Truly madly deeply

Sorry I know it's bad :( this is my first one :D
So this one is a harry fanfic and it stars Kate a 18 year old girl who needs to escaped her evil stepdad


2. Meeting harry

Kate's POV
I need to get out of here I think
I decided to make a run for it I'd packed a small bag and stashed it so I grabbed that and jumped out my window my step dad heard me and yelled "COME BACK HERE NOW!" You ignored him you knew he would just abuse you more you ran until you reached the only pace you could go ... His house

-at zayns house -

You knock on the door Zayn anwsered he said "um hi Kate what's up". You stop panting and anwser "c-can I stay here? My step dad .. " he nods he knew all about my step dad abusing me "come in" he said yiu walk in only to see 4 other guys sitting on the couch you smile as you see a curly haired boy he's cute you think to yiur self "um Kate this is Liam , Louis , Niall. And harry they all shake your hand and Zayn says "here let me take your bag to the guest room " he leaves And the Curly haired boy known as harry says "here come sit with me and Louis " Louis moves over a bit and you smile at harry he smiles back you think wow he's so cute ok don't do something stupid Kate be cool "I'm back" said Zayn "what Are we doing " I asked he replied "watching movies" and the blonde boy Niall added "and eating food!!" Yiu laugh maybe coming here wasn't so bad after all
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