Now Or Never

A girl called Melanie who is 18 years old has been diagnosed with cancer and she only has 5 days to live. Will she find her true love or will it be too late?


5. The Story... Part Five...

My mum saw me and said "why don't you go and have fun in the snow?" I looked out of the window and saw the Irish boy with 4 other people. I got changed and snuck outside hoping that him and his friends wouldn't see me... But that failed... He through a snowball and it didn't hit his friends... It hit me. I stopped looked over and saw him coming he said "Hey, that snowball wasn't suppost to hit you. Do you wanna join me and my friends?" I said "OK if that's OK with them. I mean if it  isn't then i can just build a snowman..." He shouted "HEY THIS IS MY NEW NEIGHBOR IS IT ALRIGHT IF SHE JOINS?" They all shouted "YES" So he said "come on i'll introduce you to them" I smiled and followed him. He said "This is Liam, next to Liam you have Zayn, next to Zayn you have Harry and finally you have Louis. I don't think we have met properly my name is Niall" As soon as he was gonna say his name i was in my own world. It was his voice that made the butterflies in my tummy go crazy. Hours of snowball fights passed... Until Louis threw a snowball and it hit my side... my 'cancer' side... I collapsed and passed out...

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