Now Or Never

A girl called Melanie who is 18 years old has been diagnosed with cancer and she only has 5 days to live. Will she find her true love or will it be too late?


1. Diary...


I'm sat in maths not paying attention to the most strictest teacher EVER! I mean seriously why would he give someone a C4 for sneezing? This teacher better get fired soon. No one likes him... Anyway more about me. Well for starters my name is Melanie and i am 18 years old. I hate this school the only lesson i can look forward to is music. I don't have that til next week though :( it's depressing. Anyway i have I.T next so that should be better. I am ADDICTED to this diary seriously i love it. Time for a little story... Well it's kinda sad... And it's quite long... Here it goes...

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