Now Or Never

A girl called Melanie who is 18 years old has been diagnosed with cancer and she only has 5 days to live. Will she find her true love or will it be too late?


4. The Story... Part Four...

The meal was over and i was starting to fall asleep. So my mum poked me and said "Go to bed" I nodded and just went. I got in my onesie and felt the lump again. It was only a very small one. But my mind got taken off it by that cute Irish boy... I just didn't quite get his name... The following day i got up and went downstairs... My mum and dad were still in bed. My side really hurt so i went to the bathroom and checked it... I got bigger over night... My eyes widened and i thought'Google...' I got washed and ran to my computer and quickly searched 'I have a lump on my side what is it?' until... My mum walked in and said "Morning sweetie. Did you have a nice sleep?" I simply smiled and said "Yeah" Then she left me i looked at my computer and took a quiz the questions were pretty simple until the final question which was 'How long have you had this lump for?' I thought to myself 'Um... Well i think i have had it for about 1 month' i clicked on that answer... I saw the word i didn't want to see... I thought 'How was i gonna tell my mum and dad? Wait a minute it might not be Cancer! Surely...' I turned my laptop off and went downstairs...

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