Now Or Never

A girl called Melanie who is 18 years old has been diagnosed with cancer and she only has 5 days to live. Will she find her true love or will it be too late?


6. The Story... Part Six...

They came running up to me shouting my name I couldn't hear or see anything... My mum came running out to see what had happened... she looked down at me and shouted "MELANIE!" She phoned the ambulance and moved me away from the road. 10 minutes passed when an ambulance came i don't know what happened on the way to the hospital but i woke up and all i saw was white and a doctor... The doctor was talking to my mum about something i couldn't quite work out. I saw the 5 boys who i was playing a snowball fight with and they saw me with opened eyes and said "She's awake" they all smiled at me... I got put in a hospital room no one else was there but it was worth it. The doctor asked me questions like 'How long have you had that lump on your side?' I replied "about 1 month or 2 i'm not quite sure... Why?" He looked at the floor and said "I'm so sorry... You have cancer..." He walked out and walked towards my mum. I had treatments and an operation to slow the cancer down a bit. After 4-5 hours of waiting the 5 boys came in and hugged me. My mum went home to get my bag packed for the night... Louis said "I'm so sorry for throwing that snowball at you... I didn't mean to..." He then walked out hiding the tears... He had to prepare for the X Factor auditions tomorrow... Liam said "Niall tell her what you're going on tomorrow!" I finally found out what his name was YES! i looked at him and said "tell me what?" Niall looked at me and said "I'm going on the X Factor" i looked at him and smiled "Good luck!" I said with a very big smile...

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