Promise (1SHOT41D)

It's Valentines Day and Lara Dench is all alone. Having her boyfriend break up with her a few weeks ago and her best friend Louis Tomlinson, not speaking to her, it is one of the most miserable days ever. But what happens when she trips up on not only one thing, but two things...


1. Promise

This is my story for the 1SHOT41D competion!!! Hope you guys like it!!! :)


2 Weeks Before Valentines Day

Lara's POV

"I thought he loved me Lou, he said he did but he didn't..." I cried into the phone. I was talking to Louis about Jake who had just broken my heart. Yes, THE Louis Tomlinson. "Ssh, ssh, it will be ok Lara, it will be ok. He's stupid to let you go," Louis hushed over the phone. "I'm not sure Louis, I really loved him and I don't know what I am going to do, I'm going to be alone for Valentines Day and I will just sit there by myself an-" "Lara, I promise everything will be ok and you won't be alone," Louis said softly.

I felt a tear slip down my cheek," I don't know Louis. I guess I am just not ready for love or something. I think I will just get heartbroken again..." I trailed off at the end. "Lara I have to go but I promise you, you won't be alone and you are ready for love. Don't make one idiot ruin your life, he's not worth it," Louis said. I sighed," ok, bye Louis." "Bye Lara," and the call ended.

2 Weeks Later - Valentines Day

I groaned as I crawled out of bed, lumbering to the bathroom and staring at myself in the mirror. Ugh, I looked horrible. The last two weeks had been... Let's just say, not the best of my life. I hadn't heard from Louis since the phone call and I really missed him. He was my best friend and we called each other every day or at least we used to.

I got dressed into some random jeans and a top, then stalked into my sitting room and collapsing down onto my sofa. I picked up a random magazine and flicked through the pages. Justin Bieber breaks up with Selena Gomes - Kim Kardashian is preggers - Louis Tomlinson new love?

What the? Louis never told me about this? I flicked to the page and saw Louis smiling at a girl who was grinning at him. What was this? I felt my heart stop in the moment. Why was I feeling like I should be that girl? I was his best friend, not some fangirling girl who dreamt of dating him. I had to stop... NOW!

Few Hours Later

Feeling miserable and down, I realized that I had to get out and get some fresh air. I needed to stop mourning about Jake, nothing was going to change. I put my light blue jeans, flowery top and heeled boots. I then put my black Zara coat on top and grabbed my bag, then headed out.

I walked down the street deciding to go to Starbucks seeing as it was close by. I looked down at the floor. It was starting to rain. It was if the weather was mirroring my feelings.

Suddenly, I felt myself trip over and I saw the pavement come closer and closer. Just as I was about to land, I felt two strong arms catch me. "Careful there love," chuckled a familiar voice. He pulled me up and I turned to face him.


Louis POV

I recognised her immediately. Even though she had her back to me, I knew it was her instantly. Lara.

I pulled her up to me and faced her. Her eyes lit up when she saw mine and I knew that I was grinning like a fool. "Louis?" she asked softly. "Hey Lara," I said. I hadn't seen her in months, I had missed her so much.

There was silence, just us staring at each other. She was so beautiful. I knew that she was my best friend but I liked her much more...

She blushed and looked down. "What are you doing here?" she asked, almost a whisper. "Um, well I sort of... Um, well I came to find you because..." I stammered. God, why was I so nervous? I had asked girls on dates before and I hardly knew them so why was this so hard?

"Because...?!" she asked, chuckling. "Because, I need to take you somewhere," I said finally. She raised her eyebrow," Lou, I thought you were on tour?" "Yeah, well, um, it came to England," I said nervously, looking at the ground.

There was another silence. "So will you come?" I asked, looking up at her. "Sure," she chirped. I felt a grin etch every part of my face, I was ecstatic!

"Come on," I said reaching out and grabbing her hand. She had no idea what was going to happen tonight. It was going to be the best Valentines ever.

Lara's POV

Louis took me to his car and opened the door for me," still a gentlemen I see." He laughed," of course, for me lady." We drove off and we arrived at a random street. I didn't even recognise where we were," um, Lou. Where are we?" He chuckled and said," you will find out later but first, you have to wear this," and he brought out a blindfold.

"Lou, what the hell? Where are you taking me?" I asked, laughing as he tied it around my head. "It's a surprise," I could tell he was grinning. I loved his smile, it was s- STOP. He had a girlfriend or someone. I couldn't have a crush on him because he didn't feel the same way.

Louis took my hand and we started talking. We caught up on each others lives as we hadn't seen each other for months. I didn't ask him about his girlfriend, everything was going well and I didn't want to ruin it.

Distantly I heard lots of screaming and shouting. It came closer and closer. My grip tightened onto Louis hand and I heard him laugh," don't worry Lara, everything is fine, I promise." "That's what you always say but I don't think it's true," I grumbled.

I heard lots of talking and then someone let us through a door... I'm guessing. The screaming was even louder and I thought my ears were going to fall off... Literally.

"Ok, Lara, I have to go now but I will see you in a minute. Georgie has you," said Lou kissing me on the cheek. I just nodded, hardly able to speak as the butterflies were swirling round me as he kissed me. I felt an unfamiliar hand take my arm and lead me on.

"I LOVE YOU ONE DIRECTION!" someone shouted. What? Where were we? I was so confused. "Here we go," said someone, presumbly Georgie and my blindfold was taken off to reveal a massive stage with 5 boys running out. These 5 boys were none other then One Direction. I felt a massive grin spread across my face. I had never been to one of their concerts even though I was Lou's best friend, he was just so busy.

1 Hour Later

The concert was amazing! I was having the time of my life. Georgie and I got on really well and I was suspicious that she was Lou's girlfriend. She looked a lot like her but I decided to not think about it and enjoy the show.

Truly, Madly, Deeply started playing - my favourite song by 1 D. Everyone stopped jumping up and down and swayed to the music. Suddenly, I felt Louis eyes connect with mine and he motioned me to come on stage. What the? This was a concert.

I felt someone grab me by the waist and pushed me up. What was happening to me? I felt butterflies as Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "Hey love," he whisperd. "Um, hi Lou. What the hell are you doing by the way?" I asked. He just laughed and then started staring into my eyes. His melodic voice singing the verse. I felt myself fall for him at that very moment.

Suddenly, time stopped and all I could see was Louis. His face came closer and closer to mine, his breath tickling my face. "I promised you wouldn't be alone," he whispered and then his lips came crashing down onto mine. I felt fireworks explode through every part of my body. It was the best feeling ever.

We broke apart and everyone was cheering. Oh my god! I couldn't believe that had just happened but didn't he have a girlfriend? "Um Lou, don't you have a girlfriend or something?" I asked, trying not to ruin the moment. "Nope, just rumours. The only girl I have my eyes on is you," he said and kissed me again.

"I love you Lara," he said, looking deeply into my eyes. "I love you too Louis."


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