Valentine For Life

Ali and Adrina are best friends. They go everywhere and do everything together. Both girls are single, so when Valentine's Day rolls around they decide to spend it with eachother, rather than with a date. But when the girls run into a very well known boy and his bestfriend, there's no telling what might happen.


4. They're With Us

February 14, 2013
Niall's POV            

We slid into the car and she sat behind behind me. That's when I realized I still hadn't asked her what her name was. "Sorry, I haven't properly introduced myself, I'm Niall." I said, feeling my voice shake. It was strange how nervous I was around this girl. She giggled. "Yeah," she said, then there was a pause. "Oh. I'm Adrina." she said. Wow, her name matched her perfectly. Gorgeous. I nodded and smiled.

Liam introduced himself and the other girl said her name was Ali. The rest of the ride we just had a laugh, introducing ourselves and talking about each other. Adrina would whisper the directions in my ear. That was throwing me right into the deep end. I swear she was perfect. I don't think this girl could have a single flaw. Well, to be mine at least. Which is what I loved about her. She had all these adorable quirks and that was making it impossible to not ask her out immediately.

But I knew I would have to talk about it with the boys first. When I fall for someone I fall hard and I fall fast, which can be bad sometimes. So I've learned to let the boys 'investigate the girl' if you will. When we got to the food shop we hopped out and the girls came in with us. We strolled the aisles looking for food that looked good. I saw a ton but knew that if I picked up everything I wanted I would have three carts full by now.

Liam grabbed a few things and I just grabbed a bag of crisps and a coke. We checked out and headed back to the car. I buckled my seat belt and started up the car, pulling out of the parking space. We talked some more then I realized, what were the girls going to do now? I took this as an opportunity to ask them over to the hotel. "So, what are you girls doing for the rest of the day?" I asked them, praying for them to want to come with us.

Adrina said they weren't really doing anything for the rest of the day. I knew exactly what they would be doing though.

Adrina's POV 

Niall asked what we were doing today and that's when I started to get worked up again. I was hoping he'd ask us to come back with them. I told him we weren't doing anything and Liam jumped in. "Why don't you come back with us?" he said, he sounded giddy and I had a feeling he liked Ali. I knew she liked him and I could tell that somehthing was going to happen there. And I felt really happy for her. But Niall, him I had trouble reading. At times it seemed like he liked me but when Liam asked if we would hang out with them it seemed like Niall had just brought it up for Liam to take the opportunity. I just didn't know.

Ali agreed to go back to the hotel with them and that made Liam very happy. So we drove back to their hotel and carried the bags up to Louis' room. Niall texted the Harry and he said they were all in Louis' room so we brought the food there. When we got up to the fourth floor Paul was there standing next to the elevator. He saw us and stopped us. 

"Boys, who are these girls?" he said to them, with a very serious look on his face. Niall smirked. "Don't worry Paul, they're with us." he said grabbing my hand and leading us past Paul. I couldn't believe this, he was holding my hand. When we got to the door he rubbed the back of my hand with his thumb and looked right in my eyes. Then he dropped my hand and opened the door. "Hey boys!" he yelled and they all looked up from the TV. That's when the boys smirked and looked at Niall and Liam. I just giggled.

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