Hannah and Niall are newly engaged and getting married soon. It's so difficult when you know someone is the one and you always have to leave them. Between Hannah's modeling and Niall being in the band they're always traveling and to Hannah it seems like they're growing distant. Can the reignite that flame with their sparks? Or will they have to find some other outcome?


7. Bad News

I waited for him to say something but he didn't, he simply pulled me under his arm. We're married and I love him not harry I just needed to get that nailed into my head. I knew 5 years ago I loved him, I knew he was the one. Now he is completely mine and practically just cheated on him. I couldn't vent about this to Niall and defiantly not Kylah or Harry, and next was Alisha but I feel like she would judge me so Liam...he is like my older brother. "Babe" niall's voice pulled me out of my thoughts, I looked up and smiled "yea?" He smiled and then kissed my forehead "I'm going to go lay down. Join me?" I so badly wanted to give in and say yes, but the guilt would hang over me for a lifetime so I needed to go and figure myself out first. "Ni babe I have to run some last minute errands." He looked at me in disbelief and then stood up pushing me off of him "oh okay." He said "But babe I'll be back and we can snuggle all you want" I said smiling but he nodded then went into the bedroom. I sighed and got up grabbed the keys and got into the white range rover. Once I got to Liam's I pounded on the door hands balled into fists "Hey babe wh" I pushed past him and started pacing around the living room. "Is she here?" I asked stopping and looking at him "No she isn't. What's up?" I sat down on the couch pulling Liam down with me. "I cheated on Niall." I said looking at my knees shutting my eyes but tears still escaping. Liam let out a sigh and then wrapped me up in his arms "We figured." I pushed Liam away and glared at him "You figured? So you just think I'm a whore?" I asked confused standing up he shook his head pulling me back down "No but you and Harry have been acting weird alone and together...Harry always has to have hands on you" I shook my head "I didn't notice? I love Niall not Harry. Niall." I said rubbing my face. "How did you cheat? Maybe it wasn't cheating. Maybe it was just a simple mistake." Liam said rubbing my back "I kissed Harry and then we cuddled but I'm not a cheater he had me convinced. I thought it was okay? But it wasn't. I'm so stupid." "Hannah you're not stupid and that isn't really cheating plus babe Harry had you under his spell. When I was out with Niall today he was scared that he is loosing you. But you just have to convince him he isn't loosing you and that you'll always be his." I nodded my head and jumped on top of Liam wrapping him up in my arms and squeezing him "thank you thank you thank you!" I yelled kissing his cheeks making him laugh "Now go fix this you and Niall are meant to be." I nodded my head standing up and walking to the door "Oh and Liam Niall and I have been trying for a baby a few times...and last night I think it might've happened." I said smiling I turned to walk out the door but was wrapped back up in Liam's arms "I know he told me. He is so excited to start a family with you. You just have to remember how shy and closed he is." I smiled at kissed his cheek once more before running and jumping into my car and taking off. I decided to pick up some Nandos since I was going to be having a seriously hard talk with Niall so I would lighten it up with Nandos. Once arriving home I set the food on the counter and beside the bags I saw a little note I picked it up expecting it to be a cute little note but man was I wrong 'To Hannah- I went out for some drinks with the lads. Be back later.' I let out a sob as I saw the erased I love you. This is my fault. I took out a pen and wrote on the back on the card 'Niall sorry about tonight I'm going to sleep in the spare room got you Nandos...I do love you.' I looked at the now tear stained paper and set it down again in front of the Nandos. After dragging myself into the bed I didn't even bother to change into pjs I just took off my clothes and laid down tears already wetting the pillow. 

Niall's P.O.V
I decided that I didn't want to stay here I knew Harry and her had something going on and I couldn't take it I was about to blow up. How could she lie to my face. After writing a note to her I grabbed my keys and ran out the door to the car and drove to meet with my friend Dave. After getting to the club I pushed my way straight to the back where he was. "He mate" he said handing me a beer I happily took it and drank it down. "You okay?" He asked "No but I don't want to talk about it" he nodded his head and then sat down talking to some girl I decided to walk over to the bar and sit for a bit. After a bit I felt a vibration and I pulled out my phone "Hey Niall where are you? Are you in a club? Wait is Hannah with you?" 
"Liam shut up. No she isn't with me. I don't know where she is. Probably with Harry." I heard him groan and the shuffling.
"She was here Niall." I took in a sharp breath and then clenched the phone. "She was worried and scared so she came to talk to me. She was worried you were mad at her. Niall I don't know what to do about this it's not mine to take care of. All I know is that she is really depressed and scared and you know her past. I'm just worried about her" 
I let a few cries come out, I did know her past and I knew that if she saw my note and saw that I erased I love you she would probably get the wrong idea "Okay Liam I'm on my way home." I said and was about to hang up but Liam screeched.
"She thinks she is pregnant Niall." I let out a huff as I started walking out of the club. "If she does...try....then there goes your child too. Please be careful with her. She is terrified." I nodded my head and hung up jumping into my car. I only had 3 beers I would be fine the flat was only around the corner. I parked my car and ran up to our flat. I heard small sobs and then smelt Nandos I looked to the counter and saw a small note with the bags of food behind it. I picked it up and read over it. Why would she sleep in the spare we're married...of course she thought I didn't love her anymore. I heard a louder sob and then sprinted to the spare opening the door and finding her curled up in the bed the sheets clearly drenched from her tears and sweat. "Hannah?" I said and she sat up covering her face, "Come on you know you're beautiful" I said crawling up on the bed and kneeling in front of her. "I'm sorry Niall. I didn't mean to it just happened. I promise I love you not him. I couldn't love him. You're the one for me he just just had me so wrapp-" I quickly took her face in my hands and kissed her hard. "I love you I'm sorry." She said against my lips, "Can you tell me what you two did?" I asked pressing my forehead to hers "We just kissed and then he laid with me while I slept...he told me that it was fine. That I was all he wanted." I felt the anger building up inside of me "Niall you're getting warm." she said wrapping one of her small hands around my bicep trying to calm me down, I found it so cute how tiny she was her hand barley wrapping about two thirds of my bicep. "I love you Hannah." I said kissing her lips slowly. "Can I see your tattoo?" I asked pulling away and entwining our fingers together. She nodded her head happily and then stuck out her leg and laid on her stomach pointing to her leg. "You like it?" she asked smiling. I nodded my head and gently put my hand around the marking "I like it but I don't like the fact where this guy had look and touch." I said glaring at her she giggled and then flipped and jumped on my lap "I missed my Nialler" she said kissing my face everywhere. I laughed and the started tickling her waist sending her hurling backwards laughing and squirming "NIALL!" She screeched grabbing my hands and trying to pull them away. I laughed until our laughter was interrupted by her phone ringing. She looked at me confused but rolled over and picked it up. I looked at her as she sat up "Hello?" She said confused "Yea it's me what's wrong?" She asked her expression now changing to worry I put my hand on her bare leg and started rubbing gently 'What's wrong?' I mouthed she shook her head as tears started falling down her face. "Yea we will be there tomorrow love you." She said hanging up and then jumping out of the bed. "Babe what's wrong?" I asked chasing after her, I found her in our room rushing around throwing clothes into a suit case mine and hers "Hannah" I said going over and wrapping my arms around her waist. She spun around and then threw her head into my chest sobbing, "Baby what's wrong?" I asked again rubbing her head "It's my grandpa...he had a heart attack." She sobbed into my chest. I felt hot tears start stinging my eyes and I pulled her closer, I knew how close she was to her grandfather and over the time we've been together he has become my grandfather too. Always wanting to help us out with anything "Here let me help." I said and went around the room grabbing jeans and jackets everything shoes. Hannah disappeared into the loo and came back out moments later carrying toiletries and dropped them into the bag. "Is that everything?" She asked searching through the bag "If it's not I'm sure we can get things there." She nodded her head and the pulled me into a hug "Thank you for forgiving me." She said and then went on her tip toes and kissed my chin, being as though that's all she can reach. "I love you." She told me I picked her up and kissed her nose "I can't just loose you not then not now not ever." I said and gave her a small kiss. She smiled and then ran and grabbed some yoga pants and slipped them on putting a pink scoop neck showing off a bit of cleavage. "Vans?" She asked holding up white vans I nodded my head and threw her a jacket "I want yours." She said pouting. I laughed and took off my sweatshirt and threw it at her she giggled and slipped it over her head. I turned and grabbed another jacket and then closed up the suit case "Lord." She said and I turned and saw her looking in the mirror playing with her hair "I am a mess." After her putting her hair up in a bun she was finally done and then grabbed her laptop and mine and stuck them in a carry on suitcase and then we were off. 

Hannah's P.O.V
I rushed off the plane and stood at the baggage claim. Niall came up behind me and wrapped me up in a hug I giggled and saw our bag coming around, I broke out of his grasp and ran to grab it but he laughed and then beat me to it. "Let me." He said and picked it up with ease "I bet I'm as strong as you." I said eyeing his bicep, I deep chuckle erupted from his body and he nodded "Go on then." I smirked and walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist putting all my strength into lifting him off the ground but he didn't budge "Mmhmm so you're as strong as me right?" He said teasing me I turned and crossed my arms pouting "Here let me see your muscles then and we can compare." He said with a chuckle I nodded my head and pulled his sweatshirt up over my arm. "See these guns" I asked him flexing my arms he laughed and raised his eyebrows "Yea they are pretty big compared to mine" he added a wink and then showed his. "Well obviously you're stronger." I said and turned grabbing my purse and the carry on and wheeling it out. "Hey wait up!" He shouted and ran up to me then all of the sudden screams erupted. I smacked myself on the face and glared at Niall "Nice going macho man." I said and poked his bicep. He took me under his arm and then led to the limo out front "A limo...really Niall?" I said and she shrugged "I just asked for a car?" He said confused I gave the driver the suit case and then Niall gave him the other one and we got in the back Niall only signing a few things before joining me in the car. We arrived at my house shortly after and I walked to the door and gave it a knock. "Are they home?" Niall asked I shrugged and walked over to the fountain we had in front and grabbed the key we always hide under rocks. I wiggled the key in front of Niall's face and then put the key in the knob "Have you been doing more work outs?" Niall asked putting a hand on my hip "Maybe." I said and popped my butt back into his crotch he groaned but before he could catch me I grabbed my bag and ran up the stairs "Mom?" I yelled but nothing. I shrugged and then walked back into my still pink room all my posters and quotes and pictures perfectly intact on my walls. "I will never get tired of this room." Niall said laughing I walked around my room a traced over my first poster of Niall "Hey younger me in my wife's room isn't that funny." He said and put his face up next to the poster "Have I changed?" Niall asked and smiled slightly I pulled out my phone and then took a picture "Yea you have you aren't as cute." I said shoving the picture in his face "Hey I'm still cute." He said and pulled me into his chest "Nope you're not cute Niall you're hot now." I said and winked kissing his lower lip. I turned and the Niall slapped my bum as I walked out the room. I bumped into my dad as he pushed me out of the way gently and stood between me and Niall. "You still treating my little girl good?" He asked and I peered around my dad and saw Niall tense so I snuck around my dad and went under Niall's arm "Yes daddy he is" I said and jumped to give Niall a kiss on the cheek. "Still my short little girl." My dad said and squeezed my bun on my head. I giggled and put my arm around Niall's back "Well I just came to grab some things for your mom. Jake should be home soon wait till he gets home to come to the hospital... I don't like him driving alone." I nodded my head and hugged my dad "Hey it's the summer season maybe you could show Niall around. You have 3 hours till Jake usually gets back." My dad said with a wink then left. I put my face into Niall's chest and felt the heat rush to my cheeks "I'm sure we will do that sir thanks." My dad chuckled "Niall son, it's Jeff." He said and then squeezed his shoulder and walked away. I heard the door shut and then ran into my room and pulled out a pink fringed strapless bikini and then paired them with matching bottoms. I quickly threw some swim trunks at Niall and then started changing "Glad we brought these." I said and put a black sun dress over my swimsuit. "Do you want to take the convertible?" Niall asked I shrugged and then grabbed Niall's bicep and pulled him against me "Make me forget" I said softly emotions coming over me "It's okay princess we will have a fun day and then go and see your grandfather who I'm sure is waiting for you babe." I smiled and then hugged him tightly and then pulled him out into the car.

“Okay where do you want to go?” I asked as I gripped the steering wheel “Where ever you want to go!” Niall responded smiling “Beach it is” I yelled and then turned the corner and parked. I grabbed us some towels from the back and then grabbed Niall’s hand and led him to the beach front “So in Kirkland we don’t really have any sunny days so when it is sunny I can almost guarantee you that there will be a bunch of people here…including fans and people I know.” I explained and then we picked a spot on the end of the dock. Niall laid out our towels and I quickly took off my dress. I scanned the area for people I may know and then my eyes fell on him the guy I first fell in love with. Why was he here of all days couldn’t he have come next week? “What’s wrong babe?” Niall asked as he pulled me into a hug “Just someone I know.” I said and shrugged; I continued to stare at him until a girl came over and gave him a kiss. She was much prettier skinny but not too skinny, she had brunette hair that went to her shoulders and she was very small in the chest area…which if I remember correctly is what he preferred. She was so much better than me. I was just nothing. Wait what are you saying you’re married to your dream guy. I looked up and saw Jared and his brunette companion approaching us. “Hey Hannah is that you?” he yelled waving and then came and took me out of Niall’s arms and into his, I laughed and then smiled at him as he let me go “Yea it’s me in the flesh.” He laughed and then the girl next to him made a coughing noise “Oh this is Carly she’s my girlfriend.” He said and put his arm around her “Nice to meet you.” She said sticking her chest out trying to make it seem bigger I giggled and then stepped back into Niall’s arms “Nice to meet you too.” I said smiling at her as Niall copied Jared’s moves. “This is Niall my um husband.” I saw all color drain from Jared’s face as he looked at me then Niall up and down, “Niall this is Jared.” I said and gestured for him to shake his hand. Niall chuckled and then shook his hand “If you want to I bet you could stay with us?” I offered looking at Jared’s toned and tanned body “Yea that sounds good here let us get our stuff.” He said and then walked away. “So much for a beach day alone.” Niall said and then gently slapped my butt. “We can have beach days alone any day but I haven’t seen this guy in like 2 years…” I said trailing off and laying my head on Niall’s chest “Is there more to this Jared that I should know about?” he asked rubbing my back “Well he was my first love and he showed me how a girl should be treated…other than you he was my only good relationship.” I said and then kissed Niall’s chin “But I’m the best right?” Niall asked picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder “Of course now put me down!” I shouted and banged on his back, I felt a chuckle erupt through his chest and then go into mine and then I saw the water “No no no Niall do not throw me in.” I said and squeezed him “Sorry babe but you’re a little too hot.” He said and then I went swirling through the air until the cold rush of water hit me on the butt. As I came back up Niall was grabbing his side and laughing “I wouldn’t be so giddy pretty boy…you’re sleeping in my bed tonight.” I said and then climbed back up on the dock. “Oh you already got in?” Jared asked as he came back I nodded my head and then looked at Niall who was very close to the edge “Just set your stuff down and jump in!” I said and then pushed Niall in. That sent me into a fit I was clutching my side and sitting on the dock laughing, until I noticed Niall hadn’t come up yet for air or anything I looked around and couldn’t find his blonde head above water. I went to the edge of the dock and looked over still seeing nothing and it wasn’t until the familiar rush of cool water took over me that I realized he had swam under the dock and had just pulled me in. “NIALL JAMES HORAN!” I shouted and splashed him, Niall looked at me and then I covered my mouth “Oopsies” I whispered and then swam to him “Look what you’ve done now just stay here and we will hide under the dock for a few minutes.” I looked up and I saw Jared talking to people and telling them we weren’t here that was just his nickname…which didn’t work because he looked nothing like Niall but some of the stupid fans believed it. I started to struggle to stay above so I would go under the water and then push myself back up “Just hold onto me.” Niall said reaching his arm out I shook my head and then started to tread water again “Stubborn you are.” I said and splashed me, I whined and he put his finger to his lips signaling for me to be quiet. “Okay you guys can come out.” Carly said very annoyed I shrugged at Niall and then gave his cheek a quick kiss before swimming out from under the dock and crawling back up. “So you’re famous now?” Jared asked offering me his hand which I gladly took, I shrugged my head “It would appear so?” he handed me a towel and helped me wrap up in it “Thanks” I said with a slight nod. I turned and saw Niall glaring at Jared but he wasn’t really paying attention he was more applying sun screen to himself. I giggled and then dropped the towel and wrapped my arms around Niall “Love you Ni” I said and squeezed him tightly he chuckled but gladly accepted my warming embrace. “We should go but here is my number Jared. We all can maybe hang out sometime this week?” Jared nodded and stuck out his hand which I wrote down the number on. “See you soon.” I said and grabbed the towels. As Niall and I started to walk away and down the boardwalk fans started approaching and asking him for pictures and autographs on occasion asking me. I gladly agreed or allowed Niall to get his pictures.

 I would smile and wave goodbye to the girls until this one group of girls came up and I immediately recognized them…they were the girls who were considered ‘cool’ in high school it was surprising to me that they were all still friends I mean they treated each other like crap. One girl Carrie looked completely the same, bleached hair, bombshell swimsuit, her butt hanging out in the back and eyes covered in makeup. I was ‘friends’ with some of the girls but not all of them mostly Carrie and Isabelle gave me the most crap about everything. “Can we get going?” I whispered to Niall as he signed another cd, “Why? This is kinda fun meeting new fans.” He said and then gave the little girl a hug “Yea but it’s not so fun when girls that used to…” I didn’t even get the full sentence out of my mouth before Carrie came up “Wow haven’t changed a bit.” She said and flipped my hair and slapped her hand away and then crossed my arms “Still same chub right there.” She added pointing to my stomach which I quickly covered “No it’s gone.” I said and then looked down “Then why are you covering it smart ass?” Isabelle asked. I shrugged and then looked away “I don’t have to take this crap from you anymore.” I said under my breath, then it struck me I didn’t I have Niall, I am with the love of my life…the same thing they told me I could never have love. I chuckled and then stretched “Well if you’re done then we better be going right babe? We kinda have other things to do and you have to meet some more fans right?” I asked looking at Niall and then glaring at Carrie “Whatever he probably is just with you because you still whore around…I mean look at you, I’m surprised that you’re even still alive after how many times you tried to kill yourself. Don’t ya just wish that one of those times worked?” she asked and that there is what clicked. Something in my brain switched I balled my fist up and hit her dead in the nose “It’s fine Carrie you’ll just need another nose job no big deal right?” I asked smirking I turned to walk away and grabbed Niall’s hand “At least my boyfriend doesn’t need me to reassure him that he is hot. And he has friends real ones unlike those stupid gay boys.” In that instant for the first time everything was red, she insulted Niall. That was my trigger that set me off, you never insult the one I love, and my friends. I turned and looked at her my hands in fists and cracked my neck, that’s when the fear hit her. I saw it all over her face she knew I could beat her ass but she never thought I actually would. “Hannah please don’t make a scene the little girls are watching.” I looked around and saw mom’s holding their daughters and looking at me fear filling both their eyes. “DO SOMETHING!” one of the moms yelled at me. I shook my head and dropped it. Then out of literally nowhere a woman and her daughter came and grabbed my hand “No one should ever be insulted like that.” The mom said glaring at Carrie and her friends. And one by one the by standers came and stood next to me, I was in utter shock I looked around and saw Niall with a little girl on his shoulders in the back. “What’s going on?” I asked confused “Once upon a time sweetheart we were all like you bullied by no good tramps.” One of the younger looking moms said. I smiled and then Carrie finally decided to back off glaring at me and then turning and walking away. I thanked the moms as they left and they all were proud that I didn’t do anything it’s surprising what one move can do and how many people look up to you.

All these moms tell their daughters to act like me and be like me, I couldn’t ever let any one of them down. This is one of those moments when you realize that maybe you do have a reason to be here. I took pictures with many of the little girls who then proceeded to tell me how beautiful I am and how they want to be like me. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. When I climbed into the driver’s side of the car I just blew the tears started rolling down my face and I was in a fit of uncontrollable sobs, so moved by this experience that it changed me. “I’m proud of you princess.” I smiled and leaned over kissing Niall softly the taste of my own tears on his lips, I felt happy. “You mean the world to me and that right there just showed me why again.” I couldn’t help but go into a fit of sobs as I drove back to the house, “Why are they so mean to you?” Niall asked as we sat on the couch “I don’t even know Niall they just hate me and bully me all the time.” I said as I stood up and went to make us food “But…when they came at you…I don’t know something clicked in me and all I saw was red, I wanted to make her feel how I felt every day and feel how badly she makes people feel…she shouldn’t have messed with you. Hell she only knows you because of the tabloids.” I was cut off of my ranting by Niall’s strong arms pulling me closer to him “Calm down baby, I know your past and I know how horrible it was its fine now…you have me and I have you. That’s all that really matters.” I nodded my head and continued to make us sandwiches Niall’s arms plastered to my waist as I walked around the kitchen.  “Hey kid.” Niall said finally detaching from me to greet Jake “NIALL!” Jake shouted running up the stairs to greet him, I swear Jake and Niall have become so close that it’s like he is his brother well we are pretty young so he could be. Not wasting anytime Jake and Niall quickly sat down and began to talk. I giggled and then softly placed the sandwiches in front of the two and then went into the bathroom for a quick shower. About 5 minutes in there was a knock which scared me causing me to slip “Hey you okay?!” Jake asked through the door “Fine you just scared me what’s up?” I asked quickly rinsing my hair “Mom called she wants us at the hospital a.s.a.p.!” I giggled and then stepped out of the shower “Kay why don’t you show Niall your games or something.” I suggested walking over to the mirror “OH YEA! Niall I got this new game” Jake yelled his voice trailing off as he walked away. Sometimes I don’t know what Niall sees in me, I’m not pretty like half of his fans, I’m not that athletic, I’m not an amazing cook, there isn’t anything special about me… “SHUT UP HANNAH YOU’RE PERFECT TO ME!” Niall shouted I giggled and realized I was mumbling things and Niall has learned that when I’m in the bathroom mumbling it’s usually because I’m second guessing myself. I quickly put on some high-waisted jean shorts and then a pink scoop half shirt and paired it with some pink heeled ankle boots to match. My hair was not going to cooperate with me so I just pulled it up into a messy bun with my bangs braided back. I walked out and then grabbed my keys “Let’s go boys!” I shouted as I walked down the stairs, seconds later they were racing me to the car and pushing past me.

When we got to the hospital finally I rushed up to the room, Niall and Jake barley being able to stay caught up with me. I saw him his lifeless body just laying there in the bed my mom and dad sitting on one side of him and then his sister Dee on the other.  I knocked on the window and then my mom signaled me to come in. I walked in and then tears started falling “What’s going on?” I asked confused standing at the end of the bed. “He is just recovering, Hannah he is old and might have to go. You know he has been having difficulties.” I nodded my head and wiped the tears “I just wish I could say good-bye” I said softly. I took a few steps back and into Niall’s chest “He lived an amazing life and he got to see you grow up, graduate and get married. He is old and it’s his time Princess.” I nodded my head. I wanted to realize that this was his time but I loved him and I didn’t know what to do without him. “What do we do?” I asked turning and looking to my parents “Well we wait and see if he does wake up…and if he doesn’t then we shut off life support.” I sobbed again this time turning into Niall’s chest and muffling my sobs. “I really hate to see you upset.” Niall whispered into my hair, I heard a sharp breath and then spun around to see my grandpa’s eyes opening. I heard beeping and then nurses and doctors flooded the room, Niall pulled me and Jake into a corner of the room and we watched on. It was becoming hard to control my screams I wanted to save him and just help but I couldn’t. One doctor turned around and stared at me “He wants you and your brother.” I nodded my head and Niall released me, I got this feeling that this was going to be his goodbye and he was going to leave. “Hannah, where is that lovely husband of yours? I hope you’re both doing good. I can hear her.” He said I smiled and took his hand “We’re doing fine grandpa…Niall is right over there. Who can you hear?” I asked gently stroking his hand “Donna, I can hear her calling me…it’s my time cupcake.” He smiled faintly and then rolled his neck to look at Jake and my mom and dad. “You be a good boy, you hear me!” he said and we a giggled Jake nodded and gave him a hug. Niall came over and joined my side his arm around my waist “There is the man I wanted…Take care of her okay. Don’t let her do anything stupid.” Niall chuckled and then sniffled “I won’t I promise sir.” “Hannah darling don’t do anything stupid…I know you’ve had a hard time and you get hurt easily but you need to stay strong for them.” He said and reached to my stomach “Who?” I asked confused he chuckled “I’m on my way don’t worry Donna.” He said with his eyes closed. “Please don’t go.” Jake said through tears “I have too sport, but take care of everyone I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you grow up as much as I would’ve hoped but I know that you’ll grow up to be an amazing boy.” “Who grandpa who?” I asked still on the subject of who I needed to stay strong for. “That’s for you to find out but make sure you treat them like a prince and a princess.” I nodded my head but still confused. “I love you guys” he said as his eyes began to close “No please stay…come on grandpa stay.” I said shaking his hand, my mom was turned crying into dad’s chest and Jake was standing there tears willingly falling. Why weren’t they fighting for him?! “COME ON!” I shouted as doctors came and pulled a cover over him and the machines all just went monotone. “NO DO SOMETHING!” I shouted “Hannah baby come on come here.” Niall said trying to pull me away from the bed. “NIALL DO SOMETHING PLEASE?!” I shouted sobbing and staring at him “Please Hannah I can’t don’t cry you’re making me hurt.” I felt my heart hurt it hurt to breathe and then I just fell to the ground. “Hannah come on please.” Niall pleaded and pulled me into his lap rubbing my head. “Why?” I mumbled and then shoved my face into Niall’s chest. “I don’t know baby” he said stroking my head.


**********Hi all I felt really bad about not updating so I wrote an xtra long chapter :) Thanks for staying with me and keep liking and keep clicking the Favorite button! LOVE YOU ALL!

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