Hannah and Niall are newly engaged and getting married soon. It's so difficult when you know someone is the one and you always have to leave them. Between Hannah's modeling and Niall being in the band they're always traveling and to Hannah it seems like they're growing distant. Can the reignite that flame with their sparks? Or will they have to find some other outcome?


12. Performance ready.

The fans all wanted to know what had happened and they just kept spit firing things at me. Questions. Comments. Everything. Lou kept telling them that I did the right thing and they should appreciate what they have. When we got into the room they made sure that it was empty of fans. Before we went in Lou straightened me up and smiled "Pretend it didn't happen alright. Because either way you've done the right thing." I nodded my head and then I went in. 

"Sorry to stop the the meet and greet for a minute I just need to talk to Niall." I said calmly and smiled. Niall looked at me confused and then he took my hand and we went into a back room of the meet and greet room. Right as I heard the door click closed I started crying, and Niall wrapped me up in his arms.

"What happened Princess?" he asked me rubbing my back. 

"Have you not seen the videos?" I asked and then realized that he obviously hasn't "Nevermind. So I went outside to be nice and meet some fans and then get their twitter names to follow them. And that one girl Nicole the one you got the candy from I picked her to come and meet me and she went off about me and how amazing I am and then she said one of the reasons she came tonight was to meet me. And then the crowd booed her so I went off on them and told them that they should appreciate what they have. And I just broke. I'm not good enough for them. They only wanted you. I'm never good enough Niall." I cried into his shoulder and couldn't manage to catch my breath. "They are so utterly mean sometimes." he hugged me tighter and rubbed my back.

"All I can tell you is that you did the right thing. And hey you earned a chance to meet a fan out of it and show the fans how genuine you are and that's one of the reasons I fell in love with you alright." I nodded my head and then Niall wiped my tears and kissed me softly. "I love you and really isn't that all that matters?" I nodded my head and hugged him again. "Now you're alright and you're going to stay in here okay? I trust the fans more if I'm around when you meet them." He dried my face with his shirt and then we both came out. Harry handed Niall a clean shirt and then I apologized for messing it up. Harry gave me a hug and then a kiss on the head.

"That door is thin babe...I'm sorry you had to do that." I smiled and hugged him tighter. "If I was there we all know that it wouldn't have gone down as nicely." he winked at me and then hugged me again. I walked back over to my counter top and sat up on it. I pulled out my phone and decided to go on twitter since I hardly ever go on twitter now. 

'@HannahSparkles: Guys I'm sorry about lashing out. I just don't like bullying and I'm really against it! Sorry we still love you all! :)'

'@HannahSparkles: Also to all the fans I met Thanks for being so loyal and supportive! You're the ones the wives love ;)'

I heard all the boys' phones go off and I smiled at them. They all get notifications from me awh. The fans all came and got their pictures and then some wanted to know what happened because they didn't know either. One even came and apologized on behalf of the fandom. After the meet and greet the boys went back into a room where Lou was going to be getting their hair done and fun stuff like that. I sat on Niall's lap as he got his hair done, it was quite funny to watch his hair get all quiffed up.

"Niall look at me!" Lou said for the 100th time, I turned Niall's face to Lou so she could blow dry it. "Harry are you taking a vine?" I asked noticing his phone was up. He chuckled and then nodded. I rolled my eyes and then Niall looked back at me.

"Niall you dummy look at Lou." I said and turned his head again, Lou laughed and then smiled at me.

"We know who wears the pants in this relationship." she said and then started to gel it. I smirked and Niall's eyes traveled to me and he glared at me. Once Niall was done he picked me up and then carried me to the couch and we sat down. Harry shoved his phone is our face and then I took a minute to see what it was he was showing us and then I realized that he was showing me the vine. He labeled it as 'The two love birds' and it was basically me sitting on Niall's lap and him playing with my hair and then me telling Niall to look at Lou and then him carrying me. 

"Thanks Harry." I said and rolled my eyes. Niall cuddled me and then he smiled and gave me a short kiss. "I should probably put real pants on." I said and then got up. Niall followed me like a little puppy out to the buses and then he helped me pick out an outfit. Which he chose his muscle tee shirt that had a picture of some band on it. He then proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't wear shorts and I should wear jeans so he picked out some high-waisted flare jeans and then I wore a pair of white vans and I put my hair up in a rather messy bun, I had to use some bobby pins but that's alright Lou has an endless supply. 

"Doesn't my wife look rather adorable tonight." Niall said and then hugged me. I blushed and Niall took my hand and pulled me back out and into the arena. He had Harry take a picture of us and then he posted it on twitter and instagram. "You're staying backstage with the boys tonight." Niall said and hugged me. It was cool that the 5 seconds of summer boys were tour with them again because I know 4ish years ago they got really close. As the boys performed I was happily holding Niall's hand and singing along. Eventually the boys came off and I gave them all hugs and told them they did really well. Then Niall had to go, "I love you Hannah cheer for me loud alright." he gave me and kiss and then he was whisked away. 

I watched curiously on as Niall was positioned on a little runway thing where he was going to be coming out of and then the rest of the boys had their own places too. I looked around and noticed that I was basically alone. The boys came out and then sang their opening songs and then Liam and Zayn talked a bit. I walked around to the second stage and sat with the sound crew so I wasn't so alone. I waved and then went and sat on the floor in front of the sound team but between the second stage. I sat down and just listened to them sing and all the girls screaming. I laid back on my arms and closed my eyes just listening. "Wait wait. I have this poster that a fan made guys it's really neat." Niall's voice said.

"Whoa man that is a nice sign. Who made it?" Louis asked I assume he was looking at it.

"A girl named Nicole who is really nice and bought some jelly beans for Hannah too." Niall responded "Nicole where are you sitting?" he asked and then the loudest scream ever erupted from behind the sound team and I sat up to look and low and behold it was Nicole shouting and jumping up and down. "Thank you Nicole such a sweetheart!" Niall said and then held down the poster. 

"Wait wait mate read it out for everyone." Harry said I'm assuming he picked the sign back up. 

"It says 'Hannah is beautiful and anyone who thinks otherwise has to go through me and Niall.' Which is 100% correct!" Niall shouted "And I just wanna say a huge thank you to our families and friends and wives for keeping us grounded and giving so much. We all love you." I smiled and then laid back closing my eyes again. The next thing I knew was that I was being carried somewhere. I fluttered my eyes open and saw Liam carrying me.

"Well nice to know you're not dead." he said smiling. I laughed a fake laugh and he smiled down to me, "I'm just saying I'm not sure how you could sleep through all that." I shook my head shock should be clearly written on my face.

"I slept through it?" I asked confused and he nodded, then the night Nashville air hit me and I shivered. Liam pulled me up closer to his chest so that I would stay some what warmer. "Thanks Li." I said and he nodded. The screaming girls were crazy it's like 1am and they're still here. Wow.

"GO HOME GET SOME SLEEP LADIES!" Liam yelled and then with one hand supporting me he waved.

"Should I be impressed that you just supported my fat ass with one hand?" I asked confused and he smirked. Next thing I knew he was laying me down in Niall's bunk.

"I'll see you when we get to Texas." he said and then covered me up and left. I took my my jeans off and then my shoes and threw them on the floor. 

"So am I the maid now?" Niall asked and then picked up the clothes I chucked and rolled over so I was facing out to the hallway. "It's just me and you and Praxx." Niall said and then climbed into the bed, I noticed that he shed his pants and just tucked them at the bottom of the bunk. "How are you feeling?" he asked and then rubbed my belly.

"Hungry...I haven't eaten really all day." I said and placed my hand over his. "I can't wait to start this family Niall." I whispered, no one knew about the pregnancy but the boys. I didn't want to tell anyone neither did Niall...not until we had to. Now the boys were a different story they all wanted the fans to know about their pregnancy's but Niall and I wanted it to be our pregnancy not the fans. Louis and Eleanor were the same way they didn't tell until she was 3 months along...but then again El wasn't with Louis that much during the pregnancy. 

"I will get you food in the morning but the bus has kinda shit food babe. As for the family aspect I can't wait. Thinking about a part of me being inside of you is just fantastic." I smiled and then cuddled up to him. "Night Beautiful" he whispered into my hair just before I fell asleep. 

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