<3 Valentines Day <3 ONE SHOT!

Serenity always hated valentines day.

The number one reason?

She has never EVER had a valentine , no one to call her's.

Well after taking a walk to think and well cry she bumps into a certain British curly headed boy!


1. <3 LOVE <3

UGGGH no not valentines day again!

Great another day of listening to 1D and eating ice cream.

I looked at the calender and saw valentines day was tomorrow.

Well might as well go get the ice cream now.

I slipped on my coat and walked outside.

The winter cold nipped at me hands as I walked to the park.

I always go to the park before getting the ice cream.

I put my headphones in and turned up One Direction Truly , Madly , Deeply.



Am I asleep, am I awake, or somewhere in between? I can’t believe that you are here and lying next to me Or did I dream that we were perfectly entwined? Like branches on a tree, or twigs caught on a vine?   Like all those days and weeks and months I tried to steal a kiss And all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I pictured this, I’m just the underdog who finally got the girl And I am not ashamed to tell it to the world   Truly, madly, deeply, I am Foolishly, completely falling And somehow you kicked all my walls in So baby, say you’ll always keep me Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you In love with you.........  


OUCH!!! I guess while I wasn't paying attention I bumped into something.

  As I looked up I find a guy but I couldn't get a really good look at him under the glasses and hoodie.  

Me-Oh sorry I wasn't paying attention.  

Guy-Thats alright love.  

Wait a minute I live in america in florida and this guys voice is quite familiar.  

Me-Umm do I know you cause your voice is awfully familiar.  

He chuckled.  

Guy-Can you promise not to scream?  

I nodded and watched as he took off the hoodie to reveal a mop of curly hair and took off his glasses to reveal sparkling green eyes.  

It was Harry Styles!  

Me-Omg you but when did you uggg.  

Harry-Why am I here and what am I doing?  

I nodded and smiled.  

Harry-*Chuckles* Well Me and the boys have a concert tonight and well I needed a break to clear my mind and here I am.  

Me-Wow , its really honestly great to meet you i'm a really big fan.  

He smiled an pulled me into a hug.  

Harry-Always great to meet a fan , but were you crying?  

Me-Oh that its nothing , i'm probably wasting your time.  

Harry-NONSENSE , now whats wrong?  

Me-*Sighs* Well every valentines is always the same for me , I was dumped on valentines day and well ever sense then I've cried every time it comes around.   

I started to tear up once again in till he wrapped me into another hug.  

Harry-Shhh love its ok , look at me im single and well taylor dumped me a few days ago so im alone for valentines day too.  

I looked up at him and smiled.  

Harry-Here *Hands her tickets* How about tomorrow you come to the concert and come see me and the boys back stage.  

Me-Oh I would love to!  

He smiled.  

Harry-Here give me your phone.  

I looked at him weird before handing over my phone.  

He typed in something before typing into his phone as well.  

Harry-*Hands phone back* There , just please don't send my number out to everyone in the world.  

I looked an saw he stored his number under  My Cupcake.  

Me-*Giggles* Love the screen name you put yourself.  

Harry-*Chuckles* I put you under My Baby see.  

Sure enough there was my number and the name was my baby.  

I started to blush and smiled.  

Me-Aw thanks harry.  

Harry-No problem well see you tomorrow babe.  

He kissed me on the cheek before we went our separate ways.  

(LATER THAT NIGHT)   Ok its been a good 3 hours sense we last spoken , I guess ill call him now.  

I clicked his number and waited.  

Harry-Hello love!   I heard screaming and crashing in the background followed by laughing.  

Me-Wow whats going on there?  

Harry-*Laughs* Well louis tried to answer my phone and well I pushed him down and grabbed it.  


Louis-*In the background* HEY stop laughing that really hurt!  

That only made me laugh harder.  

Harry-Get out of my room louis , LIAM tell louis to get out.  


I started laughing even harder.  

Harry-HEYYYY GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I tried to hold in my laughs but it wasn't working.  

Harry-Hey sorry about that , Vas Happenin?  

Me-*Giggles* Nothing much just laying in my bed talking to harry styles.  

Harry-OMG TELL HIM I SAID HI!!!!!!!!!!  

I literally fell off my bed laughing so hard at his girly impression.  

Harry-*Laughs* did you just fall off your bed cause I heard a thump.  

Me-*Still laughing* YUP!  

He laughed at me.  

Me-So what are you doing now.  

Harry-Well talking to a gorgeous girl.  

I blushed.  

Me-Thanks harry.  

We talked till like 4:00 am intill he sang to me making me fall asleep.  

But before I fell asleep I heard him stop and say.  

I love you.  



Harry gave me a shout out and even grabbed my hand in the middle of the concert.  

Now here I am being lead by security to the back to see the boys and harry.  

I could already hear laughing.  

Paul-Here you are mam.  

Me-Thanks paul.  

He smiled before walking away.  

I opened the door and saw harry standing there smiling along with zayn , louis , niall ,and liam.  



He gave me a hug.  

Louis-SO this is the lovely serenity.  

I pulled away from harry and hugged all the boys.  

Me-Its so awesome to meet you all!  

They grabbed me into a group hug squeezing my guts out.  

Niall-I love your name.  

Zayn-Same here!  

Liam-Um guys I think we are squishing her!  

They all pulled away letting me breath again.  

Harry-Now boys we will be back soon.  

Me-Wait what where are we going?  

Harry-You'll see.  

He put a blind fold over my eyes.  

I brought me out side and we walked to somewhere.  

Finally we stopped and he took off the blindfold.  

It was the park and there was a cute picnic layed out.  

Me-Oh my god , harry did you......  

Harry-Come on love!  

We ate and chatted all night long under the moon light.  

Harry-Serenity , umm I know this is a little soon but would you like to be my girlfriend?  

Me-Hmm I don't know?  

His face dropped.  

Me-Oh dear lord harry i'm kidding I would love too!  

His eyes sparkled and he then pulled me into a big long and passionate kiss.  

He mumbled against my lips.   Harry-I LOVE YOU SERENITY AND YOUR MY VALENTINE!!  

Me-I LOVE YOU TOO HARRY!!!!!!!!!!             

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