Valentines Day<3


1. Chapter1

"Savannah, are you ready to go to the boys house?" My friends yelling at me from the bottom of the stairs.
"Yeah. Let me finish getting ready." We were getting ready to head to our best friends house. We hadn't seen them since before they went to the X Factor. Now they're in a boy band, One Direction. We barely get to see them anymore.
"Okay. Kara, I'm done. Lets go!!!"I'm so excited to see the boys again.

*20minutes later*

We're FINALLY at the boys house. I've always fancied Niall and Harry, but I don't think they feel anything back. I don't care though!

"NIIIAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!" I yell in his face and jump on his back.
"SAAAVVVVAANNNNNNAHHH!" He yells back mimicking me. "I've missed you buttercup!"
Yes, my name from the boys is buttercup. They all have names to though. "I've missed you two, snicker doodle!" Snicker doodle is Niall's nickname. I guess Kara done went to the rest of the boys.
"Niaaallll, lets go see the other boys!!!"
"Okay, buttercup." He sticks his tounge out at me and I poke it with my finger. Now we are both laughing and headed to see the others.
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