked at it but there was nothing there.Suddenly,i hard a foot step coming to wards me. Someone or something is coming.i was walking towards it then i saw a letter on the floor it said 'i will kill you and all of the people you loved and cared about'  i ran towards the door but it was to late. it was sanding right in front of me with a knife his hand was getting closer  the knife was right in me and i fell and split the hot coffee right in his face ..................... when i opened my eyes it was not my home it was the hospital then a men came in and asked if i know who wrote the letter.i answered no on the next day i had my ordinarily morning again but my bad felling did not go away step step bang that is how i was killed and all the people i love and cared

his looking at you!!!!!!!!!     

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