Hannah and Niall are newly engaged and getting married soon. It's so difficult when you know someone is the one and you always have to leave them. Between Hannah's modeling and Niall being in the band they're always traveling and to Hannah it seems like they're growing distant. Can the reignite that flame with their sparks? Or will they have to find some other outcome?


11. Meet and greet mishaps

When I walk up to my bunk I slowly open the curtain and see Harry and Hannah cuddled up. "Hey mate are you here to lay with her?" he asks looking at her not even bothering to find out who it was he was talking to.

"Yea..she's my wife. Why are you here?" I asked a bit angered but trying to stay quiet as to not awake her because I knew how much she really needed sleep.

"I came to see how she was doing and she asked me not to let her be alone I stayed don't worry nothing happened. She just felt alone and told me that she is afraid of being alone." I nodded my head realizing I had left her alone. "Don't worry mate she is fine just come take my place and don't let her wake up alone." he say carefully getting up.

"Thanks Harry." I say as he leaves the bus, I crawl under the covers and then wrap my arm around her pulling her to my chest and then resting my hand on her belly, which now was holding our child. She russles around and then settles against me and goes back to sleep. It scares me what happened today...I can't help but feel like I forced her to that place leaving her alone all the time. We invited her but she never wanted to go with us. Now I regret never staying with her, what if she felt like I was choosing the boys over her...I wouldn't but it could easily look like that. If I had to watch the love of my life jump and her kill herself because she felt alone, would absolutely kill me. In fact it did I was so scared she was going to jump, not only would the whole crew watch her die but the boys would and all the band everyone.

Suddenly Liam came up behind us and then knelt down, I turned my head to look at him and he smiled at me "We have to go on for sound check and then the meet and greet Niall...what are you going to do?" 

I shook my head and then looked at him wanting some form of answer from him. "Can she come with?" I asked rubbing her back as I looked at Liam's body motions.

"I think that would be best if she did come but stayed out of sight." I nodded my head and then looked at Liam and he stood up "I'll leave you to it then." he responded and then left.

I rolled my head back over to kiss the back of her neck "Princess." I whispered and she stirred a bit but didn't respond. "Babe we have to get up and go." I said gently rubbing her side, she groaned and then rolled over to face me.

"Where?" she asked closing her eyes again.

"Sound check and a meet and greet...I'm sorry Princess but you've gotta come with." she nodded her head and then rubbed her eyes. I stood up and then helped her out of the bunk. "Do you want to put on some clothes?" I asked and she nodded.

"Would it be alright if I were to wear your sweats?" 

"Those aren't clothes but if you want to I don't mind at all." she smiled and then kissed my cheek. She crawled over to my bag of clothes and then rumaged through looking for sweats. "Found them yet baby?" I asked she looked at me and then shook her head. She pulled out a pair of pair of black sweats and quickly put them on, they hung low on her hips and she was wearing a white comic half tanktop that showed off her belly which kinda made me nervous. Not only because of the baby but because she might get hate for it and also guys might go after her. Even though she was 23 she looked 20 or even 19. 

"Alright we can go now Niall." she said and grabbed her phone off the bed. "What's this?" she asked looking at the plastic bag.

"Oh I totally forgot. A fan bought you jellybeans and some other things." I said and picked up the bag. 

"Will they let me bring it in?"

"Under the circumstances yes." She smiled and then grabbed the bag and then took my hand and pulled me out of the bus. I took the lead and led her into the arena and then met the rest of the boys backstage. They all gave her hugs and then we had to go on stage. I didn't want to leave her so I made well I suggested and she complied, that she should stand in the wings today. We went on stage and then started but all I was thinking about was how Hannah was feeling. I Iooked off stage and saw her sitting criss-cross on the ground eating her jellybeans watching me smiling, she waved at me and then went back to eating the candy. I waved back to her and then we started singing I want. After that I had to talk a little bit and so I was afraid as to what to say all of the sudden. "Well we just wanna thank you for comin' out and supportin' us on this tour. It's been really amazing and we couldn't ask for better fans in the world. Also I just want to tell you all that you shouldn't believe things you read online. I love you all thanks for getting the tickets for the sound check and can't wait to meet you all." Liam finished up for me noticing my nerves taking over and then we walked off stage. "What's wrong?" I asked as I saw Hannah stand up tears in her eyes. She laughed and then hugged me.

"Nothing, I honestly have no clue why I'm crying. I think it's just cause I'm proud, and I love you." She squeezed me tighter and then kissed my neck. "Thank you for saving me." she whispered. I held her really close to me and then kissed her forehead. 

"I love you lots and lots, I would save you one thousand more times if that's what it takes to get you to see that I love you." 


Hannah's P.O.V

The meet and greet literally went on forever and I ran out of jellybeans. I watched as a little girl who was a cancer survivor came in and bounded right up to the boys hugging them tightly. Her older sister came in too and then her mom and dad followed. The boys interacted so well with these kinds of fans.

The older girl stood back until her mom pushed her up "She is a huge fan but she is really shy." the mom said ushering her daughter up to the boys.

"Great we love huge fans. Come stand next to me!" Louis exclaimed. The girl willingly went into Louis' arms and then the littler one was next to Niall and Liam. After pictures the girls got pictures and then the little girl noticed me and waved at me. I smiled and waved back and then she came bounding up to me. I was just sitting up on a counter eating gummy worms and texting nothing too fun so I was alright with her coming up to me. 

"May I have one?" she asked and held out her hand. I looked at her and smiled then jumped down off the counter.

"If it's alright with your mom." I said and looked at her mom.

She ran up to her mom and pulled on her shirt "Mom I want a gummy worm from Hannah is that alright?" her mom nodded and then she ran back over to me. "My mom said it's alright!" she shouted and held out her hands. "Please and thank you Mrs. Horan." she said smiling at me.

"Here you go sweetheart" I said and put the gummy worms in her hand. "What's your name?" I asked sitting down in front of her.

"Shelly, I'm 5!" she said and then held up one of her hands, she then proceeded to put the gummy worms in her mouth.

"That's so cool Shelly! Do you want to go hang out with the boys again?" I asked and she nodded her head. She then gave me and big hug and then went and said something to her mom then she came back over.

"Excuse me Hannah can I have a picture?" she asked me. I nodded and then stood up and picked her up. We took and picture and then she gave me another hug and then went back over to the boys and asked Zayn for a picture. I looked over and noticed that Niall was looking at me smiling, I smiled back and then sat back up on the counter. I wasn't here really to get involved in the meet and greet but some how through out the meet and greets the fans all spotted me and then either wanted me in their picture or wanted a picture with me. Some fans glared at me and I was alright with that...hey I would be super jealous of me too. But then this 19 year old girl came in and she was most defiantly a Niall girl, I could smell the hatred she had for me that's how strong it was. At first I was hoping I was hidden enough behind the body guards that were standing around so that she wouldn't be able to see me but sure enough she did.

"Why is she here?" she asked and pointed at me, I saw Niall look at me and then to the fan, he absolutely loves the fans and so I'm sure that he didn't know what to do. 

"She has just been having a hard time and so we wanted her here to come and watch." Liam said smiling.

"This is the One Direction meet and greet right? Not the whole posse meet and greet." she responded still looking at me. 

I stood up and held my hands up "Hey it's alright, I'll leave. I get it you want to meet the boys not me. Don't worry have your time with the boys." I said and then turned to walk out the door. I heard her laugh as me and Jason and Praxx left (Body guards) The fans outside in line for the meet and greet were so nice they wanted pictures and to sign things some fans glared at me and told me to screw off which hey I was alright with I'm nothing that big. After we were done doing that I decided that I wanted some real food so I stopped and looked at the two big burly men standing before me, "Guys I'm kind of hungry can we like make a quick run to the super market or something to get food?" I asked nicely "Mrs. Horan we can't do that this close to the concert." I groaned and then turned around "Can I go say hi to fans then?" they looked at each other and then to me "I'm not that popular and you guys can be there the whole time." After a bit more convincing they nodded and then we went to the front entrance and I looked through to door's windows for a few lucky fans. "Can I go out there?" I asked they nodded and then I stepped out the doors and the crowd went insane with screams. No one was pushy or anything so the guards laid off a bit. "HEY HEY!" I shouted and then everyone got silent. "ALRIGHT SO I WANT YOU TO HOLD UP YOUR FAN SIGNS AND WE ARE GOING TO PICK THE BEST 10 AND THEY IF THE CHOOSE AND COME AND SEE ME. I KNOW I'M NOT THE BOYS BUT I WANT YOU ALL TO FEEL LIKE YOU GOT TO MEET THEM SO I WILL TAKE PICTURES AND SHOW THE PICTURES TO THEM. ALSO I WILL TRY AND TAKE TWITTER NAMES!" the fans all started to scream and then they held up their signs. I looked around and there were a lot of good signs. I picked one sign that said 'If you're reading this you're beautiful' and then I picked another that said 'Niall rattle my lucky charms' and then it had Niall dressed up in a 'sexy' leprechaun costume. The next two I picked was a huge cardboard cut-out of Harry and they put a swimsuit on him, then I picked out some other just normal ones. The coolest one was a 3D batman symbol that had purple glittery 3D letters that said Mrs. Payne...I just really enjoyed it. They all came and got pictures and then complimented me and gave me their twitter names. The next girl had a sign that said 'Hannah is perfect and any bitch who says other wise can hear from me and Niall' "Hi what's your name?" I asked the girl who was standing in front of me

"Nicole!" she said smiling.

"Oh are you that girl who gave Niall these?" I asked and pointed to the bag of candies that Parxx was carrying she nodded happily and then just hugged me really tight. 

"You're literally my idol Hannah! You're so pretty and perfect and happy and nice and I can't believe Niall is lucky enough to have you." I smiled and hugged her tightly.

"You are just way to nice. Oh and thanks for these I really have a craving for them all the sudden." I said and winked she smiled and then pulled out her camera and we too a picture "Alright well I will follow you on twitter and we have to talk some other time." she smiled and nodded her head

"I only came to this concert to meet you!" she said and then the crowd started to boo..which made me really mad. She looked at me sad and then faintly smiled. "I've already gotten so much hate for being such a big fan." she said I looked at her confused and then stepped out in front of her to face the fans.


"Mrs. Horan we should be going." Jason said grabbing onto my shoulder. 

"Thank you for everything you've done for me." I said to Nicole. She smiled and then hugged me and went back into the crowd. "Praxx can you stay out and keep and eye on her..I'm afraid they are going to end up kicking her ass." he nodded and then stood at the door. We went in and I completely broke down in front of the open windows so I'm sure everyone could see. "I do so much for the boys and these fans and they don't get it. What the boys do for them what us wives and family do for them...we are never good enough." I cried out.

"It's alright Mrs. Horan. here let's get you out of the open and back to the buses alright?" I nodded my head and allowed Jason to take me where ever. But later instead of the buses I found myseld being walked back up to the meet and greet place. "I think maybe seeing Niall right now would be better for you." he said.

As we turned around the corner Lou came rushing out and she quickly picked me up and gave me a hug, "Sweetheart it's everywhere." she said and rubbed my head. "Let's get you all fixed back up and then we will send you off to see Niall alright?" I nodded my head and then we went into a nearby bathroom and she started to wipe my tears and then fix my mascara. "It was wrong of them to boo that girl. You did the right thing. If it were me I probably wouldn't had been as nice as you though." I laughed and then jumped down from the counter top. 

"Thank you Lou." she nodded her head and gave me a hug and then we started walking back out to the meet and greet room.

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