Valentines Day<3


2. Chapter 2

We're all sitting sitting in a circle playing truth or dare. Right now it's Harry's turn.
He spins the bottle, it lands on Niall.
"Niall, truth or dare?" Harry says with an evil laugh.
"Uhmmmm...TRUTH!" He yells back in his face. I laugh.
"Would you rather date Savannah or Kara.?"
"I meant dare!!" This is hilarious.
"No you don't answer the question"
"Fine...Savannah." He quietly mumbles. My face starts heating up, I can tell that I am SO blushing. Now it's Niall's turn. The bottle lands on me.
"Okay, buttercup! Truth or dAre?"
I'm way to much of a chicken to choose dare."truth!"
"Okay! Who do you like most out of all of us?" Oh no! I can't choose between Harry and Niall.
Then, suddenly, we hear Loui yell " she likes me the most because we are the only two in this house who eat carrots 24/7!" We all start cracking up. I thought they'd forgot about my question until," okay now you gotta answer the question"
"I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings!"
"It won't" they all yell.
"I like Niall!!"
"Ooh! That really hurt my heart." Zayn says with a pouty face and then starts cracking up. We all join him
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