Hannah and Niall are newly engaged and getting married soon. It's so difficult when you know someone is the one and you always have to leave them. Between Hannah's modeling and Niall being in the band they're always traveling and to Hannah it seems like they're growing distant. Can the reignite that flame with their sparks? Or will they have to find some other outcome?


4. Not the same

I flipped to the awards channel and then sat back as Darc slept on the arm of the couch. I shook her foot and she sprung to life "Hey hey, Daddy" I said and pointed to Harry and Kylah coming down the carpet with the rest of the boys. 'Here is the lovely One Direction and oh look what a treat their families' the interviewer said. I looked at Niall and he was visually upset Liam kept patting him on the back as everyone talked 'Niall where is your newly wed?' she asked 'home' he replied simply 'Well why didn't she come?' 'She um- she has been to a bunch of these and um' he struggled to find words and then sighed 'She let me come' Emile said from behind Louis 'That is so sweet I'm sure that you must be missing her' she said egging his emotions on. "Don't Niall hold it together" I said "Yea Ni" Darcy said smiling at me. I laughed but then saw Niall's face he was close to tears 'I miss her a lot and I'll be thinking about her a load tonight' he said with a small smile. Then there was a couple more questions but the whole time my eyes were fixed on Niall. He kept slightly smiling to the camera and as they left he winked. "Oh Niall you probably just killed billions of people's hearts" I said laughing and then Darcy pretended to die. I laughed and then played along "Oh Darc don't die on me" I said and picked her up shaking her. She sprung to life and shouted 'no worries' she got up and then went to the doll house in the corner and started playing. I sat back and then waited for them to perform and win anything that they might have won.


"Hey!" I said as everyone walked through the door. Emile plopped on the couch and then laid her head on the arm of it "Tired?" I asked and she nodded "How do you do it?" she asked and I laughed "I have someone to keep me up" I said and winked at her "Ew" she said and then closed her eyes. I stood up and then kissed Niall "You did amazing" I said and smile. "I missed you" he said and hugged me "I could tell Ni, you need to get better at hiding things." I said and kissed his nose "You stayed in your dress?" he asked "Yea I never got a chance to change I was too glued to the telly looking at my handsome husband looking upset" I said and frowned. "Hey he tried" Liam said and patted his back "We are going to be going home" Liam said "Nice seeing you congratz" I said and kissed his cheek. "Bye" I waved as they walked out the door. Louis and Eleanor plopped on the couch and fell asleep in each other's arms almost instantly. "Darcy is asleep" I said looking at Niall confused "Yea about that Kylah and Harry got into another fight and Harry will be here but no Kylah." I shook my head in disbelief and hugged Niall "If we fought I would never want you to leave me okay" I said into his ear then kissed his neck "I promise" I looked to Darcy asleep in the crib by the window, she liked to look at the lights outside. "I think I might go to bed Niall" I told him kissing his nose and then going into our bedroom. I took off my dress and reluctantly put it back in the wardrobe, walking over to the bed in a huff I threw myself under the covers. "I really wish that I had a child to take care of" I mumbled to myself thinking about my kids and then I would feel a connection with them rather than always babysitting everyone else's kids. I really wanted children I mean who doesn't...well a lot of people but I want one that's the point. "Hannah" Harry said knocking on my door "Um yea" Harry carefully crept into my room and sat on the side of the bed "Are you decent can we talk?" he asked really trying his best not to look at me "It depends what you call decent" I said laughing I uncovered myself and then walked over and grabbed Niall's tank top and put it on "Okay decent enough" I said when Harry's eyes connected to my body he was defiantly eyeing me really good looking at me up and down over and over again. "Okay Harry what is it" Harry snapped back to me and smiled "Oh well um I don't know if Kylah and I are truly right for each other we fight way too much" Harry said looking at his fingers and twiddling his thumbs.

"Harry have you thought about this you have a kid you can't really back out now" I said and raised my eye brow "Yea I don't know it's all hard having a child and both of us being singers and famous and the paps I just want a normal life. "Harry guess what" I said and grabbed his hands "Remember when Niall mysteriously disappeard" Harry nodded his head "Well that's because we took a few weeks off when we were having a tough time to go away and work some things out" Harry smiled and then hugged me "I think I get it" he said and then kissed my temple "Thank you Nanas he said and then left. I laughed and then crawled into bed and turned the light off. 


"Morning beautiful" Niall said and brought me in coffee and food well fruit "Thank you babe" I said and then gave him a small kiss. He sat next to me and laid his head back on the pillow "Lazy day?" I asked and smilied "Well" he said and smirked "God Niall just go play video games with Harry" I said and laughed "No well Harry is gone" I spit out the banana that was in my mouth a looked at him shocked "What?" Niall was laughing super hard and hitting the bed "Dude shut up" I said and then he smiled "Have I told you that your American accent is hot?" I laughed and nodded my head "Many times now where is Harry?" "Not sure said he was taking a few weeks off and going somewhere with his family" I smiled and shoveled more food into my mouth. "What about Louis?" I asked "Not awake yet but El is so is Emile" I nodded and then moved the plate off of my lap to the bed side table. "Well thank you for breakfast" I said and kissed him softly "I also love your kisses" I smiled and then gave him another kiss but longer "Go entertain our guests I'll be out soon" I said and then smiled "Okay" he said and nodded grabbing the plate and leaving. I drank my coffee while picking out some chill clothes and then walked into the bathroom and showered. I got out and then french braided my hair. I put on Niall's joggers and my grey v-neck then socks because I didn't really like feet that much they just grossed me out. I walked out and then folded my old clothes and threw them in the clothes bin. When I heard Niall yelling I knew he was playing Fifa or some shit like that. I sat next to El and she smiled "When are you going to have kids, Auntie?" Emile asked not taking her eyes off of the screen. I looked at El for some help but she shrugged "Well um I um don't know soon?" I said and shrugged looking at Eleanor, "That's not what Niall said" Emile said "He said that he wants kids soon like he said he would do you everyday if that helped" El looked completely shocked but giggled and then got serious while Niall let out a small laugh "He told you that?" I asked looking at him "Yea he said that when I was old enough he would tell me what he meant" I laughed "Oh did he" I said and raised my eyebrow "El maybe you need to go talk to Emile for a minuet" I said and looked at her "What I didn't do anything" Eleanor ignored her and pulled her back to the room. I walked in front of the t.v and smiled "What are you doing telling a 3 year old that you wanted to do me everyday?" I asked and Niall laughed "Hey I do" "Niall you can't do that...tell her these things who knows she might repete them in school" Niall laughed "Can we please just drop it" he said trying to see around me. "Fine, but you owe me" I said and kissed his cheek "Thank you" he said and then Eleanor came out with Louis and Emile "We need to go, I forgot we had family pictures" I laughed and then nodded "Have fun" I told her as she rushed out the door. 

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