Now Or Never

A girl called Melanie who is 18 years old has been diagnosed with cancer and she only has 5 days to live. Will she find her true love or will it be too late?


7. The Story... Part Seven...

All the visitors had to go because visiting time was over i had my bag of clothes and important things. I fell asleep... The following day i woke up and saw breakfast around me. I saw my mum and she said "Morning sweetie" i said "what time is it?" She said "10:00 am" I said "Oh... Am i allowed to leave?" she shook her head and said "I'll be back later. I have work to go to" she kissed my head and smiled at me. There was a not on my breakfast which said 'Call me if you have any problems lots of love mum xx' i smiled and thought'OK... What can i do today?' i sat up, brushed my hair and put it up. I ate some breakfast and got washed. I found a book lying underneath the sink so i picked it up and started to read it. It was called 'My sister lives on the mantle piece' As i was reading it i heard a knock on the door. It was the doctor he asked "How are you feeling?" I said "A bit dizzy but that's all" He replied "well you can watch the TV as long as it's quiet" i said "OK" He left me with the TV control and i looked at the time it was about 7:25pm i thought 'That was Quick did i really lose track of time. Anyway time to put the X Factor on' 

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