Valentines Day<3


3. Chapter 3

I can't believe that Niall likes me back!!!
"Hey, snicker doodle?"
"Yes, buttercup?"
"Can I take to you...? Privately?"
"Yea. We can go to the kitchen"
Ooooohhhs come out of all the others mouths.
We get in the kitchen and I start spilling my feelings for him.
"Okay, Niall. I love you and always have. And when you said you'd pick me over Kara I didn't know if you liked me or was jus.."
I was cut off by his lips smashing onto mine. I didn't hesitate to kiss back. It was perfect.
" Snicker doodle!"
"Thanks you mrs buttercup! Will you be my girlyfrannndd??"
Perfect ending to a perfect night.<3
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