Valentine For Life

Ali and Adrina are best friends. They go everywhere and do everything together. Both girls are single, so when Valentine's Day rolls around they decide to spend it with eachother, rather than with a date. But when the girls run into a very well known boy and his bestfriend, there's no telling what might happen.


1. Boyfriends and Besties

February 13, 2013
Adrina's POV          

The day before Valentine's Day is always so much fun. The excitement, wondering who might get you a gift or a card. Who will ask you to be their Valentine. It's all so riveting. Unless you are forever single and spend all your time obsessing over other people's boyfriends.

For example, me and my best friends Ali and Kris. Except Kris doesn't even count because she's with Matt. So at lunch we sit and listen to her go on and on about Matt. Not that he's a bad guy but it's annoying to hear about him all the time.

So Ali and I act like the good friends and listen to every word. And most of the conversation is pretty exciting. How Matt has this great day planned for tomorrow and he can't wait to surprise her. It's definetly a cause for anxiety.

(The good kind of anxiety. Not the kind that can make you sick.)

February 13, 2013
Adrina's POV          

As we walk out of school, Ali take out her cell and starts planning our Bestie Day for tomorrow. It's obvious we don't have dates so we plan on being eachother's Valentines.

We get about half way into the courtyard when Matt comes up behind us and puts his arm around Kris.

"Hello girls. How are you all?" he asks as he pecks her on the cheek. He is so sweet to us. Unlike some girls boyfriends who just completely freeze out their girlfriend's friends. Ali and I smile and say we're great. Matt nods and smiles back.

"Excellent!" he says. Then our little group splits up. Matt and Kris head off toward his house and Ali and I head to mine. "You take good care of her tomorrow, Matt!" Ali yells as they walk away.

"No problem!" Matt yells back, giving us a thumbs up.

When we get to my house we crash in my room and I turn on my ipod speakers. Ali scrolls through my playlists until she finds our favorite. She clicks a few buttons and within seconds One Direction is playing through the speakers.

Later, around 5:30pm, we walk to Ali's house and grab some of her stuff so she can stay the night at my place. When we get back my mom has dinner on the table. "You girls need to come eat. I've had dinner ready for 15 minutes." she says, mock angrily. She acts like she gets mad at us for little things like this but we know she's just trying to 'keep us in line'. Ali's been my best friend since we were 13. So my mother basically considers her a second child.

(Well, next to my younger sister.)

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