Hannah and Niall are newly engaged and getting married soon. It's so difficult when you know someone is the one and you always have to leave them. Between Hannah's modeling and Niall being in the band they're always traveling and to Hannah it seems like they're growing distant. Can the reignite that flame with their sparks? Or will they have to find some other outcome?


6. What is this?

"Harry!" I said pushing him away with all of my might, "I'm sorry" he responded looking down at his feet and pouting, "Oh no no Harry I'm sorry" I said pulling his face back up to meet mine "I I just really appreciated all your help and I miss your lips." Harry said the last part very quietly. He missed my lips, but what he didn't know and what I didn't want to admit to was that I missed his. The few kisses we shared were fantastic and he had a way of making me miss him. "I miss yours too" I let the words tumble out of my mouth with out knowing what I had just said. "Really?" he asked me grabbing my hands a smile returning to his face. "Yea...I mean I I don't know" I said starting to cry "What is this Harry?! What's going on?" I asked now tears willingly falling "What do you mean love?" he asked pulling me into his chest "Why do I feel like this? What's going on?" I sobbed into his chest most likely soaking his shirt. "I don't know Hannah but maybe we just need to explore it a bit more?" "But Harry I love Niall..." I said softly "And I love Kylah but we wont know what this is until we explore it more." I squeezed him tightly burring my face into his chest "Help Harry" I cried "It's fine shh" Harry said rubbing my back and running his fingers through my hair. "We can get through this together I promise" I laid back onto the bed Harry following me and wrapping me in his arms. I looked at his arms and all the tattoos on them, Niall didn't have any tattoos which upset me a bit because I really liked tattoos in fact I want one. "Harry" I said softly tracing his heart tattoo "Yea hun?" he responded giving me a kiss on my head "I like your tattoos" I said "I've always had a soft spot for tattoos" I smiled "Really? Well have you seen all of mine?" I shook my head and he grinned and then sat up "Wait don't leave" I responded quickly grabbing his hand, his eyes traveled down to our hands and then to my chest "Oh god" I said grabbing the blanket and pulling it up over my head. "Oh don't freak beautiful" he said pulling it away from my face "I've seen a few boobs in my lifetime" I giggled and then pulled my face out "Here" he said taking his shirt off and then handing it to me. I looked from the shirt to his face several times before smiling "You put it on" he said laughing I giggled and then snatched the shirt putting it over my head. "Thanks" I said giving his a kiss on the cheek. "So back to tattoos" Harry said laying back down on his side facing me. "Yea hey I like these birds too" I said putting one of my hands on his chest and then tracing the bird, Harry placed his hand over mine and then smiled "I like em' too" he said not really meaning the birds but more so me. "Nananas?" he questioned "Yea Harry" I said still looking at the various tattoos "Can I tell you something that you can't tell anyone?" "Yea anything Harry" I said now looking up to his face "You are everything that I would ever look for in a wife." my jaw dropped open "Wha-What about Ky-Kylah?" I stuttered "Well she has the qualities and she is amazing but seeing how you treat Niall and how you treat Darcy is nothing how Kylah treats me and Darcy." he said. "Oh" I responded laying onto the pillow. "Do you mind if I just sleep for a bit." I asked "No no not at all go right ahead love" he said I nodded and then snuggled up to him. All this was happening too quickly and too sudden, and Harry brought out things that I didn't even know where in me but still I love Niall with all my heart and while Harry has a small piece of it Niall has the whole thing. Either way I had to figure out what I felt for Harry if there was even anything.


Harry's P.O.V

I have no idea what just happened but I couldn't tell Hannah that Kylah and I were talking about divorce and not really working anything out. For some reason I always knew it was Hannah, the way we connected and she has this glow, this light that goes about her. I looked down to the beautiful girl beside me and she wiggled then moved her head onto my chest her hand spreading out and hooking around my arm. She had an effortless beauty about her, even with the sex hair and no make up on. She was cold her skin soft but chilling I pulled the duvet covers up over her shoulders in attempt to keep her warm. With my one free arm I picked up the telly remote from the bed side table and turned the t.v on, I changed the channel to the show in which Kylah would be showing up on. I felt Hannah squeeze my arm and then loosen it again mumbling something. I turned my head back to the telly and then leaned my head back against the bed rest. 'So Kylah how is being a superstar family turning out for you is it everything you wanted?' the red headed woman asked her, Kylah took a deep breath before releasing, 'No it's nothing like I expected but when is anything what you expected?' the crowd laughed and then Kylah sighed 'It's scary sometimes neither me nor Harry is with Darcy in fact it's usually Hannah, my best friend she is always with Darcy...Harry and the boys touring he can't really take her for that long and me going on tour and making my next album I won't be able to keep an eye on you could say a lot of what I wish would happen isn't and it's all coming crashing down around me.' 'So are you and Harry trying to work things out?' Kylah shuffled in her seat and crossed her legs 'Yea we're trying...I love him I always have and we just have to find a balance.' I looked down to Hannah sound asleep her mouth slightly parted as short breaths escaped her lips. Even though her mouth was open her face still expressed the emotions of happiness. Kylah and I were trying to work everything out, but she was super clingy sort of like a fan but a fan that I loved. She always wanted to know where I was who I was with what I was doing. And when we were together she was always acting flirty and touching me. I know it made people uncomfortable and so I would try to pry her off gently but it was no use. Louis and Hannah especially would tell me that it made everyone uncomfortable. The one day when I realized it was enough was when Emile told me that she didn't want to be around Kylah and I because we made her uncomfortable. It broke my heart my niece was uncomfortable around me. That killed me. That's when I broke I talked to Kylah and we completely blew up at each other, and since then it's been down hill.


Hannah's P.O.V

I woke up still in Harry’s arms which cause a smile to grow on my face. “Morning beautiful” Harry said brushing a piece of hair behind my ear, I yawned and then suddenly sprung up “Where is Niall?” I asked confused “Don’t worry he is out with Liam today” Harry responded pulling me back into the bed. I let out a deep sigh and crumbled back into his chest “So a little while ago you were talking about tattoos” Harry said circling my arm “Yea, I want to get one” I said smiling up at him “Would you like to go today?” he asked. “What about Kylah?” I asked looking down to my nails “Oh she is out doing an interview” I nodded my head still picking at my nails “Dar-“ “Stop worrying and go get ready” He said pushing me out of the bed. I ran to the bathroom and quickly showered, then put my hair up in a messy bun and wrapped a towel around myself walking into my bedroom. I walked to the dresser and picked out some light blue ripped shorts and a pink floral tube top, I dropped my towel and then put on my under garments and then my clothes over it. “Cute” Harry said from behind me, I slowly turned and I’m pretty sure all color was drained from my face “You saw me?” I asked and he nodded grinning. “Why are girls so self-conscious you’re all beautiful” Harry asked standing up and then grabbing his shirt from the towel rack in the bathroom. “Well thanks I feel somewhat special now Haz!” I said giggling “Shut up and let’s go” he said putting his shirt on then proceeding to pull me out the door and to his car. The car ride was silent only the lingering music to fill the silence, it wasn’t a bad silence but just silent. When we got to the tattoo place my nerves kicked in and my tummy tossed. "I'm scared" I said before we got out of the bed, "It will be fine Nananas" Harry said and then got out of the car, he came and helped me out and then took my hand in his and we walked down the street to the tattoo place. "Hey Frank" Harry said as he walked through the door, "Oh hey...who is this?" he asked eyeing me "Taken" is all Harry said I giggled and then let go of Harry's hand "I'm Hannah" I said smiling and sticking my hand out "Frank" he said shaking my hand. "So another tattoo for you Harry?" Frank asked pulling out a book "No her" he said and smiled at me. I nodded and then pulled out the picture of the silhouette of birds in the middle saying 'let it be', Frank smiled and then looked at me up and down "Where are you getting it?"  Frank asked I cuddled up to Harry and he put his arm around me "Right here" I said pointing to the side of my left thigh. Harry's eyes widened and then I smiled "Yup that's where" I reassured myself "Just let me get it prepared and we can get going" I nodded and then Frank took the pictures and left Harry led me to the chair in a room and I sat down. "Guess what Harry" I said bouncing a bit "What love?" "I really don't like needles so you'll have to distract me." I said trying not to smile "Sound's easy" Harry said standing up and then moving next to me. "Okay here it is" Frank said walking in and showing me and Harry the template I clapped my hands and smiled "PERFECT" I screeched "Shhh babe" Harry said running his fingers over my back."Sorry" I whispered causing both of them to laugh. I laid out on my back and pulled up my shorts looking at Harry uncomfortably but he was glaring at Frank making sure he didn't sneak a peak at anything. 

"This is just going to be cold" he said and then sure enough I got a chill and I squeezed Harry "It's just alcohol" Harry said laughing "I know but just look at me okay I can't think about it." I said looking up and Harry. Harry laughed then knelt down so he was eye level with me "I'll be right here Nananas" he said and kissed my nose. "Okay" Frank said and then Harry nodded and his eyes fell onto me. "Just look at me and we can talk if you want to?" Harry said and then the pain hit me I screamed and then shoved my lip into my mouth so that I would stop causing Harry to burst into laughter "SHUT UP!" I yelled and then brought his hand to my mouth and bit on my own hand still holding Harry's. "It's fine baby, see how many I have I've got though a lot of these and I survived" I smiled but bit down harder "God damn" I said in a groan. "Don't worry he had already done the outlines see" "Nope not looking" I said shaking my head causing Frank to laugh then he got serious and began again. "Harry how the hell?" I asked but he smiled "I think of the good things." Harry said smiling, I closed my eyes and then thought about Niall and Harry and how much they meant to me and then how much Darcy meant to me. She was like my daughter and one day I would be here with her and she will be getting a tattoo jesus a tattoo on my little Darcy! "Done" Frank said and then I opened my eyes and Harry was out of my sight. I turned my head and saw the perfection that was now on my leg, "It's really cool Hannah" Harry said tilting his head and moving closer to look at the tattoo. "I love it" I said and smiled looking at the tattoo.

When we got back to Niall and I's flat I gently sat on the couch next to Harry, he put his arm around me and then kissed my forehead "It really is super cool" he said putting his hand on my leg. I heard the key jiggling in the door and I freaked I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it over my legs and one of Harry's. Harry removed his arm and scooted about an inch away and sat criss-cross in front of me as if we were having a normal friend chat. "Hey mate" Harry said as Niall walked in, he gave me a funny look and then shrugged "Hey Harry" he said walking into the kitchen and grabbing a sandwich. "Hey babe" I said smiling "Oh I didn't see you lovely" Niall said smiling then coming over and kissing my head where Harry and previously left a kiss. "How was you're guy's day today?" "Good all though I missed my princess" he said walking around the couch and sitting behind me wrapping his legs around me. "Ouch" I said softly and grabbed around my leg "What?" Niall asked confused and then tried to lift the blanket, I looked at Harry and he shrugged "What's wrong?" Niall asked looking from me to Harry, "I um...we....Harry took me to get a ta-tattoo" I said nervously removing the blanket and standing up, "A what?" Niall asked shocked as he looked at the ink marking me tanned skin. "Tat-" "I know but what?...Why wouldn't you take me with you? I would want to be there?" Niall sounded hurt so I turned and gently placed myself on his lap "Well I was looking at all of Harry's tattoos and I really liked his birds...ya know the ones on his chest" "Yea I know" he said annoyed "Well he inspired me to get some and I've always wanted a tattoo so it was just a spur of the moment...I promise my next one we can go together." Niall nodded and then grabbed my face and kissed me. "I love you beautiful" Niall said I turned and smiled at Harry "Oh...Kylah is probably looking for me" he said getting up and then gave me a peck on the cheek and left. "What was that?' Niall asked confused as to why Harry kissed me. "Just a friendly thing we got going on" he nodded but I knew he either didn't beilve it or barley believed  it.


A/N: I'm sorry for all the confusion the last chapters were not supposed to be published... but now this one is! I actually like this chapter a lot it feels real to me a bit. HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT! Keep pressing the favorite and like button!

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