Hannah and Niall are newly engaged and getting married soon. It's so difficult when you know someone is the one and you always have to leave them. Between Hannah's modeling and Niall being in the band they're always traveling and to Hannah it seems like they're growing distant. Can the reignite that flame with their sparks? Or will they have to find some other outcome?


5. Distractions

I plopped back down on the love seat facing Niall, who was seated on the floor in front of the t.v. "Do you need anything babe?" I asked tilting my head watching Niall tilt his head and squint as he came close to scoring. "No" he said his lips barley moving, when Niall was playing video games it was like no one was in the room, more importantly I wasn't in the room. Now what Niall didn't really know was the I was a gamer and I never really showed it or told him because well I was always made fun for it. Niall's tongue slipped out of his mouth and licked around his lips, I mimicked his movements wanting his lips on mine. "Do you um want a beer?" I asked and before he could object I got up and left the room into the kitchen. Niall's groans could still be heard even from the kitchen, I grabbed a beer from the fridge and then popped the top off. I made sure to get me one and then went back into the living room. "Here" I said, he tilted his head to the coffee table beside him and I sighed setting it down. I went and sat behind him wrapping my arms around his waist "Hey babe" I began nipping at his ear begging for a reaction, Niall let out a small groan and then continued playing his game. I started kissing at his neck looking up to his face "Hannah" Niall whispered loosening on the controller "Mmhmm" I said on his skin earning a tiny moan from him. Niall shook his head and then went back to playing his game trying to win our little 'game' "Fine" I muttered. "What was that?" Niall responded catching me off guard "Oh um nothing" I said disconnecting out bodies and then moving and slipping my head onto his lap and looked up at him. He smirked and then licked his lower lip, damn he knew that was a turn on. I put my hands over my chest and relaxed his lap was one if not the comfiest places on earth! I began to close my eyes and then felt Niall's elbow rest on my stomach, "Hope you made the right choice Ni" I said shutting my eyes.

When I opened my eyes Niall was still in the same place playing his damn fifa! I turned my head slightly finding that it was now dark outside and then looked at the time 6:08pm, "Wow you're still playing?" I asked Niall gave me a quick nod. I put my hands around his neck and then brought my head up to his and kissed him when I opened my eyes Niall's eyes were still fixed on the t.v. Fine, if he wanted me to play dirty I would, after slowly dragging my head across his crotch I move back behind him and began to rub his back while trailing kisses around his neck and jaw. I watched Niall's hands struggle to keep the grip on the controller until he let it slip through his fingers. In one swift movement I was pinned my arms above my head, Niall's lips on my neck and his hips grinding into mine. "What happened to playing your game Niall?" I asked smiling "I'd much rather play you" he told me pulling away and winking then going back to my neck. "So I'm better than some game?" I asked him he groaned "Can you just let me" he said and then released my hands "I could but I'd much rather do this." I said as I slid out from under him Niall grabbed my shirt as I slid out from under him, that was his sorry ass attempt and stopping I was left with out a shirt and only in his joggers. "Niall" I exclaimed covering my chest "Well maybe you should've listened Princess" he said as he approached me "I'm my own person" I said trying to stand tall with out my boobs falling out from my grasp "Mmhmm" Niall said advancing closer biting his lip, "Oh please Niall" I said rolling my eyes I turned to run away but was slung over his shoulder my hands falling away from my chest to brace myself on him. "Really, taking advantage of my size again?!" I shouted "You make it too easy" he told me then kicked the bedroom door open. Niall gently placed me on the bed and then crawled on top of me and brought his face to mine "You make a wonderful distraction" he said then pressed his lips to mine. I reached my hand down the the hem of Niall's shirt and tugged at it "Off" I said softly on his lips, I looked up and Niall's gentle blue orbs were gazing down on me sparkling "Wait" I said pulling him back down and looked at his eyes "What?" he asked me confused "Yo-your eyes." I said smiling "You're everything" he responded kissing me then taking off his shirt. Niall gently placed a hand over my right breast and began toying with it. "Ni" I moaned his hot breath on my neck teasing me "Pl-please" I said trying to unbutton his pants, I wanted him so badly I couldn't stand foreplay. "Really?" he asked confused "Yes just come on!" I shouted tugging my pants off Niall followed me, I gently rolled on top of him and pressed my hips into his. "God Damn It" Niall moaned placing his hands on my hips. I tugged his boxers off and threw them over to the side, Niall went into the drawer and reached for a condom "Wait Niall" I said resting myself on his hips his hard on pressing on my butt. "What" he groaned glaring at me "Well um I was thinking maybe we could um ya know....try" I said try very softly and looked down to Niall's flexing muscles "Try what?" he asked "For a baby" I told him drawing circles into his chest "If you want to I'm fine with that" he told me and rubbed my legs. "Yea I really want to" I responded. Niall smiled and then closed the drawer and placed his hands back on my hips. 

I gently tugged off my underwear with the held of Niall and then eased myself onto his dick. I tried not to put all my weight on top of him so I put my hands on the sides of the bed not wanting anymore of my weight on him. I grinded into him with difficulty but still able to push him into me deeper. "You can lean on me" he told me taking my hands and placing them on his chest "Oh no I um" "Hannah stop you're not heavy at all" he said pushing his hands on top of mine. I nodded and then pulled myself off at bit so that his tip was grazing my entrance I slowly went back down my hands gripping his chest. "Damn" Niall said running a hand through his hair, he pushed me up a bit with his hands and then pushed me back down, he was trying to take control, I giggled and then moaned as he arched his hips up into mine. "Niall" I said with difficulty. He rolled me over so that he was back on top and then smiled Niall pulled out and then rested his dick on my stomach. "This may sound weird but Harry gave me some tips" Niall said nervously gripping his neck "What porn wasn't enough" I giggled "HEY I DO NOT WATCH THAT" he said defensively but still a smile on his face "Uh huh sure babe" he grinned and then pushed himself into me and then began to thrust into me harder and faster. Our sex has always been slow and careful but not this time, Harry really had given him pointers, this was not Niall's knowledge of sex. "Yes" I yelled gripping the sheets. "My name babe" Niall said thrusting into me "Ni-Niall god!" I said struggling to find words. I arched my back up wanting more of him, "Niall fast faster" I screamed, nearing my high. "God Hannah" he said softly gripping my hips. "Baby I'm close" I said closing my eyes "No no keep them open!" he shouted I fluttered my eyes open seeing Niall looking down into mine. "Wait for me" I nodded my head as Niall pushed again deeper into me. I could barley keep myself from going over and Niall kept thrusting harder and faster. "Okay count to three" he said smiling "Ser-seriously" I said my mouth draping open "Yea" he said still thrusting never loosing concentration. "1......2.....2.." "3!" Niall finished, my walls tightened around his dick as he released into me I let go around him and he pulled out. He laid next to me our bodies dripping in sweat and easily molding together. "That was...." "Amazing?" Niall asked smiling "You could say that" I said heavily breathing. Niall ran his fingers through my hair "I love you so much Niall" I said  ruffling his sweat ridden hair. "I love you too princess." I wiggled my way under Niall's arm, he began drawing circles in my arm until I fell asleep. 


"Well hello how did my pointers work out?" Harry asked, I opened my eyes and there he was sitting on the edge of the bed I pulled up the covers to cover myself and Harry chuckled "Hey, Hannah...thanks for the suggestion about leaving, turns out we only needed a day to talk and we figured it all out" he said smiling "Well that's great!" I said smiling Harry wrapped his arms around me squeezing me "Um Haz" I said softly "Sorry sorry" he said brushing me off "Okay so love, did my pointers help?" Harry asked crossing his legs and bouncing, "You're adorable Harry you know that" I told him ruffling his hair. I began to play with his curls twirling them around my fingers, Harry pushed my hand away from his face and then held it tightly. "Har-" "Shh Hannah" Harry said putting his finger to my lips. I looked up to Harry's emerald orbs, Harry's soft finger's traced over my bottom lip "S-s-stop Harry" I said softly pushing on his chest. "Harry, I love Niall' I said softly "And I love Kylah" he responded drawing his face closer. "Then wa-what is this?" I asked biting my lip and gripping the fabric of his shirt. "I don't know" he responded then traced over my lower lip again then bringing his lips to mine. 

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