Hannah and Niall are newly engaged and getting married soon. It's so difficult when you know someone is the one and you always have to leave them. Between Hannah's modeling and Niall being in the band they're always traveling and to Hannah it seems like they're growing distant. Can the reignite that flame with their sparks? Or will they have to find some other outcome?


3. Journey

I slipped on my blue romper and black gladiator sandals I french braided my bangs back and then put my hair up in a bun. I sat in the desk in front of the mirror and put on a little bit of makeup. "Hey beautiful" Niall said as he came out in a towel, I bit my lip trying to hide my smile "Oh hey" I said then put on some lip gloss. Niall went over to the suitcase and changed but I couldn't help but stare. "You ready?" he asked slipping on a tank top, I stood up and nodded "That looks very adorable on you" I felt my cheeks get hot and then Niall came and cupped my face with his hand. "You're wearing a swim suit right?" he asked looking down "Yea I did" "Good let's go" He said pulling me to the front door. We opened the door and low and behold there were paps, we both quickly made our way to the car. "How do people still like you?" I said sarcastically, "Honestly I don't know we are all married and obviously not single" I laughed "It's cause you're hot...a girl can dream" I said and kissed him. 

We pulled up to some boat docks, Niall smirked at me and jumped out. He opened the door pulled me out of the car and then lead me to a decent sized boat. "Is this ours?" I asked confused. "Yea go ahead" he said and then helped me onto the boat. Niall got in the boat and sat next to me, "Are you driving?" I asked him moving onto his lap, "No, someone else is" I nodded and then turned my head to look at the ocean. "Hi I'm David" a blonde Aussie said as he stepped onto the boat Niall and I both shook his hand and then he explained some safety things. Then we were off, he was sort of like a tour guide, he was pretty good looking but honestly nothing compared to Niall but I think that Niall was a bit worried because he kept glaring at the guy and he was holding onto my waist really tight. "Babe loosen please" I whispered smiling not allowing the driver to notice, "Sorry" he said nervously as he loosened. "Niall this isn't our first date" I said laughing at him, I turned my body to face him with a smile on my face and leaned in and kissed his cheek " "I know, sorry babe" I smiled and then traced my thumb over his lower lip smiling "You mean everything to me so don't worry" Niall smiled and I could tell he was relived.

~1 month later~

"Niall!" I shouted from the bathroom, Niall came running in and stood at the doorway "What baby you okay?" I laughed "Yea of course I'm fine, but um tonight for the awards do you want me to wear this blue dress or this pink one?" Niall burst out laughing and then smiled to me "It doesn't matter you're beautiful in anything" he said eyeing my boobs. "God Niall" I said turning to him and dropping the dresses. I put my hands on his face and pulled it to me connecting our lips together. "I love you" Niall said as he pulled away "Of course you do, it's because we have sex all the time" I said jokingly and then walked into the bedroom. "No no, that's not why I love you" he said very angered "Babe I know, I was kid-" Niall came and put his hand on my face and then his other one around my back "Hannah you have to know that I've loved you before the sex and everything." "Of course babe it was a joke." "Okay good" he said and then let go of me I gasped at the sudden loss of contact and I have no idea why but I started to cry as he walked away. It felt like he was never coming back, like he was gone. I collapsed onto the bed and through my tears I put on the dark blue dress. It was a blue sparkly strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and it was floor length but on the right side it had a long slit coming up to my mid thigh. I slipped on some strapped silver heels and then walked to the living room.

"Whoa" Harry said as I walked out Kylah slapped Harry's arm but his mouth still hung open. "Auntie you wook very petty" Darcy said pulling on my dress "Why thank you Darc" I said and picked her up. "Daddy said you would wook petty" she whispered into my ear, I laughed and then Niall came and took her, "You do look beautiful" he said and gave me a soft peck and then went and started playing with Darcy. "When is Zayn and Perrie coming?" Alisha asked from the kitchen "Not sure but where is Lou and El?" Harry asked confused. "Emile is babysitting so they have to come" I said and as if on cue a yelling Lou and Emile came through my door. "Fighting?" I asked Eleanor as she walked to me "Yea, that's why we are late." "What about this time?" El placed her head on my shoulder and sighed "Emile wanted to go tonight but she told us she didn't 4 months ago and Louis is going off to her about it" I nodded and then patted El's head "I'll fix it" I said and started to walk to the fighting two. "Okay okay guys please" I said and put my hand on Emile's shoulder "He wont let me go!" she yelled "Hey don't yell at me girly" I said and squeezed her shoulder "Sorry" she said "Okay how bad do you want to go?" I asked her "Really bad...I just want to see dad perform" she said "Em if I knew that then I'm sorry" Lou said and hugged her. "There we go" I said and smiled. "But I still want to go" Emile complained I bit my lip and then looked at Niall who was playing with Darcy still. "Well I bet that could be arranged" I said and then I felt El grab my shoulder "No no" she said "Next time okay Em?" "Mum I really want to go" I looked at El and shrugged "There will be more" I said softly to her "Hannah you can't do this" Louis said "Emile do you really want to go?" I asked and she nodded eagerly I sighed not wanting to do this but I knew that if it was my kid El would do it. "Okay you can go" I said and smiled att her "What?" she asked confused "You can take my place, be Niall's date" I said and gestured to Niall. "I can't" "Yea she can't" Lou added I shook my head "I've been to many of these missing one wont hurt" I said and then slipped off my heels "Would you like a dress?" I asked and Em shook her head and then ran to my room. "I'll watch it on the telly" I said and thumbed to the telly "You sure?" Eleanor asked "Of course" I walked to my bedroom and saw Em looking through all of my old dresses. "I like this one" she said and held up a light pink ball gown dress, "Oh um will your mum be okay with that?" I asked nervously. "Yea!" she said and then ran to the bathroom. I rolled my eyes and then walked back out. 

"We ready?" Niall asked oblivious to the current situation "Yea give her a second" I said sitting on the couch. "Who?" "Emile" I said and put his hand in mine. "Who is going to babysit?" Niall asked confused "Well um me" I said and then sighed. "WHAT?!" he shouted "Shh" I said stroking his hand "Yo-You aren't coming?" "Niall babe I've seen a lot of these missing one wont kill me" I said sweetly and then kissed his hand. "Agh Hannah!" he said rolling his head back, "I'm sorry I will watch from here" I said wiping his small tear, then Emile came out. "Holy sh-" Harry said but Kylah covered his mouth "Harry a word" she said and then pulled him into the hallway. "Let's go" El said and pulled Lou and Em out the door then Liam and Alisha followed saying bye to me. "Bye babe" I said and kissed him softly a tear rolling down my cheek "Hannah I'll be thinking about you the whole time" Niall said and stood up. "I love you you'll be amazing" I said and then stood up with him. "Bye" I said as he walked out the door. "Looks like it's me and you" I said to Darcy who cocked her head at me and clapped her hands. I laughed and then picked her up and sat her on the couch, "How about we watch Cinderella?" I asked her and she smiled and screamed "Okay okay" I said and then got up and put in the movie. "But we have to turn to the show in 30 minuets" I said but then realized I was talking to a 2 year old. 

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